Monday, July 06, 2009

I snuck out of the city this weekend to enjoy the great outdoors. Our Summer Season is uber-short in this neck of the woods so you need to make the most of it.

The mosquitos and horseflys were wicked so I had to wear an Australian anti-bug hat.

Oscar Wilde was right, "Nature is so uncomfortable. Grass is hard and lumpy and damp, and full of dreadful black insects."

Took an ole fishin' boat out for a spin on Lake Whateverpeg which is the 11th largest freshwater Lake in the WORLD!

I like to jump off the boat and splash around. You don't need to worry about anything nibbling y'er bum out here!

There was a Fox menacing one of the resident Deer. I will not tolerate such behavior so we hid in the bush and waited to "teach him a lesson". The Fox outfoxed us and took off.

Every day I would sit on the beach and thank Mother Nature for creating Summer.

It almost makes up for 6 months of Winter..



  1. Is that a shark's fin what I see right behind you on pic nº 3?

    ((Btw, lovely anti-bug hat, LOL))

    Yes, summer is sooo good!
    Glad to read you're enjoying!

  2. reysputin10:42 a.m.

    what are you doing with your hands on that boat??

  3. Thank you for that. It is almost like being there.
    So I probably won't read any more.

  4. hihihi!always make me laugh!Enjoy your summer Donn!:)

  5. Are you and that deer related? You look oddly alike. Just wondering.

  6. But. Summer is a relative up that way. I went camping at Bruce Peninsula National Park, ON in July once. That lake water is still damn cold!

  7. Oh hell, it's been Summer here for....what....several years now? Every once in awhile we spray plastic snow on our lawns and call it December, but you'd never notice otherwise.

  8. It looks like you had a blast!

  9. where's the other half of that boat?

  10. The closest thing to that shark bit was just this weekend when a yellow rubber duck with a dick kept stalking me in the bath

  11. Yikes , I think Miss MJ is sneaking up behind you while your having a dip , prolly taking underwater shots for her private collection

  12. Donn, I won't pretend to know where the film Fago was filmed, but I picture your weather to be very similar. Do you have the tennis racket shoes?

  13. phwoar!
    you've been working out, haven't you?!

  14. Perhaps if that deer was wearing camouflage, the fox wouldn't have spotted you.

    Great pics! I luv the lake and boat pics! That's a mighty tasty lookin' drink you got there.

    Enjoy your summer. Perhaps if Canadians polluted more often and burned fossil fuels continuously, global warming would make Canadian summers last longer.

  15. LENI
    It is a shark fin that I created from the dark streak in the water...
    cool eh?

    For the record some sharks do inhabit Fresh Water. Bull Sharks (Lake Nicaraugua, Zambezi River) inhabit and swim into fresh water Lakes and Rivers all around the world but fortunately NOT in Lake Whateverpeg. Bull Sharks are heavy bodied brutes with a nasty reputation of chewin' on humans.

    As you can see, "all hands are on deck"..that's deck with an E :)

    For whatever reason, Internet Exploder 8 has decided that your avatar poses a serious threat to my system and has shut you down.

    Have you been playing with emoticons again?

    Seriously, our Summers are so short that you need to go crazy and do as much as possible as soon as possible. Every Winter feels longer and longer now.

    I once thought that I would learn to tolerate Winter as I "matured" HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Aren't you a Dear for saying that. It's the big expressive Brown eyes innit? Plus I have the same expression on my face when I am staring at oncoming traffic..
    there's something magical about headlights :)

    HAI XL
    Yes Canadian water is notoriously cold and shrinkage can be a real problem if forget to pack a wooly touque for the little fella.

  16. lol love the shark pic. one of these days i am going to have to learn PS.

  17. you look really good, donn.
    almost distracting.

  18. you wanna chat huh? huh huh? because it's below freezing point and you think of me now only. huh! i know how much i mean to you now. hmf.

    i love you, donn.
    pre menopausal. not pms. mood swings. yeeehaaaa.

  19. yeah right - well I was in Canada for TWO WEEKS and it was CLOUDY EVERY DAY FOR THE DURATION, AND RAINED. EVEN ON CANADA DAY.... this was made even more galling because the Newfies themselves were not letting go of their weather system, which meant the circling cloud of rain was just twirling over and over Nova Scotia and Cape Breton.

    Even LABRADOR was getting 30 degrees heat...

  20. THE Michael
    I'm glad that you are enjoying your perpetual Summer. I like having 4 distinct seasons but our Winter is too f*cking long.

    Eternal Summer would be awesome..but wouldn't it be sort of like being stuck in the missionary're happy to be there and won't complain but it would be nice to change it up a bit every now and then :)

    It's always good to get out of the city and always GREAT to get out on the Lake! It's such a feeling of freedom. People in boats wave to each other. Have you ever heard of Lake Rage? No..exactly.

    That is a "workin'" boat and the rest of it is wide open to haul in nets. I should have made something up..Somali Pirates stole the other half the night before!

    YIKES! It sounds as if you just "squeaked" out of that one!

    I'm not sure if I should joke about MJ goin' down on me to take photos of my dangly bits...she knows where I live in the rw :)

    Believe it or not but I live farther North...Fargo is a few hours South of here. In Winter those Tennis Racquet shoes are only worn by mad trappers out in the bush..and suburban Boy Scouts trying to earn badges on the weekend.

    The work to fun ratio on those nasty snowshoes is impossible to estimate? Almost as bad as cross-country skiing!

    I am deliberately"projecting" a macho Papa Hemingwayesque image to deter spammers and encourage lurkers to abandon anononimity in order to make fun of me..I mean really..pfft..c'mon!

    Mr. SWINGS
    Make no mistake if there were as many Canucks as there are Yanks our pristine forests would be as ravaged as America's. We just think that we're "above" living the American Dream but we are just as wreckless with our ecology.

    PFing is fun and I barely know what the hell I am doing but that shark fin just sort of worked out :)

    Wow you've really run the gamut of emotions..awesome! I am humbled by your kind words and sentiments and will never-ever-EVER do anything to provoke you because pre menopausal mood swings were invented to put men ON pause so that we don't say or do anything stupid..HAHAHAHA!

    That is tragic! If you want Sunshine you must come to the Centre of Canada where I live in Whateverpeg.

    That being said the Newfies are easily the friendliest Canadians thanks to a magical elixer known as Screech..did you try some?

  22. Thanks for this reminder of the dangers of the Canadian wilds. When I was a kid we visited a friend of my dad's in "Forestville" and I never inhaled so many mosquitos in my life.

  23. What are yer hands on while steering the boat?
    We get foxes here that worry the cattle, they do cattle calls like "yer bum is fat"

  24. Totally jealous of the bug hat. And I'm not a jealous person.

  25. Wow, great! It's almost like Whateverpeggians get summer or something! Slightly South we are getting beautiful sun interspersed with weeks of rain and humidity. Awesome I tells ya! Awesome!

  26. aww won't be long and winter will be back...........

  27. Donn I freaking love your blog!!!
    It's my favourite distraction from my job other than your son :)


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