Thursday, May 27, 2010


Apparently the crumbling of the EU is bolstering the American Dollar..
which is great news for it's owners, China.

To better understand how close mankind is to reinstituting the Gold Standard, the final stage before we start trading in sea shells, cigarettes, and human skulls, the following link offers an invaluable synopsis of the sitch.


Why can't the other News outlets keep it this simple?


  1. I got so distracted by the scary thongs (I mean, scary on anyone, buff or chunky) that I can't even comment on the rest of it. I think the visible thong is indicative of the demise of civilization--or is it the cause of it?

  2. So in America it's not just 'up their arse', it's 'up their fat arse'; that's right isn't it.
    Call me old-fashioned but... etc etc.

  3. I think they should just cancel all the debt and start again, I said I think they should just cancel all the debt and start again,did you hear me? I said, I think they should just cancel all the debt and start again.

    Nope no-one listening.

  4. Thank you. That was lovely.
    Not the thongs - Tom is our nominated pervert - the link.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up, I am relieved... oh, and the bit about finances too.

  6. I would have appreciated it more, if you had posted a couple of pictures of a hunk.

    Thongs distracted me from that finance bit..

  7. i should drink more wine. that's what i got out of that.

  8. Are you back now, or what?

  9. LEAH
    I still call flip-flops, "thongs"..
    that's how old I am.

    Many of my close friends are Merkins and I am fairly certain that they say Ass in lieu of Arse..they don't say Texarse.

    Aren't you nice. Maybe if it was a few hundred bucks but Trillion$?
    I suppose if we got a free lifetime supply of Pizza and Gyros?

    You are very kind to say so.
    I know that you know a lot aboot politics and stuff so this prolly wasn't much help.

    I'm all aboot clearing things up..if there was less confusion in the world then more people wouldn't be as confused aboot these confusing things.

    Really? I can arrange that..
    is it okay if I use photos of other dudes instead of moi?

    Yes. That is precisely the intended message. In most instances the thong is wrong...
    so wrong.

  10. XL
    I have been banished from discussing anything interesting on Facebook so I snuck back here during the night and hit the reset button on my brain.

  11. I think we will have to rob a bank.
    Which will make a change.

  12. but where is the money going to come from! China?

  13. I'm in shock from seeing Tom here.

    I must have a lie-down.

  14. Oh nice thong -the white one, it is-. I have them in all colours.

    The economies of the EU countries... man, that's not as nice as the lady to the left.

    That Roger is a genius. He's just lost a million dollars; we're losing zillions over here!

  15. That was some prime snarkiness :)

    However, the thong pic was making me crosseyed. I wanted to look, then wanted to look away, then wanted to look, then....

    I linked to you regarding your link to the "news" story. So, get ready for a wave of traffic as the three people who read my blog rush over here in a much confused manner.

  16. It is so gross that you think you even qualify for being a hunk.

    The very notion makes me sick.

  17. have you seen the underside of a thong? i mean the string, perv. :P

  18. man, it's time to watch blazing saddles glad y'all are blogging again, sugar! xoxooxox

  19. I had to LOL at that, not that either looks very comfortable! Do I have to read the actual words, too?

  20. That poor anorexic European woman; not only is she broke and homeless, but she's starving, too.

    Those European countries that lend money ought to start seizing property or vast parts of the countries that owe them money and start deporting the natives--I hear the Sahara and Antarctica are wide open!


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