Monday, January 19, 2015

Loven it!

MJ I found a copy at a local bookstore!
Usual Suspects (1995) "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"...but he didn't fool the Loven Brothers.


  1. Well there you have it! How are you, Mr Coppens? What is happening on that other social networking site?

  2. Get THIS!...

    One of the brothers, Ira Louvin was notorious for his drinking, womanizing, and volcanic temper.

    He was married four times; his third wife Faye shot him four times in the chest and twice in the hand after he allegedly tried to strangle her with a telephone cord. Although seriously injured, he survived. (Faye is reported to have said, "if the bastard don't die I'll shoot him again!").

    When performing and drinking, Ira would sometimes become angry enough on stage to smash his mandolin when he was unable to tune it—and when sober glue it back together.

  3. Hello Scarls...I thought that I had better sneak back and see if the door was locked? I even forgot my password. Almost erased this blog a month ago...start over...but I am blogging on fb so whatev.
    Hope all is well kiss-kiss

  4. MJ! What a story..that would make a great movie! What a nutjob.
    When I saw this in the store I knew I had to get a shot of it for you..your blog always had such a great collection of vivid images that are all burned into my memory bank...most of which won't come out no matter how hard I scrub and how much bleach I add.
    I trust that you are well in the rw and I apologize for being so inept at maintaining a presence in this sphere of reality.

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  8. Romeo Morningwood for PM!

    Ooops, I'm too late.

  9. -----((*))--

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & yours, Donn.

    May the holidays fill you with peace & joy. And may the New Year bring you lots of laughter, good luck, & good times.

  10. Anonymous9:25 am

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