Tuesday, March 17, 2009


There seems to still be some confusion about the difference between Panis and Penis.

When most men brag about 'avin' a hewj panis they aren't lying.

This is a panis...

and this my friends is a "killer" penis.

I hope this helps.


  1. i got the first comment on a penis post, wheee!

  2. um...for some of us...there is NO confusion whatsoever.

    (did you know the word "Dork" is a whales penis?"

  3. so is that thing up there really a penis? cause if it is i am afraid, very afraid right now.

    somebody hold me

  4. Nice visual pun in the second pix, Donn!

  5. Panis?

    I've been calling it a Muffin Top.

    Oh Hai XL!

  6. A bit of a mouthful...

  7. Why is that bloke giving a whale a hand-job?

  8. Panis? No, that Trailer Park Boy has a beer gut, plain and simple. Too many brews and burgers.

    I think my horse's weenie is about half the size of Killer's... and the horse is a heck of a lot smaller than that whale! When they say 'hung like a horse', they ain't kiddin'!

  9. No, somehow that didn't help me at all.

  10. Woah...I mean..woah...

    (not sure which pic that applies to more)

  11. MISTI
    The early bird gets the GIANT worm!

    Well then this would be a DORKA!
    Even though the Orca is of course not a true whale it is in fact the largest Dolphin.

    I hear ya! Be thankful that I didn't post a Blue Whale's unit!
    Find a happy place.

    Did you notice that poor man is holding a large ziplock bag? Eeeeww! I sure hope that he doesn't have to do that every week.

    HAI MJ
    Oh, do you know the muffin top man,
    The muffin top man, the muffin top man,
    Oh, do you know the muffin top man,
    Who lives in Drury Lane?

    I don't think that Orcas have much time for foreplay. The act of frightfullness is more like refueling a jet in flight..that's why the females have those big white markings underneath to help the males 'ballpark' the point of entry.

    He is Freeing Willy.

    I can only assume that it is work related and not some fetish that he has acquired. Right about now that young man is wondering why he didn't go into Entymology.

    I didn't want to show a real panis also known as a flabbalanche because it is too gross.
    Nobody needs to see a huge Gunt hangin' over the naughty bits..terrible sight for a sober person.

    Sorry. You should look at this posting as a scientificky type thingamabob and maybe someday it will come in handy when you are on a Game Show.

    No kidding eh? It could have been worse..that poor man holding the baggy really has his hands full and he is only moments away from shouting Thar He Blows!

  12. CAZZIE
    HELLO! How did you think they got "Willy" to do all of those re-takes?
    "They call him Fluffer, Fluffer,
    King of the Sea."

  13. Hmmm... I don't reckon you want to be in a submarine when there's a short sighted Killer Whale about then.

  14. Even though the Orca is of course not a true whale it is in fact the largest Dolphin.

    All this talk about fish, ach I don't know. So what is the penal system?

  15. Fish Wanking? Sounds like the title of an 1969 art film ...

    Because you mentioned Alvin T. some time before, you may be interested in F.J. Radermacher's and Beyers' book "Welt mit Zukunft", there must be an English edition, comes from the Club of Rome "area".

  16. is that the best you could come up with?

  17. SCARLS
    OR a bobbing about in a little dinghy with a white & black bottom.

    In Canada we don't not believe in the Penal System per se. We have a catch & release program for criminals that is supposed to be more sportsmanlike...but not for Police snipers..who I would use to cull the herd but that's just me.

    Don't look at me I didn't vote to waste $60K/per inmate/year molly0coddling sociopaths?

    World With A Future eh? I could just ask Ahnuld becuase he kums frum da fewchaw!

    OUCH! Well you weren't here for my essays on Coherentism, Topfree Rights, Africa, the dismantling of Canada, the decline of Newspapers, or the Seasonal analogy of my Life.

    Maybe you'll luck out next time?
    After this there will be a seriouser post and then dumberer one, then a seriouser etc...

  18. Now that's hands on training!

  19. it was sposed to be a pun :-S


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