Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's easy to feel blah in Winter..
I mean just looking out at my backyard makes me want to migrate.

Asstronomically, winter officially starts in 2008 on December 21st.... the winter solstice thingamabob, but in reality, "Winter" starts November 1st.

Oddly enough the Celts figured this out Centuries ago when two Druid Dudes who had holidays named after them, Sam Hain and Al Hallows, realised that if it is freezing, snowing, and only light out for 7 bloody hours a day, it must be f*cking Winter!

Now it feels like the Earth is further from the Sun in Winter but believe it or not, it's supposedly 3 million miles closer in December.
What screws everything up is that the Earth leans slightly on its axis....
the precise angle of the tilt is 23 degrees and 27 minutes off the perpendicular to the plane of orbit..
whatever the hell that means?

23 degrees off the perpendicular sounds exactly like the angle I like to sit when I watch TV and Blog during the Winter months... coinky dink?
I think not.

Like most people trapped in a Northern Town, I suffer from a sinister, depressing, Oh GAWD take-me-now sense of gloom during our 7 months of Winter.

To ease the discomfort, sometimes I like to sing one of the best pick-me-up songs ever recorded..
check out Jim Carrey's doppleganger Nick Laird-Clowes?!

He said "In winter 1963

It felt like the world would freeze
With John F. Kennedy
And the Beatles."


  1. I know what you mean..... remember my blog posts of a few months back? Serious case of "SAD" there :P

  2. Asstronomically- you know how I love puns-
    Well, it's up to Mrs. HE to keep you warm. Frigid weather like that- ugh!

  3. As much as I hate snow it does brighten up the place when it's dark enough to persuade anyone it's ten pm when really it's only 2.30pm

  4. Yes Pete - snow is the equivalent of painting a north facing room white.
    Gloomy black clouds are the worst for SAD.

  5. Well, that music was depressing for a start. Try to cheer yourself up by listening to, for example, the Cliff Adams Singers, as they Sing Something Simple.

  6. BAH-Humbug!!!! I think I could make peace with snow and temps just above freezing. But I cold never make peace with ice and sub-zero temps! I won't, I tell you!!

    Hey - just noticed you've put instructions for including a link in a comment here, just above. Way Cool! Thank you! I've always wanted to know how to do that! Now I know where to look the next time I want to do such! I already knew how to bold and italicize, but the formula for including a live link always eluded me! Too much formula for my feeble mind to remember!

  7. This is a good song.

    And here I thought people love the snow...what with all those happy songs about walking in a Winter Wonderland, or Let it Snow, or dashing thru the snow on a one horse open sleigh.

    I suppose after a while, you'd want to be a Snowbird,

    Spread your tiny wings and fly away,
    And take the snow back with you where it came from on that day.
    The one I love forever is untrue,
    And if I could you know that I would fly away with you.

  8. i was expecting The Carpenters. I am CRUSHED.

    (love that song!)

  9. Anonymous8:32 a.m.

    Personally I skip the gloom and go into hibernation mode. Especially when I have essays to do - Sleep it off, I say...

    Wow, they don't make hair like that anymore do they?

  10. Donn, how can you get so depressed when it is blindingly brilliant outside here????

    The sun blazes in the heavens when it is this cold in Winterpeg, and I, for one, am never depressed by the lack of light.

    I may be partially frozen, numbingly cold or an icicle, but never SAD. It just pisses me off....

  11. A fine tune, sirrah. But who was the introductress? I don't think I've ever seen a woman look so good in incontinence pants.

  12. Thanks for that blast from the past. I'd totally forgotten about that song! It was definitely a good list here on this SNOWY Vancouver day.

  13. In London we just have more rain than usual and - if you're really lucky - a bit of sleet. But the darkness is gloomy indeed. Thank goodness for the radio and telly programmes about food.

  14. "coinky dink? " - oh, I must use that expression as soon as I can - tomorrow. Will my American colleague understand it?

    I'm going to practise saying it all night - should it be falsetto or said very seriously or - do tell me.

  15. "coinky dink?"

    Another Donnnnnnnnnism.

    Perfect post, although let's admit, it did warm up significantly today.

    Is that a fact that the sun's actually closer but it's because of the planet's frickin' axis that we're freezing our balls off up here?

    Time for another get-together next week to explore this and other ridiculous theories.

  16. all i want for christmas is a hot young long haired boy,, just like that lead singer,, thats blind as a bat and loves me just the way i am.... is that so f*ing much to ask????

  17. Anonymous7:43 p.m.

    Brrr. In my book (or, maybe I should say in my part of the world) winter runs roughly from December 1st to the last day of February.

  18. I can't imagine being any colder than I am right now...


    But that song, my friend, is awesome. I've always digged on it... even the remake is excellent.

    Happy holidays, Donn!

  19. astronomically... we dont get snow here. the closest i get to ice is at the skating rink. tough i dont skate.

    and winnipeg being dead cold, i hope u have enough wood for fire brother.

    hows xmas shaping up?

  20. oh clever use of Time Lapse Photography there, Donn!

    ahhhhhh, isn't it pretty?
    but where's your 'Santa, Stop Here' sign?

  21. Winter isn't nearly as harsh in Montreal as it is in Winnipeg and I'm already ready for it to be over. It seems the older I get, the less winter I can tolerate before complaining.

    Maybe you should travel to some place warm for a short while.

  22. Sorry - not really a comment, but Happy Christmas/Solstice etc (since I don't seem to be keeping up with blogs at present). Hopefully I'll have more time to catch up with everyone in the New Year!

  23. Sam Hain and Al Hallows

    I am sick of lord of the bloody rings.

    I am sick of bloody rings. Time to slaughter the animals and hold up for a few months.

  24. STACE
    The one good thing about living in the 21st Century is that there is a myriad of pseudo-scientificky labels to attach to our emotional state.

    Enduring Winter here in the Polar Regions makes me more than sad..it makes me angry..so it's Seasonal Anger Disorder.

    I concur about Mrs HE and her contractual obligation to keep me warm...I'll make sure that she gets the message.

    Winter might start on December 21st down in North Carolina but it has definitely been here since November 1...anyone who argues that needs their head examined.

    Having darkness fall upon the land at 4:30 in the pm only magnifies our misery. When everyone gets up and goes to work it's dark and by the time they get home it's dark...so we turn into Mole People..once you make it back to your nest you just want to Cocoon.

    You find that song depressing? It's not exactly send in the Clowns? Perhaps a little Acker Bilk is in order? It warms my heart just putting on the ole bowler and vest.

    There is Winter and then there is WINTER!

    One of those movie Winters with people frolicking in the snow in a little sweater and matching scarf would be quaint...but when I get dressed to go out, I look more like an astronaut or deep sea diver!

    Ah Canada's little Snowbird..Anne Murray is a national treasure.

    Actually many seniors (like my dear Mama) become snowbirds and migrate South to the USA in order to escape the worst portion of the Winter. These retirees head for Texas, Arizona, Florida, and California for a couple of months to complain about the heat down there instead of the cold up here.

    On the day that you were born
    the angels got together
    and decided to create a dream come true
    so they sprinkled angel dust upon your head
    and golden showers upon you too
    dee-de-lee dee-de-lee

    that is why...
    OK now I need to get another song stuck in my head..
    bloody Carpenters!

    I find it quite interesting that the first Asians marched across the Alskan Bridge to nowhere in order to escape the Tyranny of the First Red Bolshevik Scourge (25,000 years ago) but couldn't find a safe place to hibernate..because the great Cave Bears had already taken the best caves and hibernated until Spring when they began eating the First Asians.

    If they would have killed all the Bears while they were hibernating..D'OH!..they wouldn't have had to move down to the great plains and south america?

    I'm sure that it is Sunny on PLUTO too but that still doesn't make it any better when it's -500K at high noon!

    I admitted that I am far more BITTER and ANGRY than sad...seriously considering emigrating to the Playboy Mansion.

    That was the talented and funny Teri Garr who was in tons of Movies in the 70/80s..Young Frankenstein, Close Encounters, Tootsie, Mr Mom..she is a Peach and one can only hope that incontinence pants are makin a big comeback!

  26. just think if it was warmer you could have mud instead.


    I have Mud Fever

    it's worse than snow and sticks to more things

    Merry Christmas :)

  27. ANDREA
    Nobody forced to endure our Polar Conditions could EVER forget that song.

    Speaking of oldies I'm listening to Young & Restless by Prism and One Gun by 54-40!

    Hi there how are you enjoying the implosion of the global financial market?

    I loathe extended gloomy grey rain soaked days as much as I detest our mind numbing Polar deepfreeze!
    I need to live in dee tropics Mon.

    What a wonderful surprise to welcome you to my Bah Hum-Blog.
    Yes coinky dink must be delivered in an ear piercing crystal shattering shriek!

    Since the recent evisceration of my man-ovaries I can do little else but speak in a falsetto.
    I sound like Mickey Mouse now.

    Yes apparently that is true although it offers SFA in the way of consolation to those of us trapped in our regularly programmed Ice Age.

    Global Warming..bring it on!

    No that isn't too much to ask and furthermore it should be mandatory and paid for by the government.
    Good luck with that you deserve it.

    Sounds like you live in a Capraesque Pleasantville? I suppose you see George Bailey, that compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman, running about yelling Merry Christmas to everyone.

    Wanna trade?

    To be quite honest I don't know how we survive? At any rate NASA could grab anyone off the street here in Whateverpeg and shoot them off to either a gawdforsaken frozen planet or a smouldering molten orb deep in outer space.

    It's ridiculous.
    btw: Which remake are you referring too?

    Funny you should ask..I'm actually quite concerned about getting enough wood these days.

    It seems that I may have had one too many of my wires snipped.
    TMI eh?

    HA! Santa isn't daft enough to live this far North..all of those images of his workshop are filmed in the soundstage in Houston where they simulated Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon.

    As luck would have it I am off to Mayheeko in a few months. I will bewilder the hotel staff with my Spanglish and inhale Coronas by the bucket.

    My Corona!

    How very thoughtful of you. I realise that you are up to your eyeballs in extra projects and hopefully you will have more time to squander out here next year.

    Merry Chrismakwanzakkuh to you too.

    Damn straight..and thank you for picking up on that.

    I have no idea how the early parsimonious Scottish settlers ever survived living in those sod-huts out in the middle of the bald tundra-prairies with nothing but their drafty kilts and a keen sense of humour to help them make it through 7 months of Winter? Of course they did learn how to bury themselves up to their arse inside giant Beaver.

    Not to mention the threat of being devoured by marauding bloodthirsty Cave Bears, stampeding herds of Wolly Mammoth, and erratic but regular raids by those bloody do-gooder Mounties who smashed their whiskey stills.

  30. Won't a trip to your new IKEA bring cheer?

  31. Honestly, can't figure out why the hell I live in Canada... maple syrup?

  32. Aaargh mate, if it's any consolation summer is being spent in jumpers and gumboots here.

    Not quite bumchilling but wet and cool. The rain is nice though.

    A chilly time for all the world in relativity..?

    I am still laughing over the vegemite escapades.

    It is seriously beautiful food.

    Seriously. :-)

    Did Stace tell you what it is really made from?


  33. At least our investments are safe. Mr MADE-OFF-with-it-all is taking care of that side of things.

  34. 10.2 inches of snow and 12 due again by morn. Talk about trapped in a northern town!

    You may be more north than I, but I feel your pain and here the haunting voice of depression. Now add that to my car being totaled 2 weeks ago and I say we both need a drink.

    Ahh, but then I think of you and a mutual acquaintance and I am thankful to be breathing and smiling. Head on collision, someone was looking after me Homey love, just bumps and bruises. Was it you and our acquaintance?

    Smile love, with a heart like yours I would hate to see it sad.

    Soft love,

  35. Good for you, amigo! Where in Mayheeko? And will it just be you and your good-lady-muher? Or will el nino (sorry, I don't know how to get the tilde on the n) be joining you too?

  36. The Scandis use the long cold winters as an excuse for depressive behaviour and consequent alcoholic indulgence, but I've never met such a relentlessly cheerful lot as the Canadians. So that's that theory shot out the water then.

    Have a great Christmas Donn, I'm sure you can summon up some goodwill on the day!

  37. i love dark skies.
    too much sun from where i come from. sweaty bodies. er..

  38. I actually watched a show and that unusual tilt was caused by a huge impact with an asteriod and they (rocket scientist I guess) theorized that the impact was so huge that the moon was formed from a chunk of the earth.....life would not be able to exist without that tilt.........so the show said. Interesting.....I am in the doldrums my self and it will really get bad after the Holidays

  39. In England winter is like living inside a grey bag. A bit of frost and sunshine is exciting.

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  41. Anonymous6:35 a.m.

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