Wednesday, September 30, 2009



Every so often I feel the urge to express the magic of the Dinosaursian descendents, the Birds.
Okay Okay, so I've done it twice,
here Wholly Crow and here Bird Droppins.

This morning a caw-cawphony overhead really cawght my attention.

I witnessed an amazing scene.

A solitary Owl, beset by dozens, a "murder", of Crows, flew a few feet overhead and sought refuge from it's tormentors in a tree across the street.

I ran into the house to retrieve my camera but ultimately failed to procure a decent shot of the beleaguered, yet wise, old bird.

I was startled yet thankful that this metCAWphorical imagery didn't just "go over-my-head".

DEEP eh!?

Despite my "pun"ishing style, once-in-a-while it's fun to put the TRY in Poetry...innit?


  1. That's a fowl haiku!

  2. Donn, what is your po(o)rtry, portraying?
    As a poet, I strongly object to your murdering the form!

    You will be punished one of these days. Watch out...

  3. A wonderful bird is the pelican
    His bill will hold more that his belican.
    He can take in his beak
    Food enough for a week,
    But I'm damned if i can see how the helican

    Dixon Lanire Merrith - "The Pelican"(1910)

  4. Sometimes I think you must spend all your spare time coming up with this stuff... You're such a blogger :)

    (Says the girl with the "I'm blogging this" t-shirt...)

  5. (*claps hands at Cawppens, the poet*)

    It's fun, indeed, but it's such a difficult art!
    I prefer to stick to my short stories...

  6. The horror! The horror...of parking under that tree with all them birds!

    Great poem, Donn. All those crows going after that owl--it's hard to ignore Hooters.

    I hope you were able to get clear shot at some of them birds to serve at Thanksgiving.

  7. XL
    HAI KU XL! ..more like the Hai Karate of Haiku

    Yikes! I didn't think that you'd see really didn't like my opening line?
    How about that aliteration at the end? No eh?
    I got nuthin'

    Damn that beats mine all to helican!

    I'm having a place for comments put on my headstone.

    Difficult schmifficult? I anguished over this for what seemed like minutes!
    It was an unbelievable sight..that poor Owl.

    Damn I wish that I had wworked in the Hooters angle...maybe I'll change since only 6 people have seen it..
    quick, what rhymes with Hooters?

  8. Haha, I love your poetry Donn. and funny enough, I have done a little poem on my blog about nursing today :)

  9. The problem with all those birds is the ensuing guano.

    I looked again at your pome and realised it was all about caws and effect.

    Very deep man.

  10. Tweet tweet caws I am sweet.
    I shall think of the next line tomorrow.

  11. Anonymous8:53 a.m.


  12. I'm completely outclassed by your talent Donn

    *retires to try and make up some bird song*

  13. Ah...there was poetry?Owls and crows don't mix but in my time,I've seen a owl falling for a crow too!Yip,"shit happens"!:)

  14. crows have excellent memory, cawppens. so if you don't want to have the need to carry an umbrella out there, you'd better not be saving the ole owl, though it seems like the most humane thang to do.

  15. I enjoy seeing crows. They make a great racket, but it seems they're a bit self concious when it comes to having their pic taken.

    In answer to your question, Donn: Other Burridge players like it when they get a mention on my blog, but most of them are too shy to add comments.

    I suppose not being able to get a decent pic made you really 'crows'.

    That doesn't work, does it?


    No it doesn't work.


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