Saturday, March 14, 2009


No malo para un zurdo?
Not too shabby for a 'lefty' eh?

OK many of you are lefties, artistic & leftist?

How many of you feel compelled to dive into a shame spiral after thinking that I was just posting some gratuitous porno del arte?


  1. I've seen this one - that guy is funny.

    My younger son is a lefty but it's my right-handed son who is the artist.

  2. hahahah. i love it.
    and nope, i wasn't thinking you're posting porn art. is that what you said? lol.

  3. I like the way it makes your brain shift from side to side. I'm cross-eyed now.

  4. Piggy sent that one to me.

    I come here everyday hoping for gratuitous porno del arte.

  5. I'm ambidextrous and artistic.... does that count?

  6. Does an ability to fart the alphabet count as artistic?

  7. lol... guy seems to see phalics everywhere!!

    Cool though. My brother is a lefty, and I am a righty. out of us, I am the artistic one.

  8. No lefty here. But now I'm having weird Superbad flashbacks...

  9. I hate you. This should be on MY blog. Talk about 'lateral thinking skills'. :)

  10. my husband is very artistic and is right-handed but he's taught himself over the years to also write and draw with his left hand.

  11. Haha very good :)

  12. I feel like a Georgia O'Keefe art critic...I see vajayjays and john thomases!

  13. All three of the former, no on the latter.

    I can also write backwards. I'm still not sure what that means about me.

  14. First time I've seen this - I've lived a sheltered life. Very clever.

  15. you are right on brother!

    well, regarding the thought provoking pic on my blog-you may not be so right on with the color coordinating of your socks so um, no comment there.

    it is actually not a photo but a painting and it popped up when i was searching The Gooogle for Rumi poetry....

    i do agree with you on all accounts. i wrote that post for a certain person to read, and so, um long story but....he laughed. the pic is disturbing but all in the name of religion eh?!?!??

    speaking of, that would be opening pandoras box to bring up the amount of blood shed in the name of God, and ALL religions are equally guilty. yes, even the holy christians. my apologies if i offend. long live christianity, and islam etc. good old religion and its social benefits, it would appear we will never truly be free of the need to be "told" what to do, if we were, well who would make our decisions for us? and would your socks match?

    and yes, it is very disturbing that the violence continues among certain religious groups but, in time they too will come around.

    once again my apologies, i liked your provoking of thoughts comment and so provoked i was.


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