Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

V D is for Lovers!

Happy Rudy Valentino Day..
I am reminded of a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song that spoke of love in modern terms..
it went something like this; "and if you can't be with Mr/Mrs Right, hello MR/Mrs Right-Now!"

If you are stumped trying to find the perfect gift for that someone special, might I suggest my latest steamy novel du lurve.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Opening Ceremonies$


Russia is 'Putin' on a good show and the whole world is watching...
Good Luck SoCHIC!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Shark Weak

I believe it was William Sharkspeare who wrote; "All good things must come to an end". 

It breaks my heart to think that the corporate intere$t$ may have finally "jumped the shark" and killed the golden Galeocerdo cuvier, but obviously all of this long-lining & shortchanging is scaring off the hardcore purists of this event? We know it is a business, but is all of this excessive, irrelevant, cross promotional programming really necessary? 

Shark Week was evolving nicely from pure 'gorified' sensationalism but now this televisual feeding frenzy is in danger of extinction from over commercialization... and sinking like a toxic corpse lazily spiraling into the abyss like a de-finned shark. 

We are all too aware that TVland is no place for stuff that is too scientificky, but maybe, just maybe, it is time to stop chumming? I am grateful that part of Shark Week has evolved in 25 years. 

At first it was all "JAWSmania" chomping on people..sharks were treated as mythical supernatural monsters from another world that hated us and waited for their chance to kill us...but now most of us geddit! We know that eaach species are just the apex fish at the top of the food chain that have evolved into their own amazing niche. 

We are not surprised that 7 humans become accidental prey items every year, but considering how close humans splash around sharks you'd think that casualties would number in the thousands?
Sharkpocalypse was informative, fun & beautifully recorded> What IF our overfishing and killing 3 sharks/second-100 million sharks per year for a $100 bowl of sharkfin soup, was leaving 100 million decomposing corpses at the bottom, ( natural deterrents) begins to motivate remaining sharks towards shore in search of new prey items..preferably slow, clumsy, splashy prey items? 
Karma comin' back to literally bite us in the ass.

I believe that most of the people who have been watching over the years are getting a more realistic picture of how awful and terrifying WE are, not them. 
btw: All of this cross-promotional program nonsense is dreadful.

click yer cursor matey...


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