Saturday, February 28, 2009

I finally watched Rock N Rolla.
Loved it...
cool visuals, great music, awesome dialogue, and of course a great ensemble cast playin' witty-but-gritty, f*ckin' gangsters, all intersecting in a convoluted plot.

I am also a big fan of Guy Ritchie's way over the top
one of Brad's best characters..
"da yew like Degs?"

Say what you will about getting $60M from Madonna, but he makes great GUY movies.

Any dissenters?
Royt, oy'll dew yew fa tha mate!


  1. Okay... I have never seen any of those movies so can't make any comment... :-D

  2. Some of his movies are fun--others, not so...He should fork over the 60 million for that Swept Away movie he made with Madonna!

  3. Are you really asking me, an Ingmar Bergman fanatic who wears his art on his sleeve?

    Nah, mate. Never clapped me eyes on one.

  4. Snatch? Loved it!

  5. Don't like them.
    Don't like Guy Ritchie.
    Have no opinion about Madonna.
    That Ralph Richardson was very good in Lock, Stock though.

  6. snatch was fuckin perfect loved it lock stock and two smoking barrels took me a minute to get into, but then i was in it! ;) xoxo

  7. Like Savannah said,you need few minutes to get into but yeah,I've seen Snatch and lock stock..and I like them.Concerning the 60M,hum...well I'm a huge fan of Madonna and I think she worked very hard for that money and it's not like he needs it no?It's a bit much though.Well I don't know,who knows the truth behing all those stories.The medias are making a huge fuss about so many things just to sell and I think it's a matter between them two at the end.But yeah,he's doing cool movies,that was the subject hey?

    HA! First? There is no race to enter here..only MJ has a comment stampede..HA!

    What do you mean you've never seen a Guy Ritchie movie? I can't believe that...with Winters like ours you should watch 50 a year minimum.

    Don't tell me you actually watched swept awee? The original is one the worst movies in history..I actually tore my clothes and poured ashes over my head when it finally ended.

    Madonna prolly bugged him and withheld sexual favours until he agreed to make it for her. I will never EVER see it because the original made me puke. Call him. Maybe he will offer a refund?

    Well la-di-da.
    Shadowy, 7-minute staionary shots of Liv Ullman reciting an angst-ridden monologue about existentialism is not my cup of Tea so I guess it's a draw.

    Anyway you're talking about FILM and I'm discussing Movies.

    Snatch is awesome..but I am a sucker for these BRIT/HIPSTER flicks. Brad Pitt was devastatingly funny in of his best quirky other fave is his loony-wingnut in 12 Monkeys

    Get out of my chair!

    Why don't you like them?
    Too violent, coarse and fantastical?

    What I especially love about his flicks is the wordplay...and the underlying reassurance that everyman-idiots, despite making terrible choices in Life, somehow make it. Life is grey and all of his characters are some shade of grey.

    Oh and the EVIL-boo-hiss monstrous Kingpin always gets his just reward. Cathartic.

    Ooh then you will love RnR! It's got Geread Butler, Mark Strong, Tom on the link..what a cast!
    and Oye those accents and slang!
    Super fun screwed up plot and quirky characters.

    There is so much detail in all of his supporting characters..not like the throwaway walk-ons in most movies.

  9. Let's snuggle and watch Beaches together.

  10. The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!

    Oh Hai MJ!

  11. Donn, I am lucky if I watch 5 movies a year.... never mind 50!

    Oh Hai XL and MJ!

  12. lol... i would have to agree, i liked snatch and lock stock. I will have to "rent" rock n rolla... maybe it will erase swept away from memory... gah!

  13. Savannah was in Lock Stock?!? What part did you play, Sugar?

    Snatch was good, Rock'n'rolla wasn't. Revolver was better than Swept Away though.

    'Ave it, yew shlag!'

  14. You like Snatch. You'd love Minder. Classic late seventies, early eighties British caper TV series. I swear by it.

  15. I have not the smallest idea what you are talking about. Liv Ullmann was an excellent artist, hm tja ...

  16. Reduced to reviewing the mighty have fallen.........

  17. OH.MY.GAWD!!! i knew i liked you for a reason (besides the obvious red tie thing...) but i digress...12 MONKEYS!!!! yes, fantastic movie! we use that line all the time about anything and everything.... i'll look for rock n rolla.

    ister-sugarpie...i was the hip america chick in scene 22, 4th frame...bit part, but fun! ;)

  18. I'd marry madonna if I could get 60 million.

  19. i fargin LOVE "snatch" and "lock-stock"!!! so you reckon "rock 'n rolla" is along the same lines?

  20. oh boy! excellent guy movies, i actually have and have never wacthed! waiting for the moments... :D

  21. Ya know, I think I'm going ot be passing on all three of these!

  22. I loved Snatch and Lock Stock...haven't had a chance to see this one yet. Thanks for the reminder. looks like good hibernation fodder....

  23. I've only seen Lock Stock etc. which I really liked.

    I don't have any opinions about Guy, Mad or any of them though ... I don't think they're real people

  24. Hey Donno came here to say Goodbye. I wont be blogging anymore..yes its true! :) I just wanna say its been a real cool spin. TY for everything and Im so v glad that I met someone like u here..ur special...very special! Keep spinning mate! ;-)

    HUGZ I'll miss ya!


  25. Oh, you changed sides ...

  26. Bring back Dirty Harry!

  27. likes Brad, huh?? f*&%ing PONCE. lock, stock is better of two. snatch is merely a puny coattail passenger. but, both put mainstream prods to shame.

  28. MJ
    Oh Joy Oh Rapture!
    Can I can I can I can I???


    You need to watch more movies!

    Oooch you watched Swept Away. I am so sorry for your loss...the loss of the 2 hours of your Life that you will never ever get back.

    Yes Savannah was in L,S&TSBs..HAHA guud won! You watched Swept Away too..
    what is wrong with you people?

    Hey socc..I mean Football guy! I will look up Minder. I love capers..
    NO, not the kind that you eat.

    Now, now. I never insinuated that Liv was a colourless, odourless actress. Far from it. That she managed to solicit interest from the viewer during a 15 minute static shot of the parlor is remarkable. Fine actress.

    It's the depress..I mean Recession. You gotta do whatever it takes to put bums in the comment section and pay the bills.

    You'll notice that nobody wants to talk about our frenemies in Pakistan so why beat a dead horse.

    You were in 12 Monkeys!? I am officially going to start stalking you...hip america chick in scene 22, 4th it!

    Now I absolutely need to see if any of my scenes made it off the editor's floor in that Ann Margaret thingamabob.

    HA! Even I would marry Madonna for $60M?
    I see that Madge is dragging around a handsome 22yr-old Brazilian model to match her 22 yr-old Brazilian wax.

    Gerard Butler..300..HELLO!
    You'll love it, very funny, great dialogue and totally screwed up characters.

    Time to watch some Manly-Men Movies! You will actually feel the testosterone multiplying in y'er Netherlands.

    In a few short years your boys will be howling at these can watch it then.

    That's OK. You don't need to watch these if I don't have to watch Must Love Dogs.

    It's melting today so you had better hurry up! It must be nice out next door too EH?

    Now you're supposed to say Nice Out?
    Leave It Out.

    You may be on to something. Maybe all of these celebs are played by Actors? If you liked Lock then you'll love Snatch and Rock...
    ooh I loved saying that.

    I'll save my mushy goodbye for your c-section.

    Huh? No I didn't. Maybe you're seeing things. Here sit down and have a glass of water.

    I was so hoping for Inspector Calahan to show up during Gran Turino..dammit anyway...still a very good movie...but could have been a GREAT movie if Harry lived next door.
    Just sayin'.

  29. ? But yer pictures are now on the left side of the screen, they always have been on the right side. Which side you are on?

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