Monday, January 12, 2009


What better way to start off the week than to traipse into a landmine laced discussion concerning the perpetuity of War in our World.

It seems the when we are oppressed by the knowledge of our worthlessness we do not see ourselves as lower than some and higher than others, but as lower than the lowest of mankind. We hate then the whole world and we would pour our wrath upon the whole of Creation.

The Americans are poor haters in International affairs because of their innate feeling of superiority over all foreigners. An American's hatred for a fellow American is far more virulent than any antipathy he can work up against foreigners.

A sublime religion inevitably generates a strong feeling of guilt. There is an unavoidable contrast between loftiness of profession and imperfection of practice. And, as one would expect, the feeling of guilt promotes hatred and brazeness. Thus it seems the the more sublime the faith the more virulent the hatred it breeds.

We do not usually look for allies when we love. indeed, we often look on those with us as rivals and trespassers. But we always look for allies when we hate.


Modern warfare is as much of a Public Relations battle as it is about actual combat.

The ongoing they said/we said campaign being waged in Gaza is a perfect example...both sides immediately launched a media blitz to justify their actions and secure allies. 

The usual litany of atrocities and grievances are being waged electronically in the hope of gaining the moral high ground..which is appaling and ludicrous when you consider that civilians, especially children, (collateral damage) are paying with their lives.

Unfortunately modern warfare is the direct result of technological developments far outpacing the glorious tradition of hurling thousands of expendable menions as canon fodder.

Once upon a time a King simply forced the great unwashed (those in possesion of a penis) to drop their plows, say goodbye to their families, and run headlong into an avalanche of oncoming arrows..
otherwise he himself would have them executed...
and you're right, that method still works like a charm.

In order to stiffen the resolve of their lemmings, psychological techniques were developed that would invoke the ubiquitous GOD is on OUR side message and therefore there is no way that WE can lose.

Good News for Modern Man!

Throughout History technology began to improve our ability to kill THEM from greater distances. WE no doubt started out throwing rocks and pointy sticks at each other out on the African Savannah.

Once WE ran out of sticks and rocks it was down to biting and blows...and it stayed this way throughout most of our brief tenure.

Wars all started out over territorial disputes associated with big egos trying to gain access to fresh water, food, and mates. Our closest living relatives, the Chimpanzees, have been killing each other like this for millions of years.

Eventually our bigger brains afforded us the creation of inventions that made killing others easier..Go US!

The deadly power of the Longbow enabled a shivering, starving, serf dressed in rags, the opportunity to take out a technologically advanced, armour plated, well-fed and trained Knight perched atop his charging steed, from a safe distance.

Of course there has always been an endless parade of murderous machinery; trebuchet, flame throwers, guns that can shoot around corners.

Many of the newest inventions, like biological nerve agents, seem too terrifying to even contemplate.

Let us not forget the psychological implications of dressing up soldiers in costumes to transform individuals into an army. Not so long ago the tall foreheads in the Departments of War made it easy for their enemies to pick off soldiers by dressing them up in brightly coloured tunics adorned with shiny objects and glistening braids that made perfect targets for enemy combatants.

Which explains why these uniforms are now only used for parades and ceremonies.

Today modern technology enables combatants to lob outrageously powerful satellite guided missiles to within ten feet of a globally postioned target, from thousands of miles away...this makes it easier to acknowledge collateral damage as just an image on a playing a video game.

Removing expensively equipped, maintained, and trained soldiers out of the equation would seem to be the logical endgame but boots on the ground are still at the core of War.

In order to outmanoeuvre the technological advantages, modern opponents with limited resources have fiendishly chosen to hide amongst the collateral damage. Why stand out in the open in fancy outfits and get vaporised? The real horror is that they use their own women and children as hostages. The cowardly ends, however clever, does not justify the means.

Like many North Americans who grew up during the Cold War, WE were told that assured mutual destruction of the Superpowers would end the days of tactical warfare and that THEM, the rest of the world, would need to suck it up and quit fighting.

In light of the circumstances it is bewildering to US that THEY refuse to comply and simply abandon Millenia of tradition and end their petty squabbling, fall in line, and just shut the f*ck up.

Turns out that THEY didn't get that memo. Honestly!

You cannot possibly imagine how terribly disappointed WE are in THEM.


  1. Donn, I belong to the REST of the world. And so do you, for me. What does it tell you, brother?

    BTW, I have been reading a lot of thrillers. And terrorism tops the topic. War has come right to our doorstep. After that Mumbai attack, it sure feels that way.

    If you don't hear from me for long, you can presume me dead, another victim of terrorism/terror attacks. I am not being morbid, just practical.

    Somehow reading your intellectual blog gives fodder for my already fertile mind.

  2. I'd say we ALL need to suck it up and quit fighting.

  3. Crikey, who am I...?

  4. If looks could kill.

  5. It was the Indians then French, Russians, Germans, Klingons but now we are so enlightened its just Insurgents of colour.

    It has moved on from marching in lines towards the enemy and now some twat with a playstation kills 20 people in another country while he has his breakfast.

    Its true you can't replace troops and kids do get killed but when Hamas hides among families after launching a rocket what are you going to do wag yer finger at them?

    WWII a nuke could be launched as no one else had them now everyone will launch if one does. We need bigger and more deadly bombs as that obviously works..... not!

    It pains me to see Hollywood have an ex IRA terrorist as the hero of a film. The media lies and that is that.
    War is a dirty job but........

    Hitler thought god was on his side, God is a cunt.

  6. Trebuchets, huh? Smart ass.

  7. out in eastern oregon you can drive through miles and miles of regularly spaced bunkers that dot the landscape for as far as you can see, like an mc escher drawing come to life. these mounds contain the leftover gas weapons from WW1 and 2. just the gas weapons. not the rifles, or tanks, or grenades, or mines, or any other type of weaponry.I've been through the military cemetary overlooking the Willamette. the similarities are heart stopping...all that death laid out in an orderly and regular pattern all the way out to a vanishing point in every direction. Riverview is solemn. eastern washington is where the real ghosts are.

  8. To avoid major depression and focus on the unserious here...

    I've always figured that America gained its independence because of those bright red uniforms the British wore. Didn't they even have a big white X across the chest?


  9. I personally am a total mut.
    Sure I was born here in the US, but I'm such a mixed back of ethnics, it ain't even funny.

    This is why Diva wears her hater blockers at all times... unless she is driving, then no hold barred. I think everybody on the road is a total asshat.

  10. The sad thing is, put a Palestinian by an Israeli, and I can't tell the difference. It's strange what lengths people will go to exterminate differing views, rather than accept that there are different views!

    I really do think that sometimes, if the most powerful nations in the world put aside their petty rivalries and work together, then maybe the smaller countries can follow such an example.

    Failing that, an alien invasion or extinction level event can put a definite stop to wars between people.

    On a tangent, I saw a propaganda nuclear bomb survival film from the 50s! Apparently, an untidy, poorly maintained home is more like to be destroyed in a nuclear blast than a clean, well maintained home! No wonder housewives were always cleaning in the 50s! They were doing it to survive a nuclear blast!

    Bonus: There's a youtube short version of the film.


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