Friday, March 05, 2010

I used to Blog..
but you know what?

My throaway 'spur of the moment' posts always had better responses than the gilgameshian epics which I had painstakingly researched and spent hours fact checking and captioning photos...

that drove me f*cking crazy!

All of which explains why I am now inconsolably despondent and wandering aimlessly oot & "whooring aboot" the slums of Facebook, begging for scraps of attention from long-lost cousins, and a smattering of former co-workers, old friends,  and schoolmates and people I've never met.

It's pathetic, but somehow it feels as if a karmic-cosmic  justice has been served.

My intention is to keep visiting your Blogs so see you around...


  1. facebook sucks you in. just when you think you're out...
    those long lost cousins drag you back.

  2. i like blogging better, sugar! i think i check the FB once a week. come back to bloggerville! xoxo

  3. Please return. I miss your rantings.

  4. i am about to delete my blog too.

    for different reasons but yeah, i feel ya donn

  5. I'm losing steam once again. Get little bursts of ideas and then never get around to sitting down and posting.

    Facebook and twitter have killed blogging. It's dying a slow and miserable death.

    I hope you are well.


  6. I hear ya about the short knock-offs getting more responses than the longer posts. Guess bloggers have short attention spans.

  7. @ CLIPPY
    I suppose it is a case of marginal diminishing returns which has reached it's natural conclusion. I dug my hole too deep when I tried to follow 200 other blogs...I'll just linger and lurk a bit.

    I'm waaay lazier than you. I can check 200 other people in 5 minutes on FB..that would take me hours on Blogger...just don't have the patience anymore.

    @ XL
    It doesn't mean that I won't try commenting and reading other blogs. The FB users have no f*cking idea of how to use it..if just bloggers used FB, it would be amazing!

    You know exactly what I mean :)
    I can shoot off 8 things a day if I feel like it and linking is a breeze. Eventually more bloggers will migrate and it will be more interesting on FB..a lot of the plodders wilkl either shape up or ship out.

    It's prolly just becasuse I am worn out after 5 years of blogging..and 5 years ago newspaper and magazine columnist didn't have a mirror blog..there was a it's just a part of the commercialization of the interweb.

    @ RIMPY
    The startup phase of blogging was the find your style meet some people and get involved in a fun little group that has all of these cool other members who have friends that are cool who also have way cool friends and the circle gets bigga and BIGGA until you can't keep up with all of your faves unless you do it full time.

  8. Well, here's a scrap, y'old bum!
    Don't look for chit-chat from me on Fagbook. I hate the place.
    Yes, we do go through slow periods on the blogs.This is because most of us have other things to occupy our time. Like- oh, maybe feeding the family, earning a crust, writing other stuff.Some of us even go to the theatre or cinema.
    So don't be so despondent.You'll resurge. (And if not, try answering some of those "medical miracle" emails! ;-) )

  9. oh Donnnnnnnnnn, sounds like you need a hug to me!!


  10. Yeah.

    Although I still enjoy posting my solipsistic lil essays, but yeah, I kind of know what you mean. About the full-time occupation problem. And the plateau-ing.

    That and my strange dark moods render me incapable of interaction. Except, strangely, in person.

    But you know what? This was a great post.

  11. Facebook is addictive.

    And yeah, I have The Guilt when I don't keep up with other people's blogs, too. I eased it by only posting once or twice a year on mine, so other people don't have to have The Guilt. You can thank me later.

  12. Your 'gilgameshian epics' were great - but you said it all so eloquently there wasn't much to add.
    But we loved reading them.

  13. Whether they are planned out or spur of the moment, your writings are a great read, because they make me laugh and they make me think.

  14. I understand how you feel, Donn. Betty's had enough with lack of response (compared to the old days) to her, in my opinion, brilliant writing. I've gone part time. A lot of good bloggers have given up. I haven't got time for Facebook as Twitter keeps me busy. Also, I don't want people from past schooldays or current employment trying to make friends.

    I'll carry on posting once a week or so but my word count will be a lot less than it used to be. Which I'm sure will be a relief to my long-suffering readers.

  15. A bit like the difference between crack and good wine.

  16. Sure, blogging needs a lot more effort than Facebooking, which is real faster and doesnt bring the disappointments that a blog may bring.

    I too, like bloggin better, but sometimes lack of response might push a blogger to despair and think of deleting the blog. That doesnt happen on Facebook.

    I don't even check my FB once a week, and like Geoff, carry on posting once a week, though.

    You cut me deep a chronic communicator it doesn't seem unusual for me to spend 5 hours on the web especially when everyone else is alseep.
    I get home from painting before the little guy gets home from school and make supper and the house is quiet by 9:30.
    I sleep about 5 hours so that means I go to bed at 1ish and get up at 6 which yes, gives me lots of time to fiddle aboot on the puter.

    Thank You. I know that I should prolly go to the big sites where people babble all day and all night. I didn't want to sound like a whiner..which is apparently how this came off... f*ckity f*ck!

  18. but I still love you anyway :)

  19. Oh noze. I still read, but I understand. So close to abandoning my blog, too.

  20. Yes, Facebook caters to our fast-food ethos, but I am getting so damn tired of reading day after day that cousin IT is a fan of "things that are placed on top of other things" or that he has friended yet another stranger he hasn't personally met and probably never will. Also getting rather stale is cousin Sandy describing in less than 140 charactors how she just threw up on the creation science text book she is reading drunk in some vain hope of "passing" the exam the next morning (the answer which will always be that evolution is the devil's work). At least with Blogger, you get an in-depth and detailed exloration of the angst and thriumph of what makes people tick, so that you might know the best way to avoid them if you are related and ultimately might come in contact with them.

  21. Why is it we ALL feel the same about this? Are we involved in a CONSPIRACY?! Will the tea party protest us? Will Rush rush to the airwaves to denounce us? Will Obama bail us out? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of "As the Blogs turn.....:

  22. I'm here looking for one of your old blog posts to send to a friend. True.
    So get back to blogging, sweetie.

  23. i like my blog buddies. there's this sense of closeness that you can't get in fb. i mean, who dares tell everything in fb? scary out there.

  24. Wow. This post has generated a lot of responses. We fellow bloggers and blog readers may not comment much, but this post should prove that we at least read. Hang in there. I, for one, love your posts, Gilgemeshian and short.

  25. Glad its not just me feeling the ennui . Altho facebook doesnt quite hit the spot

  26. Donn you just need a cold friend and a warm beer... no wait that's not right. Warm friend, cold beer. Yep, better. I've found there are certain times of year when all blogging friends tank, I'll feel bad I haven't had time or whatever to post and then I'll come back to find everyone else has been drug out too.
    I've really learned to be easier on myself from blogging. It seems really cool to find out we all tank every now and then. We worry about a lot of the same things and no matter what, life goes on and it's OK. FB seems like chatting at a party that you don't really care if you are there or not. Blogging seems to be more like home. I read what you write, ponder what you have written and don't always tell you what an impact you have had. Some of the most interesting things you have written I didn't comment on because I would end up writing and writing and wr...OK I'll shut up now.

  27. I was sick of yer bitter issues anyway besides if you want you can become more people on facebook than you every could on blogger and mess with so many minds its great.... so I've heard.

  28. Hmmm, lost ya balls have ya?

  29. Man, with Facebook and Twitter and stuff, blogging is so last decade.

  30. When I very first started with the blog, I used to enjoy clicking "next blog" at the top of the page to see what other people were talking about. It's how I came across most of the blogs I read on a regular basis. Try that now, and it's all spam shit.

    It was a great outlet at the time, but as so often happens, someone realized Blogspot could be exploited for their own financial gain. It's too bad.

    Like you (and many) I tailed off with my posts. Mine has been dead for a long time, and I don't think it'll ever be revived. I started it like, 6 years ago. It had a good run. But with an impending big boy job, and a girlfriend and *gasp* adult responsibilities, it demises was inevitable.

    For me, the blog was an outlet to bitch about various things. I guess I'm happier overall now than I was, so that contributed as well. Not necessarily a bad thing quite frankly.

    Hmm maybe I should copy and paste this on my blog as my goodbye lol.

    It's been a pleasure reading your blog, and I have always greatly appreciated the comments on my blog. Keep the discussion going on Facebook man. For every one person who comments, there are a dozen people who read it too.

    PS two of the women on my list are closer to your age than mine, so it's all good.

  31. I've gone back to Facebook after 9 months out. Mainly to stalk women. Not going great, but I do get to check out their bikini pics.

  32. What fresh hell is THIS?

    I want you BAAAAAACCKKK!!!

  33. This is the first time I have seen your blog. This is a great post because I have been seeing this type of conversation going on more and more lately.

    I don't have a FB account and I don't plan on caving any time soon.

    I am a member of a writing forum, I tweet, and have a blog. This is enough for me. It's too time consuming otherwise. I like to actually get outdoors,be active and physically interact with humans.

    I post on my blog maybe twice a week and tweet even less. Of course I need work, but I can get too sucked in to all this "social media" crap.

    I love to blog and check others posts. It just somehow seems more personal.

    I can't stand the way society has become so consumed by making money and everyone is always talking about "not enough time".
    Not enough time for what? For chrissake! There's plenty of time!

    I could ramble about this for hours. Maybe I should just blog about it.

  34. (this is because blog readers are lazy....)

    I originally started neglecting the blog more and more because a couple of the readers who I emailed with became - erm - very unsupportive of my change in circumstances and I realised that they cared way too much about the crap I was writing just to get it out of my head. That scared me a bit, because I was inadvertently playing with forces I didn't understand with. And then I had that weird quandary of not wanting to post just because they had bullied me into it, which made me think maybe there was no real need for the blog in any case. I now check facebook less and less too. I think that's down to laziness though....

  35. (Also, just read Anonymous Blogger's comment and feel very similar - real life has taken over and, while sometimes I have a thought that makes me think 'aha - this is the blogpost that will get me back into blogging!' by the time I've got home and booted up my aging PC and got onto the internet that never goes fast enough because my housemate is playing Call of Duty with most of the bandwidth, the original impetus to communicate has gone and I realise that I feel way too contented/apathetic to bother. Which is sad.)

    (I also would like to say that I always squeal with delight when I see that you have commented on my blog/facebooked me with one of your gems of observational wizardry, and am regularly stricken with guilt and shame that I hardly ever reply to my comments or comment back or anything. I suck as a blog friend. I really do.)


  36. oh darling FACEBOOK is for losers...sorry someone had to say it.....full of creepy men who hang around tryint to 'poke' and 'friend' sexy ladies and lech after them ..not you darling of course I know Canadians are not perverted in the least
    but I say if you must blog then tweet one can accused twitters or twits of being perverts
    am I right??

  37. Thats very sexist Miss Emmak , there are plenty of nasty old cougars and degenerate slappers out to ensnare any clean livin chaps just minding their own business on facebook
    Hello MJ :-)

  38. Hey dude... know how you feel. But I was in the facebook swing, and am now back into the blog swing. but i understand the whole heart & soul (and sharks!) in a post with no return ... what a pisser. sorry about being a douche.

  39. I'm just here to pile onto the group hug.


  40. Eep. I get sucked into life and come back and see I have lost another person to the land of Facebook.

    Resist! Resist!

    We'll still be here...:)

  41. Ah but your painstakingly researched posts were AMAZING! I just became too frickin' intimidated to visit your blog too often as 'some guy' was evidently the last thing you were and I wasn't ready to jump off a cliff re my own blogging efforts just yet.


  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. So facebook gobbled u up Donno? aww..

    I USED to blog too...but now Im not USED to anything hehe...

    just 'existing' sometimes feels better..

    tnxx for ur lovely msgs from time to time..means alot to me..

    catch u on the other side! X

  44. Sooo... are you going to blog sporadically- when some issue tickles your writer bone, or never again?
    I do hope you'll be back occasionally dude- you're one of the few bloggers who has been around as long as I have, and I love your writing!

  45. I just can't get into the whole facebook thing.

  46. so, are you here or there?
    gee it's hard keeping up with you.
    even if you're moving like a slug here. haha

  47. I must have felt your despondency vibes down here in Seattle! How ya been Coppmeister!? I haven't even looked at my blog in eons heh. But was looking for some data that I thought might be in one of my old blog posts (wasn't) and thought I would visit all my old blog buds. Hope you are doing well. You're a talented writer - don't give up. Take breaks and come to it when ya want to.

  48. Hook up on FB..c'mon..
    what could possibly go wrong?

  49. Ack, TMI out there.

    I'm glad you're finding a new place to express yourself tho. =)


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