Sunday, October 11, 2009


Here in Whateverpeg it usually doesn't snow until Hallowe'en.

As many of you know, once the snow arrives I put out my Polar Bear Traps....

so that I can catch enough of them to make a sled team.

Last night I took my camera out to document the worrisome effects of global warming..HELLO!

When I went back in the hoose to review the shots, a chill ran up and down my spine..
and it wasn't ectoplasm filling my pants!

Check this out...
you can click the pic to biggify

Now I don't believe in ghosts, especially a frozen f*****n ghost..
oh, except for THIS Frōzen Ghōst,

which was one of my favorite Canadian Bands back in the 80s.

Do you believe in ghosts?


  1. Is this like those Magic Eye things? I never could get those. Your ghost looks like he's bored and walking a bored ghost dog.

    If it makes you feel better, I did have to put on pants instead of shorts for a couple of days there. Well, it was only at night, and it's actually 1 AM and I'm wearing shorts right now, but still.

    And snow! You jammy bastard! Do you know that I was 19 before I ever saw snow fall, and I can count on one hand the times I've seen snow fall since?! It's so pretty, isn't it?

    Don't worry, the Spouse Sparrow assures me I'm dumb as a box of rocks and my view on the weather will change when we move to Norn Iron.

    Did you go make Snow Donns (like snow angels, but more manly) to celebrate?

  2. Oooops, forgot to say that yes, I believe in ghosts. And they believe in me. Not that belief is required for either of our existences.

  3. I'm with Fat Sparrow about ghosts, though not with the whole shorts thing. I keep my legs covered.

    There's no snow over here, it's just a bit damp. No change there then.

  4. I don't believe in ghosts. They don't believe in me, either. Your picture is amazing -that's a funny ghost and a nice visual effect-.

    It's still late summer in the South Sandwich Islands, Donn. We're having 25ºC here (= 77F), and there's no trace of frozen ghosts. Winter starts quite late here.

  5. Anonymous5:31 a.m.

    I see no face, clean the lens and wipe the ectoplasm please.

  6. I do believe in ghosts,yeah,but frozen ones..hum,not sure!LOL
    Oh it starts snowing early in your place,grrr,well think about Mexico when you'll be freezing cold!:)

  7. Yes, I see the face. But settle down ... it's just the Chiminea.

    That is a real apparition..I didn't do any fancy schmancy photoshopping layer thingamabob..that image is exactly what was captured.

    Snow does look pretty and it does cover over how gross everything is when it dies..but the temperature here goes down into the minus 30s during the Winter months..ugh!

    For the record, I don't want to start believing in ghosts either because they're scary and always mad about something.

    I must admit that as much as I hate the cold the worst climate that I could imagine would be a greydamp malaise..I completely understand why Seattle has so many serial killers. The WORST! Atleast when it's 30 below it's bright and sunny..otherwise I would have gone postal years ago.

    I'm glad that ghosts don't believe in me either because I would make their lives a living hell..oh wait, they're lives are a living hell that's why they are haunting people? I don't know what I'd do?

    The Sandwich Islands sound pleasant enough, although I did do some checking and most of the occupants have feathers or flippers :)

    Come on Man! It's right there! This wasn't a poltergeist though, never made a sound otherwise I would have dropped dead out on the deck.

    Now you know why we Canadians LOVE Mexico. Our species evolved on the warm savannahs of Africa and it is completely unnatural and ridiculous that we stayed in these horrendously challenging places once we got out. My guess is that our ancestors stayed in these crappy places because they thought that nobody else would bother them there. Boy were they wrong.

    Some day all 6 Billion of us should go back to Africa for a reunion.

    HA! I didn't have a fire going in my open fire clay garden heater. For the first year I called it a Kie-mee-nee-ah until it dawned on me that it was a just a chimney..duh!

  9. I saw ghosts when I was a child but now I only feel their presence.

    Most ghosts per square inch?

    In New Orleans, hands down.

  10. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. I never used to believe in Ghosts. I changed my mind after knowing you via the net!

    Oh, BTW, can you send me some snow ASAP?

  12. That's such a cool shot! I grew up in a place where ghosts were pretty common and not necessarily evil or mischievous. People just accepted that spirits were just there. And I still encounter one every now and then. But you know my policy on the supernatural: Don't mess with them and they won't mess with you.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  13. Looks like a polar bear ghost to me. I think you need more humane traps to catch your bear-sled team.

  14. I like to think of myself as a skeptic. However, I have seen things, and very credible people I know have also seen things, that make me wonder. I'm convinced our apartment is haunted; Aidan and I have both seen him several times, and things go missing - often to be returned upon asking for them back aloud. My mum tells a great story of walking past a house she knew to be empty (because she worked with it's owner) and hearing sounds like furniture being moved around inside. There are other stories, but I won't go into them here. Suffice to say, I'm open-minded :)

  15. You Canadians. Always bitching about the snow and bears.

    At least your ass is covered if you slip and fall on the ice. Here we not only fall on our asses and end up in the hospital, but we also land in bankruptcy as a result of said trip.

    Canadians - always finding something to complain about. "As It Happens" tells me so.

  16. yes.

    next question?

  17. How can winter be a bad thing with you there to document it?

  18. Donn, come and read the response to your comment on honeyed glow. I think you are beter equioped to reply to it!

    Obviously people don't know you the way I do.


  19. MJ
    Hanky Thanksgetting to you too!
    You're lucky that the ghosts don't bother you anymore..unless you're in N'orlayns.
    I would have thought that the most geists per square inch would be on battlefields.

    I am not haunting you I am stalking you! I went back to defend my encyclopedic ignorance of poetry but I couldn't find anything untowards being said of my mind-blowing insightful observation?

    You have such an extraordinarily balanced cosmology..and it's all encompassing. I don't even have a contingency plan for spectres? Man I suck.

    I appreciate your rule regarding apparitions, I shall immediately implement this regulation and hope that IT goes away.

    Look at that thing. No Polars were harmed in the making of this blog post. I can assure you that once the Bears have resigned themsleves to the fact that I am Large and in Charge, they turn into kittens and actually enjoy getting three squares a day for pulling me around on errands.

    Really? Your own apartment? Must be a benevolent spirit that just wants some company. I like to think that I am open minded but I have trouble separating the scientificky equivalent from the religious aspects of trapped souls.

    Energy on a molecular level could manifest in mysterious ways..of this I have no doubt. I also think of a person IS their brain and once that is gone so are the mind operates within the 3 pound clump of jello between our ears is not decipherable at this point in time so I'll just keep making stuff up to pacify my curiousity.

    Sure we love to kvetch it's part of our bilingual passive aggressiveness mandated by Upper Canada. It's hard being loved by the rest of the world..and we can't brag about it because it would negate all of our good karma. It's a terible we whinge to appear less self satisfied.

    Your Merkin program of telling everyone how great your country is has failed miserably. So in order for us to pretend to be humble we tell everyone how much our climate sucks!We don't even complain about how Uncle Sam stole Alaska? Look at the map..that is totally part of look at how much of the coastline of British Columbia that is weasled from Canada...HELLO!

    Thank You. My next question would be would you consider playing 7 minutes in heaven?

    ANDREA're right. I can just use my Jedi powers to overcome the ill effects of living in an ice encrusted moonlike climate for half of the f*cking year...but not without a lot of Rum and magic mushrooms from BC.

  20. Dude, what were you smoking?

  21. Egads, it is TOO early to snow! Enjoyed the pics. I believe in ESP so yes I believe in ghosts, although I don't think of them like most folks do- I think along the ESP/energy line... so my belief in our life connections is far from in the traditional sense. I could write scientifically why as well as more...

    Twas great to see your comment on my poem. HOW did you find me, Monsieur 2N's? I didn't email folks with my new blog. Did I visit here with that new blog addy and forget? Regardless, glad you did find me.

  22. ANNDI
    fffffffar out...*snort...dunno man
    cough cough cough
    Just kidding, it's a ghost!

    Hi GELLY!
    I found you alongside of my soulmate Gautami who was the second commentor on my blog four years ago. How are you doing?

    I would like to spend more time figuring out what I think about ghosts. Since I have so much residual misinformation stuck in my files from my religious indoctrination I find it difficult to separate the physics from the phallacies.

  23. I think I see a face...

    I sometimes think I believe in ghosts, and then other times I reckon I'll believe if I actually see one myself.


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