Friday, February 06, 2009


We live in a world of Lies...meh, you call that news?

That's not news to any of you because we are all well aware that evolutionary forces make us accomplices. We collude with liars because our brains are programmed to lie to ourselves and others by the age of 4.

I had the pleasure of watching The Truth About was fascinating..and I'm not lying..check it out

"The Truth About Liars concludes with one essential choice we all face -

do we want to live a trusting life and risk being misled,

or be suspicious and risk disbelieving those who are telling the truth?"

Rated on integrity, commitment to promises and reliability, here is the list that the Producers presented regarding Occupational Trustworthiness:

Firefighters 93%
Nurses 87%
Doctors 80%
Police 69%
Teachers 69%
Armed Forces 65%
Judges 52%
Financial Advisors 47%
Plumbers 39%
Real Estate Agents 28%
Journalists 26%
Lawyers 25%
CEOs 21%
National Politicans & Car Salespeople 7%

I would add Bloggers at 100%!

If you have ever used Photoshop or a similar program you know that you can create very convincing images, my dragonhorse thingamabob or the wood-choppens deception in my previous post are poor examples but there are other more technically proficient manipulators out there who can fool your peepers.

Which is why I don't believe anything that I see.

If you've been to a Movie Theatre in the last 20 years you are well aware that you can't believe your eyes anymore..seeing is NOT believing. Special effects wizards can perform virtual miracles. I keep this in mind whenever I watch the News on TV.

So we cannot trust our eyes OR our ears.

I have no idea of knowing how many modern recording artists make use of AUTO-TUNE which is sneaky software that provides pitch correction, timing, vibrato depth, and timbral variation, and allows ANY singer to sound perfect in the studio and during "LIVE" performances.

Personally I would not feel cheated at a concert if they were auto-tuning because if I paid $200 I expect the artist to sound amazing even if they've been on tour for the last three decades.

Believe it or not, some "singers" no longer attempt to disguise this practice.

So, if we cannot rely on our eyes and ears, we had better make damn sure that our nose still knows when we smell a rat or utter bullsh*t!

Homo Escapeons desperately need to fine-tune their Extrasensory Perception (ESP). "The ability to acquire information by
paranormal means independent of any known physical senses or deduction from previous experience" needs to become standard operating equipment for modern 21st Century Earthlings.

Just exactly how awesome is your BS detector? How about your other forms of ESP? Can you still smell a rat? Are you a sucker or a deceiver? How much of your Blogospherian persona is LYING?

Don't Lie!


  1. I am not good at detecting lies, unless they are bad ones. Or unless they naturally fall into categories within my Circle of Cynicism. I am quite gullible when the people I know tell me things because I generally think 'well, what was the point in lying about that?'. I'm also probably far too willing to accept fantasies because I secretly wish the world was full of interesting and improbable things...

    As for your second question, I am probably more of a faker in my real life persona than online. What's the point in lying to people on a blog created specifically for the purpose of broadcasting the things I really think but cannot say?

  2. I thought the point of a blog was to let rip with any number of alter egos, I'm really a granny in Arkensaw with 500 children but I also manage a sex blog where I recount the adventures involved in running a brothel it's called Me 'N' The Grrrls - come on down

  3. You mean that WASN'T you in the Wood Choppin' Coppens photo?!

    I feel cheated.

  4. I don't use my nose, but my gut. And my gut doesn't believe 99.99% of the bs I read or hear at any given time.

    Unless I read it on Homoescapeons... he never, ever lies. Even when he does.

    As for my part of the bloggiverse, I don't bother lying. I'm boring and pedantic on and off-line.

  5. LOL MJ
    and lol Cher too!

    I don't lie.I've done so many mistakes and b*shits,everyone knows that I'm crazy but I don't care.I don't need to lie.What for?The truth will come out sooner or later.I'm antural,I say or I would say,describe what I feel in the moment,but I change constantly my mind ect..(I know I'm a pain in the ..)but still,I never lie!

    p.s:yes my name is really Candie..

  6. The word was "natural" oops.

    Oh but I forgot to mention that not only I don't lie but also I don't lie for others.But I'm myself surrounded by people who lie..but now,just like you have mentionned on your post,I'm going to trust my instinct,my intuition 100% from now on,I have doubted it because I was listening and reading lies,you're bloody right on that one.My intuition never failed me in fact.

    Thanks for reminding me of this.


  7. I thought the best part of Obama's inauguration ceremony was the Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman performance. Turns out that was fake as well.

  8. I don't lie well (seriously - I lose sleep) but people can lie to me and I've not a clue most of the time... which is why I select a small group of very trustworthy friends to surround myself with... but they could be lying too. I need to drink now.

  9. tough choice isn't it....

    do we want to live a trusting life and risk being misled...or be suspicious and risk disbelieving those who are telling the truth?

    my daughter and I (and probably my father) have an innate ability to read the "undercurrents" kinda a blessing...most often a burden.

    I am suspect of what I read and what I hear far too frequently.

    my blogospherian persona is pretty much spot on...which is why only two people in my real life (one my daughter) are aware of my little weblog.

  10. I am always myself. Which self that is at any given time, well...

  11. I suck at lying.

    As far as trusting others...well...I don't put much expectation on others any more (not in a cynical way). That way I'm not disappointed and their behavior can't affect me.

    I am amazed at how often I do detect bullshitters. And then there are times I'm amazed at the human capacity for deceit. I can't help but wonder why?

  12. It's these buggers who don't use their real names that I don't trust.

  13. I am trusting and also trustworthy, being second from the top of your little list there.

    I am too trusting at times, especially in personal relationships. I guess I just want to believe that people are good.... until they prove me wrong.

    But as far as news and what I see, read and hear, no, I don't believe it all. Having played with computers for a number of years, I am aware of the manipulation that can be done. So, if I am really interested, I do lots of research to come to my own conclusions,

    Nope, can't lie... cuz I would not remember in the long run what I said in the lie and it would come back to bite for sure. Not going there... too much work.

  14. If someone wants to lie about something, that's their prerogative; let them live with the consequences!

  15. So far, my posts have been all me. I'm an excellent liar though I suppose I will pass it off as story telling. I'm soooo disappointed that those pics weren't you. Really, ditch the shirt and chop some wood dammit!

  16. I have some information for you at my place... and an award... I am not fibbing...

  17. I am both a sucker and a deceiver. However, I have not written any untruths on my blogs. They'd be much more interesting if I did. Hmmm.

  18. I grew up in a world of dark secrets and continual lies. I refuse to perpetuate that chain. Refusing to lie is my way of rebelling against the injustices of my childhood, and breaking the cycle once and for all.

    If I am about to share something of a fictional nature I'm most likely to preface it by letting everyone know it is fictional! Unless of course it's so painfully obvious it needs no explanation.

    Think I've taken this rebellion of mine just a bit too far? Hmmmm ... could be. But it does suit me. I sleep quite soundly!

  19. What about Restaurateurs??
    I do bullshit, but I don't lie.
    The only reason is my life motto.
    What goes around comes around.

  20. i am not gullible at all and i can usually smell bs a mile away!
    and i can honestly say that my blog persona is all me and all real.

  21. Be really good if we could prove ya theory, get our pics on Nat geo!

  22. i can smell hidden agendas a mile away. that said, my blog is not totally me at times, and that is because i am semi anonymous and i do paid postings. otherwise, you would find wrist slitting pics half the time. and hyena happy moments the next. gosh i'm in trouble come to think of it.

  23. I am a deceiving sucker! I put a lot of truth and who I am in my blog but no my national insurance number, like duh!

    I do read people, ESP you can say. Sometimes they are easy and sometimes so hard they are blank I can be like a dog and dislike someone straight away and be proven right later on.

    I'd like to believe people but know they lie, I still don't give up on them, I do limit the trust though.

    You get scorned for telling the truth as many don't want to hear it or are no ready to hear it. Its all a game of lying and omitting. Seeing is believing to a point but yer gut has the final say.
    I do believe in love megatron as Cher would sing and I believe you to be a witty uber intelligent nice guy.

    though you are probably really a sociopath.

  24. holy tapdancing elvis!
    i didn't read a word of this post
    (something about Cher taking horse riding lessons and a visit by your goodself to an art gallery. i think)

    i've been away.
    and what do i get when i come back?
    The Donn Eyecandy.
    you've been working out, haven't you?
    thankyou Jeebus.

  25. I pretty much assume almost everybody is lying at least a little bit most of the time. That way, I'm never surprised or disappointed. As for me, I try to be quite honest in what I write on my blog - but lets face it, there are things I don't say. Is an omission a lie?

  26. xoxoxo

    does it matter here in cyberville, sugar? ;)

  27. As my friend Paul used to say: "Trust nobody; expect the worst... and you'll be half-way there."

  28. I lie and am easily deceived. My blog, on the other hand, is entirely true.

    I'd also like to think that when Q takes over my blog and says "My beloved, whom I love dearly" - he's not lying either.

  29. Firefighters are bloody marvellous, and I have to say that and want to say that because it is so true... and then of course us nurses, we come in second....I'd rate pharmacists as third on that list there... trusted professions..yeah!

  30. I'm great telling white lies. I've had to tell a few ones and I don't regret it.

    And about truth in the blogsphere... I don't lie. I just have a very interesting double life. :)

    And last, but not least. Your list is right: doctors are bloody marvelous too. Not exactly like lawyers, lol.

  31. I am absolutely no good at detecting BS. I am entirely too trusting and apparently quite naive. I have been fooled numerous times and have often wished that it wasn't my nature to be so trusting, but alas, it is the way I am.

    As to your question "How much of your Bogospherian persona is LYING?" I would have to say 0%. I yam what i yam.

  32. I told a friend that I was working on losing weight and that I had made a spreadsheet to keep track of it. I am most proud of the graph.

    She then asked if I write down what I eat in the spreadsheet. Good heavens no! I said, I could never be that honest with myself. If I ate that chocolate bar I would never write it on the list, so what is the point in making the list.

  33. I did my master's thesis research in the area of deception and I'm here to tell you that confidence in one's ability to detct lying does not correlate with teh actual ability.

    As for my own blog I never lie on it. However, I frequently withhold the truth. And I'm upfront about that - I even recently said, "I say only and exactly whatI want to say."

  34. I admit I'm rather trusting, and could prbably be a sucker for a good fraud...I tend to trust people until they give me reason not to. I try and be honest in my is my one outlet for things. I might take down posts after a fact, if I find them to be too much information, but I don't censor myself. I have trouble dealing with things at times - I don't need to make believe. It's better to jsut face up to the bullshit and get on with it.
    I find most people who are deceptive end up lying to themselves as well...and then can't keep track of what is actually true.
    I could rant on for days about the whole auto tune's like saying "you don't need to practice or sing well we'll fix it for you. Just shake your ass around...noone will notice". Bah!

  35. I trust no one- I rarely lie-and you are a photoshop god!

  36. WHAT? (splutter) you mean that isn't a real dragon horse???

    HE - you should be ashamed of yourself, leading we poor innocent earthlings up the path like that. We just don't know what to believe any more and we come to your blog for TRUTH dammit!

  37. Does any of this matter?

  38. Kind of depends on who the BSer is.
    Some, I can peg. Others not so much.

    I'll admit... I'm pretty much a BSer myself. Believe that?

  39. hahaha, your avatar now is mr morningwood!!

  40. Anonymous11:23 a.m.

    May I have permission to post this great picture on my FB page. I would of course give you credit. I have some friends who would love it--as I do. Thanks. Sarah

  41. SARAH
    Knock y'erself out!


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