Friday, January 21, 2011


I think that I'm ready to do some serious eviscerating on my stagnating blog. I just don't have the heart to delete it.

I'll go back through the archives and keep a couple postings per month...but only if they somehow connected with my inner narrative or a few readers.

I need to be pro-active and clean up my clickstream in case I decide to run for public office in the meatworld.

 No really? Could happen?

Most of us say/write things which might be misinterpreted by others and might interrupt the momentum of our mid-life crisis of consciousness crusade.

I can hear you laughing but it could happen?

Does your archive contain any time bombs which might blow up in your face? What exactly is the point of keeping all of that dynamite in your basement?


  1. It's sort of interesting to see how I was thinking-out-loud.

    I didn't even know how I felt about some of these issues until I blogged about it. It's a learning curve thingamabob.

    It's very dangerous to say what you're really thinking innit?
    You can't have that can you?

  2. Yes, yes. Down with that sort of thing.

    Does your archive contain any time bombs which might blow up in your face?

    On Infomaniac?

    Oh no, surely no one could take offense at anything there. *cough*

    How’s about bringing back the Natural Law Party?

    Politics just hasn’t been the same since Doug Henning left us.

  3. I am not responsible for anything written on my blog.

  4. I don't have a blog, my identical twin sister does. and yeah, I sometimes use her sign-in so I can post or leave a comment. Yeah, that's the ticket. Like right now. It's not savannah, it's me, Georgia! :D

  5. Don't do it, Donn! (although I've seen similar "threats" before - specifically 04/09/2010, so I'm not too worried ;}

    I know what you mean about time-bombs in the archives. I just started a new job (bus driving), and I mistakenly mentioned casually that I have a blog. A snoopy other trainee has been bugging me since then to tell him the name of my blog. I won't do it, so he's been doggedly searching the interwebs for it. I said some disparaging things about the bus company from when I was a regular passenger, so I guess I'll have to delete or edit those on the off chance he might find it and feel compelled to report my criticisms to the wrong people. Sigh.

  6. Does your archive contain any time bombs which might blow up in your face?

    Yes. And I've already had a few crackers go off.

  7. I didn't hink I did since the erase of my big bad blog. But as it turns out, no one is safe.

  8. Nah.

    I over-share and hope for the best. I do make sure never to call people by name, nor identify my places of employment, nor try to slag off the complete twats who've pissed me off by being bastards....

    Apart from that, my blog is as safe as houses.

  9. Why on earth would you want to delete a single sublime posting?

    Are you insane?

    Anyway, who gave you permission?


  10. kabuki is a 'real-time' bomb. why delete any actions or thoughts. you know they will be repeated in due time. because you are the wild, untamed he-beast.

  11. Of course. I do hope none of my family, friends and colleagues find my blog. I dubbed one of my friends Dullface. He isn't really a friend anymore but rather a colleague because we don't socialise outside work anymore.

    He'd kill me if he read what I have to say about him. I think I am being kind to him

  12. I suppose I could quote a couple of famous philosophers to explain why I don't edit myself.

    "Cogito ergo sum" - Rene Descartes

    "I yam what I yam" - Popeye the Sailor

    I could do that, but really it's all about egotism, and risk being the spice of life.


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