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Having been elected to Congress in '46 then the White House in '60, which American President, while sitting beside his French speaking Wife in public on a Friday, was shot in the head, by an assassin with three names that contain 15 letters, and was succeeded by Vice President Johnson?

If you answered John F. Kennedy OR Abraham Lincoln, you were right.

The Lincoln/Kennedy coinky-dink is one of my favorite urban legend conspiracy theories. You can check it out HERE.

The latest add-on is the one month earlier Lincoln was in Monroe Maryland and Kennedy was in Marilyn Monroe!

I just finished viewing The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln on PBS .

What an amazing story...and now another Congessman from Illinois is the President. Apparently the new President is a HUGE fan and swore his oath upon the same Bible that Mr. Lincoln used at the Ceremony and even ordered the same post-inaugural lunch!
I am absolutely certain that other links are inevitable.

Why do we Homo Escapeons love coinky-dinks?
I believe that we are always looking for patterns so that we can construct a mental template that might help make some sense out of the apparent randomness of life...

cue Twilight Zone theme;

doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo

I need to know if you have recently heard of any new coinky-dink urban legendy thingamabobs or tell me about the jaw-dropping bombshell that you are currently developing on your own!


  1. I'll tell you a good coincidence - I was just lying in bed thinking about coincidences which fascinate me.
    I get up and come over here and you are writing about coincidences.

  2. The last 36 prime ministers of great britain have all been completed tossers. Coincidence or conspiracy?

  3. we love coincidences because human beings are truly simple people, sugar (even outside of the south!). we're all just searching for connections in this random world.

    now whatcha sellin and fer how much, darlin? ;) xoxoxo

  4. I learned from Old Knudsen, The World's Greatest Blogger, that “There are no coincidences.”

    I believe him for he is wise and is “the man that others call when the situation is such that civilised people flap like headless chickens and pee doon their legs.”

  5. She is right however have you noticed that homo escapeons is the name of yer blog, I have committed homocide and escaped prison with a peon. Also yer name is Donn with is the name of Brando in the Goodfather and is the same person to knock me out of the way at a buffet in 1984 which is a book by George Orwell who also did Animal farm to which I have wanked to the porn version of which starred Jack Copoff which is none other than yer porn name.

  6. I don't get why people like Lincoln or Kennedy. Is it because they were shot and turned into noble versions of themselves?

    Mention the real reason the slaves were freed or the suspension of Habius corpus or the secret missile base in Turkey , the bay of pigs and adultery and people glaze over.

    I admire Winston Churchill and am aware of his faults and mistakes which to me make him more of a person to admire.

  7. KAZ
    COINKY-DINK!? I think not. It just so happens that I was astral travelling last night and planted the idea in your head.

    If you've been around to monitor 36 Prime Ministers then you are much older than you have led me to look great.

    Would the 36th be Robert Peel 1834?

    I like the way you think. I'm not sellin' anythin' Darlin', just nosey is all.

    You're smart to hitch y'er wagon to Old Knudey's horse 'cause he knows where it's at,,,
    and it certainly saves a lot of time not havin' to waste time ponderin'.

    Wow! You touch me like you know me! I thought that my nom de porn was Dibz Beaumont?

    You're right. Lincoln would have settled for less regarding the rights of slaves and Kennedy made Clinton look like St Augustine...
    Jack would have never made it in this day and age.

    They just both happened have their demise turned into a National watershed moment..a crucible for the Nation. Lincoln's death became the avenue for the US to mourn the half million lives lost during the Civil War and Kennedy was the great whatif...although if most Americans had known what he was really doing it wouldn't have been the same.

    Old Winny was recalled after been summarily sacked and somehow rose above the fray and instilled steel resolve in the backbones of a tiny beleaugered island nation. His remarkable leadership was prolly the greatest comeback story of modern times.

  8. The Robot Overlords won't let me tell what I know.

  9. No new coinky dinks, but during one of my trips to Dallas a group of us bailed early on one day to tour the book depository "museum" and tramp around the grassy knoll.

    There were people in the area passing out pamphlets and if you were dumb enough to make eye contact they would start filling you in on their theories. I just wanted to ask "Don't you people have jobs?"

  10. During my last visit to the other side, Mr Lincoln assured me he was going to KEEP coming back until he gets it right, once and for all, WITHOUT getting wasted in the process.

    It might help if we could all just shut up and cover this man's back, ya know?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. There really isn't a financial crisis. Kelloggs came up with the term credit crunch because they thought it would make a good name for their new cereal.

  13. LOL you're crazy(in the nice term)!
    I'm talking about your profile pictures and names...

  14. There is a pattern here in goes... a long period of DROUGHT with a searing hot Summer and very strong northerly winds, RECESSION, worst ever firestorms. This has happened three times...and this time the firestorms have been calculated at five hundred times that of the Hiroshima bomb.
    "Black Friday" 13th January 1939.71 fatalaties.
    "Ash Wednesday" 16th feb 1983. 47 fatalaties.
    "Black Saturday" 7th Feb 2009.. over 181 people and still counting.

    After all of this, the EMPLOYMENT rates will rise here..why? Because thousands of houses have burned down, or rather, exploded, and now people will need new homes built.
    Sad it takes a disaster to create employment. Such is life.

  15. I hardly think that word verifications for blogs can be "random." They say much about the blogger's personality if one knows the blogger's gastrological sign, drinks herbal tea to flush out harmful toxins and knows all the lyrics to Age of Aquarius.

  16. Ever notice how Mr Morningwood, Bass Ackwerds and Donn Coppens are all Canadian and have the same dead eyes?

  17. Deja Vu. Way freakier then a coinky-dink, dont ya think.

  18. We liked coinky-dinks because it's a fun word to say... sheesh!

  19. I have always been interested in"the tale of Jack the Ripper.

    I figure when the time comes for us ta find out, all those sleuths out there are gonna ask him ta step forward and give his name......
    Then we can all say in a loud voice "WHO?

  20. There are six letters in the word "cheese". I get up at six every week day. Ants have six legs and eat cheese. My alarm clock bugs me. Coinky-dink? I think not!

    We collect things or group them because identification of patterns is an important survival trait. The brain "sparks" to the similar. Then someone comes along and pushes it as a cosmic conspiracy. A healthy dose of cynicism and a good sense of humor are also survival traits.

    Wait, I actually get up at 5:55. Forget I said anything.

  21. Does this qualify?

    Random Acts of Senseless Violence
    Jack Womack

  22. < i >my words here< / i >
    *the < i > are < b >bold< / b >

  23. I can never remember conspiracy theories once I have been told about them , I always get them all muddled up . However , I do want some wooden dentures , as they sound a right laugh

  24. I saw the virgin mary in my oatmeal this morning.
    Does that count?

  25. Hey - thanks for the commenting tricks. I've been wondering how to do that bullsh!t !!

  26. LOL!Who are all these people who have invaded your place?
    Oh but Donn is back!

  27. I have a preference for Mr.Morninghood though,but he really needs to take it easy!


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