Thursday, May 13, 2010


This was bound to happen.

I am deeply saddened and troubled that the silent majority of moderate Muslims seem to have been bullied into submission. It is sadly ironic that Islam means "one who submits" because Islam seems to have been successfully hijacked by the extremists.

The result of their failure to unite, intervene, and organise a rescue of their Faith, has led to a potential catastrophe for all of us. 

Most of us have Muslim friends who are as horrified of these violent Theocratists as you or I. Unfortunately the collision of the free modern world and these radical politico-religious opportunists (Islamists) and their frenzied frightful mobs of uninformed envious zealots, is set to erupt.

The patience of moderate everyday citizens has been stretched to the limit. It is frustratingly ironic that these revolutionaries cannot even comprehend WHY they are allowed to spew their hatred in the streets. They have abused their privileges far beyond any reasonable expectation of tolerance.

So here we are astride a ticking time bomb..
one bullet away from releasing a tsunamic surge of years and years of percolating resentment and frustration.

If the New World is so horrible then why come..
and even more baffling, why attempt to impose these 7th Century dogmatic restrictions upon the infidels? Why must they destroy the system which at some point in time must have held some allure?

This is not about Religious Freedom and cultural tolerance. It is a real attempt to insitute a new global Caliphate...
which is being sponsored by many of the West's so-called 'Oil'lies in the Middle East.

A conflict of this magnitude will bring our world to it's knees...and all for what?

I've always hoped that we would never have to witness another World War...
and this one would almost certainly involve limited Nuclear strikes because some of these nimrods live in countries which unfortunately stockpile these monstrous weapons..

Bullys always look for signs of weakness...
these instigators view tolerance and patience as weakness...
they have made an egregious miscalculation.

Standing up to a bully is not the same as turning the other cheek and even a very small animal can become vicious and dangerous when they are backed into a corner.

I don't know about you but I am genuinely scared of what may come of this.

The narrator of this video is right, that FREEDOM is non-negotiable. However inciting these activists is a recipe for disaster..
perhaps this confrontation is a calculated risk worth taking, maybe even a neccessity?

The West is responsible for letting it get this out of hand. From the getgo we were caught off guard ...
because historically the majority of our new citizens were Caucasian Christians of various denominations who, for the most part, left their native lands to escape Millenia of this exact sort of religious strife and political conflict. We just expected foreigners to make adjustments to fit in. We were lazy.

What also helped was the fact that we were largely unaware, or even interested for that matter, as to what other Earthlings were doing beyond our borders..
especially on the other side of the world.

Now we live in a 24/7 instant newsfed world and little escapes our attention. Most of the Good Neighbour fences have been dismantled. We're all living on top of each other and it's too much for us.

Our species is naturally clannish and wary of others. Somehow after millions were slaughtered in territorial and economical wars, we managed to adjust our perspective...mainly because most of us accepted the golden rules.

You do your thing and I'll do mine as long we understand that it's a two-way street.

Were we living in a totally secular world, impossible but worth aiming for, we'd certainly find other things to squabble about and kill each other.

That being said the Islamists on deck don't care about living in this world. Securing a new address in their imaginary supernatural destination would be a vast improvement on their present circumstances...
which of course they blame on the West.
I don't profess to have any valid solutions other than instigating measures to take a global time out and let cooler heads prevail.
Whatever we're doing now is not going to work in the long run.

At some point I suppose a declaration of expectations at the Immigration Office should become mandatory. Do whatever you like on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, if you must, and leave the supernatural out of the day to day.

We already have enough global obstacles to combat and secure our survival without all of the manmade cosmological add-ons.


  1. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to threaten to kill and harm people. And freedom of speech does not mean that any religion should do as it pleases. I don't care what religion people believe in. But when some people start using religion as an excuse to discriminate and harm other people, then there is a serious problem.

    The price of freedom is blood--a little or a lot. And there will always be people willing to fight to preserve that freedom and not bow down to extremism and hate.

  2. I'm scared. . .

    (. . .and confused - thought you'd left us for FB?)

    word ver: blogiver !!!!!

  3. amen, brother!

    freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. it gets dicey when ANY religious group seeks to institute a theocracy in place of a democracy and/or republic. what the fundamentalist muslims forget is that the prophet mohammed said (and i paraphase) to you be your way, to me be mine... he also said, in all things, moderation, including moderation xoxoxoxo

  4. Passionately said. What pisses me off about MYSELF is that I'm so busy trying to figure out the psychological motivations behind this that I competely ignore the more pressing need for solutions. I need to understand it first. Maybe because I have intimately observed the bully/victim mentality I know how to deal with it one-on-one on a situational basis, but (a) I still don't understand it on a rational level and (b) have no idea what "dealing with it" looks like on such a huge scale. You're right -- it really isn't about religion. It's about hate. And hate is a very different animal from anger.

  5. Ok - back away from the Ironman costume - NOW!!!

    you are getting too hot under the collar

  6. The only solution I can envision is advising all Muslim women, children, and rational men to evacuate the area and then turn it all into a nice smooth glass plate. Then lay down the rule of law once and for all. Fuck your religion, if you violate the rule of law, such as killing women when you get too horny to resist raping them, then you die like the rabid dog you really are.

    And then put Dick Cheney against a wall and show him the PROPER use of a firearm........

  7. Oh, and enough of that Face Book crap. Get back here where you belong. You're a writer, fer Christsakes, not a twit!

  8. THE MIchael: I suggest Betty White do the Dick Cheney firearm demo.

  9. The Michael said, "You're a writer, fer Christsakes, not a twit!"

    Hear, hear!

  10. totally un- related - I just spent 20 min feeding your fish

    I am seriously liking those. I want me some.

  11. Thought I'd poke you here for a change.
    Tsk. Religion. Tsk.


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