Monday, May 27, 2013

Vicky & Tennisanyone

I've taken the liberty of posting a handful of photographs that I nicked from my great-grandfather's collection of memorabilia. 

After my great-grandmama passed, Lord Tennisanyone enjoyed a long, a very l o n g, and happy Second Act with his very "special friend" Vicky.

We didn't know much aboot her except that she was a well-to-do Widow from jolly old England.
They hit it off like a house on fire and became inseperable...and except for the World Wars, a handful of exploration escapades and the early years of the Space Program, the two of them rarely missed an opportunity to be together. 

As you can see they shared a rich adventurous life for several decades longer than one would expect. We should all be so lucky eh?


  1. Frankly, she looks bored of it all by the end.

    Is it true that Billy Connolly will be playing the role of Lord Tennisanyone in the biopic?

  2. Too many drugs by the look of things, (tuts) old people these days...

  3. I wish she'd change her hat occassionally (that's a lot of double letters, I wonder if they're correct?)


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