Friday, February 27, 2009


The leaders of the Western World are finally eyeballing Pakistan as groundzero on the war on Terror and Islamofacist Terrabs.

The worst kept secret in the universe is that al-Quaida and the Taliban rule the wild-iswamic-western provinces of Pakistan. From this safe haven they sneak into Arfghanistan to fight people from the 21st Century.

A recent truce between the Terrabs in the Swat valley of Talibanistan and the Government of Pakistan has made it official..
so now it is time to nuke them back into the Stone Age..

which really isn't that much different than the Ironfisted 7th Century Rule of their version of Shariac Law that they currently impose on the terrified civilian 'prisoners' inhabiting the region.

Unfortunately according to a recent survey in the above captioned article;
"67% of the civilian 'prisoners' support "honour killings", 50% believe Islamic law brought peace to the region, and only 3.6% consider the Taliban to be terrorists"

Nevertheless, everyday people living in the 21st Century from all around the Western world are finally starting to ask our leaders the tough questions..
like why the hell are we fighting these asshats in the wrong f*cking countries?

Well, fear not my friends because the End Is Near!

My trusted sources at the Pentagon are aware that timing is everything in Life and this recession plaguing the modern world has given these bastards a false sense of security. Our enemies and frenemies both think that the West is goin' down!?

What the Terrabs fail to recognise, mainly because they don't have any real f*cking schools, is that nothing would stimulate the sagging economic landscape of the West like a brand new war!

The West is already blowing up the Talibums and al-Quaidiacs with small remote controlled drone spybots. Within a few months, finally, the West may actually be putting boots on the ground in Pak-it-in-a-stan.

If it's a war those neolithic dumbasses want, then gawdammit we'll give 'em one. The ludicrous ongoing, politically-correctified, PR-nightmare of treating Fake-istan with kid gloves is done...aiding and abetting the enemy can no longer be ignored..and I'm a-betting that a can of whoopass is about to be opened.

Don't you think that it's about bloody time to send the S.W.A.T. team in to SWAT the Swat... or what?!


  1. Why are there so many "STAN" countries anyway?

    Not to mention Canuckistan.

  2. Donn, who really gives a damn about India, the country which is worst affected by it all?

    With this post of yours you touched a sore spot.

  3. Why oh why can we not just live in peace and friendship? yes kill all the terrorists and their supporters and lets live in peace.

    Oh while we're at it execute all prison inmates way too many bad apples draining our resources. That Rodney King fella, a bloody riot over him and it turned out he was a criminal crackhead.

    Also kill those who reject free education.

    Lemurs don't leave them out.

    More killing is not the answer, but its a good start.

  4. "...finally eyeballing Pakistan..."

    About time, too. Gee, even I figured that out and I'm just a flaky ariste in Canada.

  5. I dont know what to say so I will just say Hi!

  6. I hope we still make bombs and bullets in the US, so some of the unemployed will be able to find jobs when we open that can of whup ass.

  7. Why bother? Just assure India we have no problem with them furthering their national interests, like NOT HAVING FUCKING TERRORISTS SHOOTING UP THEIR CITIES EVERY FOUR YEARS straight from Pakistan........

    I bet India has more nukes than Pakistan......

  8. i just fed your fish.
    don't complain now.

  9. I'm considering buying stocks on the prediction that war will turn the economy on the upswing!

    The troops withdrawing from Iraq are being deployed to the Terriabistans!

    Drop bacon from the skies and fill the wells with Dutch powdered alcohol! That's a shock and awe campaign that'll cause panic and starvation!

  10. Well, if my experience this weekend at Lackland is any indication of the military having their shit together, we're all in trouble. Jeebus...

  11. hey, you got some loose nukes to spare friginistan?

    lets jst hope they blow themselves up rather than blow the rest of the world.

    wonder in what language the instructions for the nukes are!

  12. i find it hard to understand WHY they're still at it...

  13. My brain hurts!

    Wel it had better come out then...

    Honestly. I wish they would just give up and go home. Hopefully Obama will make it stop. They should maybe tend to their own country that is falling apart and stop screwing up other people's lives...


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