Sunday, May 23, 2010


I found THIS article aboot the 12 most annoying stereotypes of people on Facebook..where I currently waste most of my time. The first thing that I noticed was that this prolly applies to Yours Truly and to many other Bloggers as well.

I have no doubt that others can pin a few of these labels on moi.
I may not even be aware of how I am perceived.
Here's what I think...
The Lurkers..
according to my visitor list they make up the silent majority of people in the Blogosphere...usually 10 times the number of comments. I always try to comment.

The Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bore...met a few but not-so-much. If something out of the ordinary occurs I write aboot it. I shared a few holiday adventures.

The Self-Promoter...most of us want readers right ?
I try not to be too obvious..oh, except for my quarterly meltdowns and whinging aboot it.

The Friend-Padder...
those ginormous blogrolls are hard to miss and don't usually reflect the number of people interacting on the blog. I dug my hole by linking 200 other blogs and tried to keep up...not possible.

The Town Crier..
guilty, most of us are.  Who amongst us hasn't advanced breaking news as if the world depended on nobody else has Google?

The TMI-er,
OMG I suppose the Vaswrecktomy series speaks for itself. I tried not to  divulge much aboot my real world and focussed on BIG PICTURE some half-assed lecturer..gawd what an asshat...begin shame spiral now!

The Bad Grammarian..
My greatest sin may not be my syntax but my rudimentary command of the Inglush Langwidge has been brought to my attention on many occasions..whatev?

The Sympathy-Baiter..
I don't think so..I don't usually do the woe is me thingamabob..not intentionally anyway...except for  the Vaswrecktomy.

The Crank...if I do go on a rant it was always with the intention of being sarcastic and funny...most of my circle of bloggers are fairly like-minded so my venom is aimed at their object of derision..that's fun, who doesn't love that?

The Paparazzo...I love to skewer celebs and politicians because they are public domain and it's fun.

The Chronic Inviter...not too many causes anymore but in the beginning I was inclined to hop on board to build meh.
 I just have a few pets like Fair Vote Canada and Seal Whacking.

The Obscurist...Moi nonsensical and mysterious? Often I suppose..but mostly unintentional because I didn't offer enough clues as to what the hell I was talking aboot.

So there it 'tiz! In a nutshell I appear to be an egregiously tedious little poseur.
Tsl tsk. I think that I got over myself a few years ago and realised that I am just some f*cking guy.

I loved to float around different "clicks" and engage in their pet peeves and pleasures. All in all I met so many cool people out here. I hope that I wasn't too ridiculous. was the most interesting and self revealing thing that I've prolly ever done.

Perhaps I should have had a lash at my mission statement more often.

Why do Humans persist on doing the same sh*t over and over and over?

That is why I call us Homo ESCAPEONS...not only have we escaped eons of opportunities to correct our behavior and make this world a better place, we continue to escape reality by slavishly worshipping money, status and celebrity.


  1. Oh for goodness sake, you are gorgeous. Live with it.

  2. Oh for goodness sake, you are egregious. Live with it.

  3. Oh, for goodness sake, get on with it.

  4. whut? :) xoxoxox

    bless your heart!

  5. I actually gave up on facebook. Clossed my page and walked away like Stan on South Park. It's a freeing feeling. I never look back. I'M FREE!!! AAAAAAHAHAHA!!!


  6. Oh for goodness sake come back to blogger e know you're all that stuff - so wot!!

  7. I think those labels apply to us at one point or another--in real life or cyberspace. And I wouldn't want it any other way. That's life--it's not about being perfect; it's about living and learning and enjoying life the best way we can.

  8. I have stuck with you because you are the only human I know who is more intelligent than me. Which can only mean I don't know enough people........


  9. Oh yes, the horrible recognition that I am any one of those at any time. Great to see that we are not alone.


    I think you missed one: the one who puts x at the end of every missive.

  10. I'm only a lurker because I don't have anything intelligent to add.

  11. Cool post Donn. I struggle with all that!

  12. hey, you're missed!
    good i can find you here. i had a mini panic attack when i couldn't find you at fb.
    anyway i way prefer blogger space than there, anytime.

  13. You're gone from facebook AGAIN! And just when I was hoping for your insightful comments as I was about to discuss pressing sociopolitical, anthropological, philosphawhatev issues. Or not, but I WAS planning to post a link to the worlds most homeoerotic signs which I thought was funny, actually, no, because my wee ones are on facebook now. Sigh. You're right, facebook is a big waste of time. Still, you're missed.

    Make the most of the real world! enjoy the sunshine, catch up with old friends over coffee, discover a new frog species, that sort of thing

  14. If anyone needs to get in touch with me I'll be oot in the backyard trying to rein in the Aegopodium podagraria 'Variegata'
    aka Bishop's Goutweed.

    It's so bright out here!?

  15. I am undefinable!

    So you quit FB? Good for you!

  16. I don't know about you, but i think all those components make a good blog anyway. What the hell is left if you can't whine, bitch, rant, tease, tmi, and bash celebs? NOTHING. except maybe sharks. lol...

  17. just passing, nothing to say, just too scared to read it and not comment now!

  18. Love Zig's comment. I also love catching up out here when there's something to read that applies to ME. Or not. OK, maybe I just defy categories ON PURPOSE.

  19. Anonymous2:29 a.m.

    Teehee... I think I've been a combination of a lot of those over the years- 'cept the lurker. If I click through, I'm going to leave my 2c!!


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