Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pursuant to a request by EROSWINGS, a lovely man of formidable intellect and unquestionable character, who recently issued a meme-o requesting a collection of Ten Things ThaT sTarT wiTh The leTTer T...

Although they look like GIANT Rhinoceros these Oligocene Era monstrosities were more closely related to the horse.

What really got me hooked on Titanotheres was TUNDRO on the cartoon The_Herculoids.

Tundro was a ten-legged Titanothereamabob who could shoot exploding rocks from his cannon-horn, extend his legs like stilts, and he could also spin his head to drill through solid rock.

The most famous Dinosaur of all time. Tyrannosaurs roamed the earth near the end of the Dinosaur's reign in the Cretaceous Period...not Jurassic. Scientists have an ongoing dispute over whether it was a Predator or Scavenger and now they are hypothesizing that feathers adorned their young.


I am a Jeepster what can I say. I still like to Bang a Gong.
T Rex still sounds as good as it did back in the 70s.

Where would we be without it?
"Trust is a very sacred thing and is hard to regain trust once lost."

Edgar Rice Burrough's famous Ape-Man fascinated me and jump-started my fascination with our Ape cousins. When I was a lad my Tarzan wasn't Johnny Weismuller, he was a 6'4" Texan named Ron_Ely who starred in the 60s TV version. I could never understand why his Chimp sidekick was named Cheetah?

Turok was even cooler than Tarzan because he battled Dinosaurs in the Lost Valley! His exploits in Gold Key Comics was one of my favorite escape mechanisms. Uber Cool!

The Bottlenose Dolphin. Back in the 60s and 70s Dolphins and Whales were treated as almost supernatural entities and symbols of Peace, Love, and Unicorns. They were like Intraterrestrial equals who chose to live in trippy 3 dimensional watery world of mental telepathy. Sometimes they rescued Humans from Sharks and disasters at we also know that that they kill little defenseless porpoises and gang rape females from other pods.

Speaking of Sharks the second most famous species is the garbage can of the Sea the Tiger. Infamous for being only second to the Great White in attacks on humans it is found everywhere that people like to swim.
Here is a summary of SHARK ATTACKS on one of my favorite sites.


The Norse God for whom THURSDAY is named, really came to life for me under the skillful hand of one of my favorite artists of all time John_Buscema.
Ya gotta love those crazy ass polka dots on his shirt?
and of course number
What red blooded Canadian boy doesn't love Tits?
They can be Great , Penduline , even Elegant...doesn't matter.

We love just looking at them, even from a distance,
but we all still spend our entire lives dreaming and scheming of ways to get our hands on them!

And there you have it.


  1. Wonderful way to do the T meme.

    Timely, I would say.

    Tongue-ful too...

    Now I go and play the Tambourine, tilting it towards you...

  2. I love that trust pic. :)

  3. Totally awesome list!

    Those tits look amazing! I just want to pet them and play with them all day and hear them make pleasurable sounds.

    I luv the Herculoids! And what's up with everyone trying to take over the planet or exact some revenge? You have to admire Zandor; the man defeats his enemies with great skill and smarts while wearing a tiara! They had the best cartoon series on tv!

    I was surprised when I found out why Orcas, the large dolphins, are called Killer whales--they kill whales and dolphins and sharks and anything else!

    I think it's funny that the chicken is the descendant of the mighty and terrifying T Rex!

  4. Isnt it a bit cold to have your Tits out ???

  5. I'd totally forgotten about Turok until now...

  6. Definitely a Blue Tit start to the New Year.

  7. I regret to inform you that I used up all my "T" quips over at Beast's place.

    There is only so much of me to go around, you know.

  8. You forgot Timbuktu, the Titanic, Tiny Tim, Tina Turner, and the Terrible Twos............

    not to mention THE Michael.........grin........

  9. In that painting of the guy who went overbard? Have you noticed the shark has external ears? A guard at the East WIng gallery of the SMithsonian told me that the srtist had never actually seen a shark and didn't knwo what kind of ears they had.

  10. Totally terrific T meme.

  11. Trust the Beast to mention Tits... yep, English readers of your blog love tits too.

    how about T for Thanks for stopping by on my blog, and for leaving your Thoughts.


  12. You used some big names there, did you know that Dolphins are as smart as humans who are as smart as pigs with the IQ's of a dog? makes you think about gang rape.

    We all have to keep trying to trust no matter how many times we get let doon.
    I like tits, Great tits!

    Thor is good as a superhero but a crap deity, if it wasn't for his mate Loki it would all be so dull. Thor turned on Loki and Loki says,"Ok I shagged yer wife but you aren't smart enough to find out so where has the trust gone?"

  13. Saturday is Loki's day though its not named after him.

  14. I don't mind tits but I prefer red breasts...

  15. "Trust is a very sacred thing and is hard to regain trust once lost."

    How'd you sneak something serious in there? Sure is true.

  16. LOL, when I got to number 3, I thought "aw man, tits isn't going to be on this list, is it?". But you proved me wrong.


  17., you have to mention Dr Who's The Tardis right??

  18. God... Donn... I love your tits... may I touch them or will they become frightened?

  19. LOL about the tits. You had me thinking till the end. Damn, I feel so filthy now.

  20. dude- i was scrolling and was just about to get all excited about tits... and then you let me down!

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