Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hip Hip Hippo!

This photo taken back in 1901 is the only picture of my great-grandfather Lord Tennisanyone and his irascible acquisition Henry Moto-Moto.

The name Hippopotamus means "river horse" so naturally Lord T figured why not race the buggers and tried to run Henry at Ascot...but freshly crowned King Eddy 7th would have nothing to do with it.

Unfortunately Hippo Racing never really caught on because like most Westerners at the time Tennisanyone was largely unaware that the 2 ton "river horse" is one of the most aggressive creatures on Earth capable of unprovoked charges at 25 miles per hour! I dare say that Hippos kills more people in Africa than any of the other large animals.

After Tennisanyone removed the harness Henry Moto-Moto took a nip at the old boy and so he was unceremoniously sold off to King Eddy's cousin Kaiser Wilhelm II to be processed into several hundred pounds of Old High German Brätwurst.


  1. If only there were more like you adding to the records of social history. I weep in admiration.

  2. I bought a new hat specifically for this occasion.

  3. Yay! he's writing funny stuff again.Not such a nut case after all.(your email made me spit coffee!)


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