Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tomorrow, July 1st, is Canada Day.

*Loon calling in the distance

Last year I celebrated Kinada Day by talking about my visit to the Austraileeyer exhibit and so this year I'm going to rave about Japan!

Why? Why not? It's not just because Canada is of little interest to outsiders it's mainly because a friend sent me an email about Hōnen Matsuri with all these great pictures attached.

March 15 is the date upon which the festival of Honen Matsuri (Boner Day) is celebrated in Komaki, Japan.

This is the time of year when ordinary folks can swig on all-you-can-drink sake and release their inner Dongzilla!

Why? Did I mention Free all-you-can-drink Sake?

Plus it's an excuse for old farts to ingest Viagra like candy and celebrate fertility, renewal, a good harvest, yada yada yada, but mostly get hammered on all-you-can-drink sake and parade around with giant boners!

For one day everyone can enjoy having, sharing, worshipping, and receiving, Happiness from your their Japenis.

Do any of you remember the 80s tune Turning Japanese by the Vapors?

I'm turning Japanese

I think I'm turning Japanese

I really think so

(duh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh nuh nuh)

I'll bet that the local bands fueled by all-you-can-drink sake tweak the lyrics a bit..

Honen Matsuri

I am loving my Japenis

I really think so!

(dun-nuh nuh-nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh)


  1. Goodness me! A vibrator sale.

  2. if only...if only...if only...oh god please....give me that big fat chubby omg por favor mr. dude in the sky who has allowed my life to suck so very badly for my entire existence and denies me when i need him leaving me cold and alone and begging for more yes, you. now would you for once give me what i desire and let me wake up next to mr. chubby.

    oh sorry donn. did you say something?

  3. ewwwwwwwwww so frikkin shameless lol!


  4. I may be wrong - but the Japanese seem to do this "in the best possible taste" If it were happening in UK, Canada or the States it would be sooo macho.

  5. Canada Day / Fête du Canada!

  6. It's in my diary for next year!

  7. well, my little piddly post for all ya up north is soooooo nothin, sugarpie! xoxoxo

    (i'm thinking last tango in paris mahself.)

  8. OH man, i can't believe it! So many Big Dongs!

  9. Hear! Hear! Hooray for the Penis!
    Japan loves Chachi!!!

    And what a great way to celebrate the Great White North! Because Canada is like the penis: Hard when it needs to be to get the job done; soft and sensitive to its environment; full of fun and excitement, a pleasure to be around; and at times, dumps huge quantities of the white stuff on the partner below!

  10. Oh lawdy Donn... is that for real?

  11. Donno btw, Im a HUGE fan of MJ too...no I still cant and I wont believe that he's dead. To me, he's forever ALIVE.

    btw did u check out my tribute post to him at YOU BEAT IT JACKO? It's couple of posts down from my current post.


  12. Wow, and all circumcized, how very tidy!

  13. SCARLS
    I loved this event because it seems so improbable that one of the most socially repressed cultures on the planet would publically celebrate a Boner Day?

    I'm "hearing" what you're "saying" and I feel your pain in a "thousand points of light" sort of way :)

    Never underestimate the miracle of alcohol. You can bet your bottom dollar that without the sake, this parade ain't happenin'!

    As a nurse I know that you are unfazed by human anatomy but imagine explaining this parade to your children?

    I've been thinking about your comment for a while and I have to agree. The esthetics are about as refined as they could be without getting into some subtler artsy metaphorical thingamabob.

    You're right in most other countries it would be a vulgar macho affair attended by Beer-anderthals flashing their private bits to each other because proper Ladies would stay away in droves!!

    HAI XL
    Thank You/Merci

    I will be posting a candid expose celebrating the fact that I live in a fairly decent country..as fas as countries go...
    Humans can't imagine living as a species so we need to have these giant tribal entities..

    it's pathetic really but what are ya gonna do?

    Now Now this is a celebration of the Ying & Yang well, mainly the Wang! It's funny how uptight we Westerners are about it.

    This seems like a huge psychological "leak" in the armour of the reknown self-control which we perceive the Japanese to be world leaders...maybe we're just too uptight about sex?

    March 15th, 2010,
    Komaki, Japan
    ..see you there :)

    You did a "piddly post" for us Canuckleheads..how thoughtful.
    We aren't as Partriotic as 'Merkins and I think that bugs the sh*t out a lot of them because they think we're too complacent..

    This is your cultural exchange event of the week. It's fun to learn about other civilizations because we need to know whether our particular society is either charming or tedious.

    It is wacky and zany and I imagine once you are soaked in sake you would get right into the spirit of things. This is so weird that it is wonderful..I mean really, look at these people..this is the 21st Century and we have found a city where the folks aren't ashamed of their wieners! That's awesome!

    I bow to the powerful imagery of your commentarial address..
    you really said a mouthful there.

    You know that I would never lie to you..maybe tweak the facts bend the truth to suit my argument but lie about a public penis parade, never.
    The wiki link is there at the top if you still doubt it.

    Thanks K-Roo you have such a soft spot for the overachieving "underdog".

    Personally, I am dreading the prolonged overexposure of his Life and legacy that we will now be forced to endure.

    Every nanobit of Michael Jackson will be thrown at our screens..

    They're starting with the Man in the WILL
    here we go.

    Well of course..anything other is just so brutish and uncivilized? I have a bunch of Moyl jokes that just crashed into the back of my head. I'm certain that you've heard them all.."It won't be long now!".."There's no end to that prick!"...you know the drill

    What we Occidentals should take away from this is that perhaps we are overlooking another perfectly fine excuse to get a day off work and get hammered?

  15. Sake alone cudnt hv gotten IT up, right? LOL LOL LOL!

    o btw, I hv a reply to ur comment in my last post...what d u hv to say abt it?


  16. Think I need another Sake......

    Pass me another Ashi will ya........

  17. I remember that song...very well

    They used to play it on the radio all the ding dong day

  18. Anonymous12:25 a.m.

    So that's what the "Ides of March" was really all about. Who knew?
    (Well, not Julius anyway!)_

  19. Donn you never cease to enlighten me. I think your blog should be read in schools.

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