Saturday, December 13, 2008


Have a lash at my sampling of the yeast-treat from downunda..
I was ready to chunda!

click here for my VEGEMITE TALES


  1. VEGEMITE TALES stands a good chance of being the lead story in Infomaniac's "Blogging Roundup" on Monday.

  2. Before I jaunt on over to Vegemite Tales ... a question: What's up with your fish widget thingy, eh? I fed them. Lots even. And they gobbled up all the food.

    So ......

    How come they ain't bigger, eh? Shouldn't they be huge by now?


  3. I dig your fish widget and I think I'll actually revisit the vegemite post. A true classic.

  4. Please try to behave with more decorum.

  5. Anonymous4:27 p.m.

    Mate, I don't understand how people function without marmite-on-toast to start their day.

    In fact, screw the toast. just give me a spoon.

    Donn, I'm most disappointed in your clear lack of taste :p what's your preferred spread?

  6. someone mentioned spread?

  7. I hope it removed the glare from balls to the face etc, disgusting!


  9. LOL at Vegemite Tales! A friend from the UK once tried to send some Marmite to me 'cuz I wanted to try it. In fact she tried a number of times, at considerable expense to her. Unfortunately, our ridiculous US customs idiots confiscated it - or at least we think that is what happened because, of course, they never did either of us the courtesy of contacting us to let us know where the heck the package was or what had happened to it! I ended up having to find a US store that sold it (now how come a store can sell it, which means they had to import it, but I can not????). Once I got hold of it, I did try it - but unfortunately my reaction was very similar to Donn's! Sorry - just not my cup of tea! But I am glad I tried it!

  10. Can't you buy Vegemite at Safeway? I am sure I have seen it somewhere...

    That's just hilariously funny! I can only imagine the fun you two had doing that post!

    If it tastes like molasses but more pungent, like WW says, I might actually like it.... maybe I will see if I can find some and give it a try. Considering I will eat black strap molasses straight... ;-)

  11. Anonymous4:25 p.m.

    hehehe mole-asses...

  12. Wow, well, I am off to have vegemite on my toast :)

  13. MJ
    Just put WW on because I've been overexposed on your site and fear a backlash is imminent.

    I don't know if they grow if you feed them..I find it rridiculously entertaining..small things amuse small minds comes to mind.

    Thank You for feeding my fishies. As widgets go I find this one to be the most entertaining and therapeutic.
    I'd love to see what you would come up with? You can change the colour of the fish, food, and the should try it?

    HA! I find it most invigorating to muck about with the Commoners. It might do you a world of good to disguise yourself by borrowing a frock from one of the house servants and go mingle amidst the everyday people on your estate.

    My dear friend WW seemed to get a real kick out of seeing a normally reserved, refined and sophisticated, gentleman such as myself, letting my hair down and engaging in the zany, madcap antics of the working class.

    I'm sorry that you had to bear witness to my tomfoolery. Terrible sight for a sober lass.

    I promise to make amends by posting some high-falutin' diatribe on existentialism that nobody will was a lot of fun..unfortunately it was prolly 100% you had to be there type.
    You should have stayed and fed the fish?

    I fear that a spread made out of dead Marmots would taste as equally disturbing as the Vegemtitic concoction made out of petrol and Platypus Cloaca.

    We'd give it a whirl though just to be sure?

    HAHA! Thank You for finallly saying what everyone else was thinking but too afraid to say.
    You complete me.

    HAHAHA! Unlike a good Tennis match there weren't any balls hurtling towards my face throughout the course of the evening.

    It does look pretty ghey but I can assure you that my dear friend and I are raving heterosexuals and besides, he wasn't even my type back in College..where we met...
    when experimenting would have been passed off as a case of high spirits and drunken curiousity.

    Hey You! Wow, had I known that a little vegemite would draw you out we could have done this ages ago!
    How are you?

    It's YEAST! as in yeast likely to taste good! Seriously I suppose if you were brought up on it you would think that it falls into one of the identifiable food groups..or flavours?

    I wonder if it was developed to find the cheapest way possible to feed all the Convicts that were dropped off in the penal Colony?

    I doubt that Mrs Safeway would carry it but it might very well be in the Automotive section at Ukrainian Tire?

    Oddly enough you are right on track with Mole Asses because I suggested Platypus Asses & Petrol!
    Your Marmite sounds uncomfortably similar...I had no idea that Jam and Jelly were exclusively North American?

    HA Sorry it was all his idea and I think that he put something weird in one of my drinks.
    Not buying any of this are you?

  15. so, you live in canada, and you went someplace ELSE in canada, to try australian food. that you squit out of a tube, like preparation H.

    then took pictures of it.

    just making sure I got it.

    *walks away quickly, avoiding sudden moves*


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