Wednesday, February 04, 2009


In lieu of boring the crap out of you with what I've learned about Blogging after publishing fünfhundert posts, and letting 500 unpublished drafts simmer, to mark this momentous occasion I shall break with tradition and attempt to adhere to the golden guidelines;

Be brief

Be bright

Be gone!

Therefore, in accordance with the lurid wishes of the insatiable voyeurs MJ & FIRST NATIONS, I am publishing their highly anticipated beefcake photo of moi hachage en bas d'un arbre énorme!

Even though the following unretouched shameless exhibition of self aggrandizement may tarnish my image and impugn my carefully calculated cerebral cyber-brand pffft I have endeavoured to ease my conscience by captioning a timeless proverbial truism.

My dying wish is that my legacy might be encapsulated with these words of wisdom. If you remember one thing about my 500 egregious oversimplifications about Life, let it be this...

Hopefully I will make the next fünfhundert more fün to read!

Thanks for keepin' it real.


  1. I thought I might as well stalk you!

    I am so brave so as to read your posts.

    BTW, are you gonna die any time soon?
    Hope you tell me before you do the big act.

  2. Wow! That's exactly what I look like with my shirt off too! When I'm a famous film star, you can be my body double.

    Congrats on reaching 500!

  3. Monica Bellucci can have you!

    This is what I get for demanding photos of naked arborists!

  4. Wearing your ginormous red bow tie would have added a festive touch.

  5. Let's see below the beltline then, eh?

    C'mon big boy.

  6. what a thoughtful legacy....I wonder how many vasectomies they schedule first thing in the morning?

    well done on the first 500....looking forward to the next.

  7. I suppose I should wish you a happy 500th.


  8. Another 500? Give me strength.


  10. THAT is one hot man.

  11. uh, ok, i came over to see...wait, i dropped by to say..wait, wait...nice picture, sugar. xoxo

  12. YEEEEEHAW!!!!!wohnW! thanhnlks ro the pdlncure! i nehiher trhought yohdd havvee the nrv top;u t putsomeheoing liek that her! i misjudhheid you!

    *drinks several straight shots*

  13. FN: pdlncure? Say what?

    Donn gave you a pedicure?

    I want one too!

  14. The bigger picker upper huh?
    Congrats on the 500 :) Morning wood be damned...

  15. Can we have a pic of the morning wood please?

  16. Or evening wood!

  17. LOL @gautami

    congratulations big brotah! heres for 500 more...cheers!

    ur wisdom resonates the universe :)

  18. Well I say
    What a big Chopper
    Happy 500th :-)

  19. HAPPY 500TH POST! Watch out for that morning wood...

  20. I am really loving the hot Brawny pic.

  21. In that second pix, are you loosing your grip on your tool?

    PS: Congrats on the 500.

  22. Congrats on the 500!

    Ya know, it's pretty hard to bore bloggers by blogging about Blogger- but it doesn't stop me from trying.

  23. 500 woohoo Donno well done!

    LOL @all ur pics! TOO FUNNY!


  24. YAY and congrats. But you still have to catch up with me at 647 and counting. 'Course I don't put anyhwere near the effort into mine that you do (and it shows) but I can generally say that it's more VISUALLY APPEALING. Oh never mind. You've got me beat there, too.

  25. Wow 500 posts have you only started blogging or something? and what is moi hachage en bas d'un arbre énorme? is it cheese or something cos I hates the cheese.

  26. sex on legs

    actually the next 500 could go by much faster if you just stuck to posting pictures . . .

  27. LOL

    Long life to your blog!!!

    Nice picture,;) ...but don't go and catch a cold!

  28. Five hundred posts felled!
    Lumber on, Jack!

  29. Well, I celebrated my 500th post recently to general indifference :( I suppose people have got fed up with me, so kudos to you for keeping your readers entertained and still commenting after all this time.

    Happy blogday, you old Iron John you.

  30. Brawny towels, are they meant for transgendered souls?

    The morning wood huh - is that cos morning glory gets in the way of the chopper. The backing track for this would be Monty Pythoon singing " I am a lumberjack and I'm OK............."

  31. What a festive idea to chop down another Xmas tree to make the most of an extended winter!

    Congratulations on the 500!

  32. I can't see the wood for the trees.

    Happy 500th. I'm rattling through the 600s but I just post any old crap.

  33. T'is a pleasure. Thanks for writing!

  34. thanks darling, that was short and sweet but didn't leave a bitter aftertaste in my mouth!

  35. Thanks for sharing with us Donnnnnn... or is it Donn now... Moar plz... kthnxbye :)

  36. People in Whateverpeg look like that?! I'll have to pay more attention next time my plane has a depressing stopover there. And you need to start making this blogging endeavor profitable somehow. I feel guilty being so entertained for free.

  37. Happy 500th! Keep 'em coming!

  38. five hundred! Wow! You are a keen blogger indeed. But then again, you're snowed in for 6 months of the year, so I guess there's not much else to do, until the electricity runs out... and the wolves come... maybe the Russians too...

  39. Congratulations! You know, I didn't really notice 500, but I'm keeping an eye out for 1000. (300 to go!)

  40. Vous etez comme le Daniel Boone qui oublie, que ve dire... le... manteau?

    Ou le Jacque Cousteau sans la mer??

    Paul Martin
    Prime Minister, Retired

  41. i couldn't concentrate after all the wood talk.

  42. Naturalist, not naturist!

    That's a nice axe though...

  43. more fun to read?
    MORE fun?!!?!
    holy crap dude... you have me reaching for my inhaler to relieve a giggle-induced asthma attack on a regular basis!

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