Friday, February 26, 2010


A few years ago when I started blogging all of the activities seemed compartmentalized.

Then the INDUSTRIAL blogging started and soon every Newspaper and Magazine writer jumped on the bandwagon.

You couldn't swing a cat without hitting another blogger.

Now the same story/BUZZ/ newsfeed is overlapping the interwebs from blogland to every corner of the social mediasphere.
You see the "sameverything" over and over.

A correction is imminent.


  1. Now you can't swing a cat without getting reported by PETA.

  2. amen, brother! but, i'll give up the facebook before i leave blogging! xoxoxox

  3. Does this mean you're back with us for good?

  4. While wondering if I should deep six my home phone today I also wondered if I should toss the blog. It's all about simplifying and moving on with technology.

  5. you are completely correct. But who gets to choose. As a group we can make ridiculous choices, a dumbing down of group technology. Group technology - I just totally made that up. I am a friggin genius.

  6. I don't spend enough of my life online and using more than Blogger/Facebook to notice.

    Perhaps that is a good thing.

  7. The cyberworld changes continuously and faster than light and every provider wants their toy. I havent tried BUZZ (I had enough with Facebook): I must be getting old, I still love blogging.

  8. You know there's only one frontier left for you - vlogging. There's where the chance to go viral really exists. I dropped out of FB for a wee bit, too compulsively addictive. I'm truly amazed what can be accomplished in a day when you barely go on the computer. I have no friggin' idea what's going on in the world but ignorance is proving productive for me.

  9. Yo m'sieur le copennnnnns, I'll have none of this cat-swinging from you! But oui, I agree about the blogging. Now they even encourage students to blog. Usually this would provide a stream of interesting stuff on the blogosphere but really, the only stuff I have seen is from chastity-ring wearing 19 year olds whose days are so blindingly dull I want to tear my eyes out reading about them.

    I think I have another rant coming on... back to the blogosphere!!!


  10. It all comes down to money. Where there's people, there is potential profit. Media needs to make money just like any other business, so they're going to try and reach as many people as possible, trying to replicate that magic that draws people to certain blogs and sites.

    Only media and industry blogs fail at being genuine and interesting. They hope that by stuffing the social networks with their stuff , people will be interested in their products. Only all that mass marketing comes off like just more spam...and not the delicious salty kind either.

  11. Ignorance is bliss Mr Coppens, turn your computer off and spend more time with the cat.

  12. oh come on!!! Everyone gets hooked on facebook for the first 6 months. I've been on FB and Blogger for four years and now I've worked out the perfect balance - and actually the pendulum swings in favour of Blogger.

    Are you on my FB? Or Twitter?

  13. I read a book the other day. It had paper, a cover and I had to turn the pages with a rubber thimble.

  14. "A correction is imminent"

    And you, sir, are the man to do it!


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