Monday, June 29, 2009

We are SPECIAL :)

As a species (special) we Homo Escapeons been around in our present form for at least 200,000 years...which is not very long compared to most of the animals so actually, we are sort of special.

According to most Paleo-Anthropologists our ancestors migrated out of Africa in a series of waves and eventually occupied nearly every corner of the globe.

Five thousand years ago, having decided to abandon the insecurity ridden life of nomadic hunter gatherers, Homo Escapeons settled down in large numbers and invented Civilized Empires. These days the vast majority of us are dazzling Urbanites who are sold on the whole "economy of scale" thingamabob.

Most of us realise that it really isn't 2,009 A.D., utter rubbish, and so are all of the other Calendars....since we or our brains (same thing) have not changed one iota in 200,000 years, this should be referred to as the year 200,009.

The Human "World" on Earth is basically a hodgepodge of 200 countries (Tribes), the vast majority of which have little or no effect on the whole of mankind. There are a handful of Super-Corporate/Military/Political Entities that control the majority of us.

We are all slaves to the capricious actions of a handful of powerful men who are deluded enough to assume, that they deserve to manipulate the great unwashed. Thank heavens that their ginormous egos prohibit them from uniting because the rest of us would be totally f*cked if they ever joined forces.

Many of us believed/expected that after 2,000 Centuries Homo Escapeons should be far more advanced and living in a "kinder-gentler" global village. The real miracle is that we haven't eliminated our species.

Compared to other species we really are SPECIAL because our brains find ways to circumvent many natural corrections that would normally limit our numbers. By the year 1800, make that 201,800, there were One Billion of us!

Another paradox is that WE are our own worst enemies. Two hundred thousand years later the most "advanced" one third of our species are voluntarily killing themselves by consuming mass quantities of a nutritionally bankrupt diet which precipitates major health issues.

Then we invent ways to prolong and extend our lifespan so that we can continue to overindulge in self destructive behavior.
Go us!

We invented a system of producing mass quantities of junk food but our genetic programming is still operating as if we were half starving hunter/gatherers mode.... 95% of our time has been living hand to mouth and our brains are telling our stomachs the same thing it did out on the African Savannah. EAT! This could be your last meal for a while.

So 200,009 years later and we still have the same old program operating our brain. That's why we keep repeating the same mistakes and I keep writing the same posts over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over....


  1. What point?

    I should just finish the frickin' Escapeons book and put this blog out of it's misery!

  2. I think the self destructive behavior is nature taking its course. It's like cellular apoptosis--when a damaged cell (or one that threatens the integrity of the organism) self destructs. I think the human species is weeding itself out. I'm hoping the survivors are the strong swimmers in the gene pool.

    "Mathematics. Law of averages. Let a complex system repeat itself long enough, eventually something surprising might occur."
    --Battlestar Galactica

  3. Ain't gunna change my calendar.

  4. the key word was 'men' (flight? No bloody fight)- it's testosterone that's leading us into self destruction. When women (tend and befriend ahhhh) rule the world we will all love each other.

    hope this helps :)

  5. and anyone not loving each other will be shot

  6. And thats why I keep reading it over and over and over...

  7. It's in our genes, Donn. We're progammed to do that.

  8. Some of the things we Unlearned. Gorilla groups cooperate much more than we do. They do have dominance hierarchies, but everyone is getting some food. ~~Mary

  9. when people migrate in waves it's called a "diaspora"... just sayin'...


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