Saturday, October 10, 2009


Thanks to the lovely and talented ILTV who sent me the link to Canada's Greatest Lover and Seducer, some dude named Dimitri.

His infamous rise to cyberstardumb was propelled by this recorded phone message to an unimpressed victim...
Ladies prepare to meet god's gift to women..

Okay go ahead, click HERE!

Now his WIKIPEDIA site is less than flattering and I have no doubt whatsover that a scathing tribute on DICKipedia is forthcoming.

At first glance this douchey asshat seems like a character on a comedy show. So this schmaltzy schtick could be, as some suggest, a mass marketing ploy for a movie. Dimitri and his antics could be a performance in the vein a dark comedic Borat-type spoof.

This slimey, buffoonish, cad is a ridiculous stereotype of the swarthy mediterranean horndog....
although, unfortunately, self-absorbed, cheesball, uberwankers like this do exist.

However if you read the back story on WIKI, which I'll assume is authentic, the whole campaign gets creepy enough to warrant a shower and a restraining order.

If however you are entranced, then by all means proceed to his awficial website .

Amongst his revelations you'll find that,
Viewing this site may cause a gender identity crisis for man-hating feminists, gay men & metrosexuals, (who he refers to as closeted gay men) and he takes no responsibilty for losing a *same-sex partner.

*Many people believe that the term same-sex partner needs to be tweaked or dropped from referencing homosexual marriage because it more aptly describes the routine lovemaking (same sex) of wedded heterosexuals practicing monotony.

You decide whether Dumitri is real, or a Boratish hoax?


  1. I heard about this douchetard a couple of months ago. This woman from Toronto was harassed--I mean, approached by him in a nightclub. His stupid website loads super duper uber slow. He inspired me to write a post about guys who make straight women wish they could turn lesbian.

  2. Yeah but... did she call him?

  3. ...probably not.. he takes too long to load.

  4. Clearly, this is a hoax. Everyone knows that the world's greatest lover from Canada is Capt James T Kirk! That man has bagged more aliens than the US Border Patrol!

  5. And now for the song and dance portion of our show!

    (Just a little diversion, you understand)

    When my baby
    When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio
    De Janeiro, my-oh-me-oh
    I go wild and then I have to do the Samba
    And La Bamba
    Now I'm not the kind of person
    With a passionate persuasion for dancin'
    Or roma-ancin'
    But I give in to the rhythm
    And my feet follow the beatin' of my hear-eart

    Woh-ho-oh-oh, when my baby
    When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio
    De Janeiro
    I'm a Salsa fellow
    When my baby smiles at me
    The sun'll lightens up my li-ife
    And I am free at last, what a blast

  6. Canada's greatest lover is Donn, non?

    PS: Happy Thanksgiving!

    Oh Hai MJ!

  7. Um, was this not the guy who killed those women in the gym a couple of months ago and then offed himself? No? Oh, my mistake. Well, if he could just skip to the part where he offs himself, that would be good.

    The Wiki on him is down. I'm not going on his site, because I don't like viruses, quite frankly, and it strikes me that he may have picked up more than a few in his time.

    There was this on YouTube about him. Makes me wish there were more women on 4chan.

  8. And just what was ILTV up to?
    She's usually such a nice girl :0)

  9. Wow!

    I wish real men like this lived in Norwich...


    And he spammed you! Like wow.

  10. I can't get to his site - clearly he must be adorable, but like xl, I've always you were the It Man in Canada.

  11. It is quite funny the conception of the best lover. Specially Bora can tell you how he is doing it.


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