Friday, July 03, 2009


It's finally Summer here in Whateverpeg.

I started the Canada Day Celebrations with a trip to the Zoo with fellow bloggers Joyce & Brian (who wouldn't sign waivers) it was our 3rd Annual and prolly our last.

Maybe we'll go without the kids so that we can have a better visit, and if and when our Zoo gets refurbished.

I miss watching Debbie the Polar Bear splash around.

Debbie made it into the GUINESS Book O' Records because she lived twice as long as she would have in the Wild..begin argument now.

We saw the same critters in the same exhibits and felt sorry for them.

Later that night we made our way downtown and watched the same Fireworks display.

Next Year we're going to paddle down the River to watch the fireworks in a tippy canoe so that the post and pictures will be more interesting.


  1. you ain't right, sugar! i think i love you! xoxoxo

  2. I especially dig the teeny tiny training wheels.

  3. man alive but you look hot with a camel-toe!

  4. I thought about going to the zoo this week but it's very hot and the animals don't wear deodorant.

  5. Ha! Luv the pics! I'm surprised they didn't stuff Debbie and put her outside with the other bears. It looks like those camel toes are no strangers to humps!

    I bet that mouse was just drunk and passed out from all the celebration.

  6. I hope you had a very nice day!

    ((Dude, that poor little mouse... looks like he drank too much, lol))

  7. Dude! The gophers will eat you alive!

  8. Pssst... don't let MJ see your crocs...

  9. This is SPOOKY! I and THE spousal unit ALSO went to the ZOO!


    Matter of fact, the exact SAME Zoo we went to maybe 6 years

    Only we didn't have captions.

  10. I think all prisoners should be executed not shown off like cattle or camels.

    Debbie lasted twice as long thus taking up resources and so I hate the creature.

    I am full of hate right now, people say that old knudsen is full of it and they are right. Did you know there is a Zoo Knudsen who blogs? that old git keeps cumming up when I search for myself.

  11. I know there's something odd about one calling himself homo escapeons visiting a zoo, but I just can't put my finger on it. Probably just as well. The mouse seems symbolic of the only way out for most zoo animals. Or, maybe it symbolizes the Lennie-like uncertainty within all of us. "Which way did he go, George?" Maybe I'm readig too much into this. Sometimes a camel toe is just a camel toe.

  12. What, no earthling enclosure?

    ; - )

  13. crocs???

    How could you?!


  14. Had a laughing fit going thru the pix - camel toe eh? LMAO! Scuze me, I think I'm feeling a little verklempt. What an expressive face you have my dear!

  15. Ah, the zoo, eh Don. I tend to enjoy looking at the humans best. The young children who fuelled by sweets and ice creams become far too over excited and end up getting carried to the car kicking and screaming.

  16. I just did a day at the zoo recently ... heaps of fun! Love your pics and awesome captions!



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