Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I find it perplexing that here in the 21st Century we are still arguing bout the implications of a tiny Human Being. A storm of controversy persists over the very meaning of our existance.

How could one little person create such a big fuss?

Who this child sized person was, may hold the key to the eternal question..
how did we get here?

At the centre of it all is Homo_floresiensis , a three foot tall premodern Hominid equipped with a minisucle 400cc Brain that may have outlasted the Neaderthals.

Carbon dating places this being as having lived alongside of us as recently as 12,000 years ago..our nearest relatives, the Neanderthals disappeared around 24,000 years ago.

Paleontologists argue whether this so-called Hobbit was a microcephalic modern human or a fire using-tool making prototype that somehow outlasted their best before date.

The paltry brain power of this individual is equal to that of the infamous Lucy who nervously scampered around the African portion of Savannistan some 3 Million years ago. 400 cc Hominids did not make tools?
Personally I am siding with the Scientists who are convinced that she was not microcephalic and that evidence in the shape of the carpals suggests that she had possessed excellent finger-thumb manipulation capabilities..

the carpals of apes are far superior for transferring weight, throwing poo, and hanging, but limits their finesse.

Since the bone structure resembles that of an early hominin or chimpanzee,
"this adds support to the idea of the Hobbit being a separate species of early human rather than a modern human with a physical disorder."
There were other creatures on these Islands that shrunk to accomodate their environment, including Elephants, so why not Humans?

Everything shrunk on these islands except for the KOMODO DRAGONS ?

A few thousand years ago you could have found a true Flinstonian scenario of Dinosaur-like creatures co-existing alongside tiny humans...
and no doubt eating them.

Creation Scientists, who are advocates of the young Earth theory, should take solace that this is as close as they are going to get to having a Jurassic Park type setting where these two species, separated by millions of years, were sharing the same environment.

So this year my Christmas Wish is that we all stop fussing and fighting about this piece unearthed and have Peace On Earth.

Isn't it amazing how one little person,
can have such a HUGE effect on how we see ourselves?


  1. Jebus is just a spiced up birth who happened to have parents with friends all over the world. And you know how friends can be when someone gives birth - they go MAD! So that's what the hysteria is all about. Jebus's mummy and daddy being visited by friends all over the planet - good god, can you imagine how slow the internet must have been that night with all those e-cards being sent? Madness.

    I'm off to listen to Sir Bob and co. I so love that song. Really, I do.

  2. A merry christmas Mr HE!

  3. Hello Stranger out of this world,

    It is so good to see you in your elements. Insanity is your second name and this post proves it so well.

    Peace on THIS earth? Hahahahaha...

    So you want your comments to be spiced up? How about visiting the following links which you kind of missed. Don't you think you should do the chasing instead of forcing this SIMPLY MARVELLOUS Indian female to bang your head in that direction?

    mundane meanderings

    book of myth or reality?

    PS: I got tired of adding more links.

    You can just click on my VERY beautiful name to reach me the usual way, if you understand how to do it, do you?

    And merry christmas to my oldest blog friend! Hugs!

  4. I think she's HOT for you, dude...hehe.

    OK, so along comes a meteor and it took, like, FORFRIGGINEVER for the next "big" thing to come along and it was.....oh geeze.....sigh....us.

    Yea, they ate alot, and roared and probably all had nasty attitudes, what with survival of the fittest in overdrive and all, but at least they didn't pave over the planet (although they DID lay down the hydrocarbon recipe for US to do that) and they didn't produce irritants like Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter.

    So, hey, let's not even wait for the next big rock, let's just fry the whole damn planet, then see how many millions of years it takes for the NEXT big thing to come along.

    I bet it's something designed by Steve Jobs.

    When Wall-E booted up, it sounded suspiciously like OSX..............

    Oh, and merry whatevermas seems palatible to you these days!

  5. Amen, bro. And a Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

  6. Good grief, yes, let's stop all the nonsense, the fussing and the fighting etc. There are far more important things to contemplate, such as what shoes go best with my Christmas party dress...

    Merry Xmas Coppens!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I agree with Scarlet - and we are both little persons with amazingly big brains.
    So have a very good one Donn!
    Go on you've earned it.

  9. Raquel Welch had that effect on me.

  10. peace on earth is my wish, too! happy holidays, my dear. i hope the season is a good one.

  11. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family, Donn.

    I'm in total agreement...

  12. Who flung dung?

  13. yes there are far more important things to worry about - like will there be any turkeys left in the butchers, should I have put the sprouts on to boil yesterday and should I wear the black or the red or indeed nothing?

    Much love to you and yours Donnnnnn

  14. a very merry mid-winter pagan festival season to you donnnnnnnnnnnnnn and yours

    thank you brightening my life in 2008 and bringing smiles to my face

    xxx I,LTV

  15. Peace and good wishes.
    Merry Christmas...from this hobbit to you :)

  16. Take 1 cup peas, canned or frozen. Throw out window. Voila! Peas on Earth! That's as close as we'll get in this lifetime.

    Now go hug your loved ones.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Wednesday.

  17. I don't think HE regrets granting a larger brain. It's the dang opposable thumb thingy HE wishes he could un-create!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, HE!

    Wow ... when I pun, I don't play around, do I? (^_^)

  18. Scientific debate is necessary for the advancement of a field.

    But I echo your wish for peace.

  19. Merry Xmas, Donn and family! Best wishes for a warm, safe, and joyful holiday break!

  20. My poor straining pea brain can't quite get my head round all this HE, perhaps I am the missing link.

    Mind you I don't understand the Genesis thing either but i do quite like Christmas so I mightgive it a try (and it is the human prerogative to cherry-pick the bits of faith/religion which suit them is it not?)

    Merry Michaelmas! Lx

  21. just wanted to stop by and wish you a merry christmas...

  22. Neanderthals didn't go anywhere just go to Glasgow or Belfast to find them.
    They were only so small cos there wasn't good food like Whoppers on those islands.

  23. Appropo and intriguing post. Evolution is THE reason I first popped over here many moons ago, hoping your name on "SH"'s blog, meant an interesting blog. I've never been disappointed! Wonderful ending. Yes, peace on earth. That part I sure do believe in!

    My eyes lit up with smiles at your comments today. Glad you liked that pun...*wink* ...Hope your day is filled by your in-house tasty "dish" (Mrs. HE, please forgive any sexist seeming commentary- written all in fun). Oh, and I tried to involve Mr. "Gem" in Festival but he has different ideas for poles. At least he still lights my fire. *eternal winks*

  24. I hope you had a tonne of poo thrown at you for Christmas! (That is a sign of affection right?)

    Merry Christmas!

  25. Peace on Earth. Amen brother. Hope you had a great Christmas and that 2009 brings you as much joy as you bring your readers... Hugs!

  26. Happy rest of the holidays, HE & readerships!

    And all the best in 2009!

  27. You know what I liked best about this post? Your last sentence. That says it all right there. Amen, Brother Coppens.

    Hope you're having a wonderful merry with your loved ones....

  28. Merry Christmas Donnnnnnnn

    Thanks for making me think

  29. Well, I'm a bit late with the seasonal wishes, but it's your own fault cos you said you were only going to visit, not write, til New Year!
    Now...living,as I presently do, not far from where they found the little Hobbity woman, may I suggest you look up oops! strike that! Google Australopythicene and have a good look at the chap's toes. Then google images of Aussie beach bums and see what their footweat is.
    My conclusion is that the local menfolk are directly descended from that Australopith-y etc, etc

    And I'm posting this on the day after Israel blew the be-jezeezis out of the Palestinians. Peace on earth? Nice idea, but I doubt it. peace in Bloggodonia? Definitely!

    Thanks for mammaries, Donnn-of the-sxcessive ens.

  30. Thank God that's all over then. Happy New Year to you Mr C, and I look forward to trying to decipher more Belgian-Canadian ramblings in 2009!

  31. Damn-Donn--
    How have I missed finding you before. Guess I must have ben behind the door and missed both the bigger brain and the opposable thumb (for more profane clicking on the best websites).

    Really enjoyed this site!

    Here's poo to you-

  32. Come on over, I left a little present for you under the tree. I think you'll have much fun with this....

  33. good lord, i'm a layperson (with rockin' gazongas) and even i can tell theres no pathology going on with that skull. big deal! theres more than one species of homonid! gasp! clutch the pearls! paleontologists are the most backbiting, divisive group of ickity pickity jealous bitches; i swear to god its like grade school all over again with those folks. remember how desperately Leakey refuted the homonid attribution of Lucy? to his fricken' grave. cripessakes.

    i for one welcome our hobbity relatives. more nuts on the family tree.

  34. Ah-Men to that! LOL. Merry Christmas and now, for a safe New Year!

  35. wish you a good year ahead HE!
    no vegemite for you at least. :P

  36. What have you done to your blog? Don't you care what happens to my eyes?

    You truly gone nuts...


  37. Happy New Year Mr Coppens!

  38. grumble11:30 p.m.

    I'm pretty sure that fecal artworks
    will fall out of fashion in 2009-
    have a great New Year, Donn! Only, watch out where those Huskies go.

  39. ZED, Whitesnake, THE Michael, Andrea, Scarlet Blue, Comment Deleted, KAZ, Allan, Illyria, Ponita, MJ, Ziggi, I Like The View, Geosomin, Eternally Curious, Citizen Del Mondo, Eroswings, Poet Laura-Eate, Paisley, Old Knudey, Gel, Vicus, Elizabeth, Kindness, Leni, Rebecca, CyberPete, moreidlethoughts, Daphne, Beth P, FirstNations, Cazzie, Misti, Gautami, Grumbly...

    Sorry I've been such a slacker..I've actually been very busy and after NYE things should settle.

    Just want to let you know how much I appreciate you...if I don't get back here by midnight (and to those of you on the other side of the world).


  40. Happy New Year to you oh most marvellous and great one - xxxxxx

  41. Saw your comment by chance above, only because me ole typing arm got stuck scrolling! There's no way I can make it to every blog. I'll be thinking of you and my new punny, "different poem" that I toned down only a tad... will still be up for company after the new yr. (Don't be fooled by the "harmless title".)

    You're a blogging joy, DC/HE and all your other aka!

    I want to hold your hand


  42. All my very best to you and yours in 2009 Donn!

  43. Happy New Year's to you and yours, too! Cheers for a safe, warm, and great New Year!

  44. a very happy new year* to you and yours, donnnnnnnnnnnnn



    (looking forward to hearing alllllllllllllll about it as it unfolds in 2009)

  45. Happy New Year, DONNNNNNNNNNN!

  46. All the best for the New Year, Donn.

  47. Happy New Year Donno! *HUGZ*

    May only the best things come to ya in 2009! Cos ur the BEST! ;-)


  48. Happy New Year, Donnnn! It's been a blast reading your blog this past year, and I will be sure to keep up on it as 2009 unfolds.

    Wishing you and yours all the best.

    Warm hugs and a big smooch at midnight.... (with apologies to your good ladywife... it's all just in good fun!)

  49. Happy New Year mate, hope the winter can sit around the minus 5's and not the minus 50's...and may you continue to have lots of fun in 2009.


  50. Happy New Year, Donn!
    I hope you had a wonderful Xmas holiday!

  51. Hear, hear, Donn!! Looking forward to another year of your musings and mutterings - never dull all always extraordinary!

    Peace & happiest New Year wishes ... JP/deb


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