Friday, October 31, 2008

Do you still make use of those obscure phrases that your Parents would inadvertently toss your way during moments of utter exasperation?

There were a few lines which made reference to people with whom I was unacquainted?

When confronted with these exclamatory releases I would automatically just stand there looking innocent, perplexed, and yet somehow unconditionally repentant.

like this..

"Oh For Pete's sake!"?

"For The Love Of Mike"?

"Jezuz H. Christ or Murphy"?

Can you recall any of those bizarre eponymosities ?
When you find yourself in a pinch, do you use them?
Be honest!


  1. My mother (may she rest in peace) was the Queen of Clichés and I catch myself thinking them if not actually saying them aloud.

    Just yesterday I said to someone, "A man on horseback would never notice."... meaning that if there's a small stain or rip in your clothing, for example, no one will pay it any mind.

  2. "OH, fer cryin' out loud!"?

  3. Mine was HOLY MARY, MOTHER OF GOD - to which I always followed "and forgive us our sins and lead us to everlasting life. Amen." She'd tell me I'd be going to Hell for not knowing my prayers and mixing them up...

    I'm still here.

  4. My father once told me that the worst day of his life was the day my brother and I were born.

    I will never have children.

  5. H'EM ZJAY
    Did she ever say Lord Love A Duck?

    I tend to use the F# version quite often...
    works for me.

    Did you ever get the full Jesus-Mary & Joseph?

    Guilt..the gift that keeps on giving.

    What a bastard!

    The best revenge would have been to turn into Fred McF*ckingMurray and be the best Dad ever.
    That is harsh.

  6. yep, in two languages no less. My English dad was fond of saying Jesus Christ (a lot!) and my Spanish mother was fond of saying Ay Dios Mio Jesuchristo!

  7. How about "for crying in the sink" and "lord love a duck"? My mother said both of those all the time, along with the Pete's sake thing.

    I do find myself saying them sometimes too and it always makes me think of her and laugh! Especially the duck one.... where the hell did that one come from???

  8. My mum's little oddity was, when I asked her what something was, she'd say "It's a wigwam for a goose's bridle". And if I asked what she was doing, she was "Standing upside down in a telephone booth".

  9. Me and me bro would be fighting and me dad would say, "Don't start" and later on he would come back and say "Keep going"

    Or me mum would shout to the beat of the smacks we received. Each word one slap as she held ya by the arm dangling in mid air

    "Didn't........ with....... the ..... water.... and ....the..... dirt?

  10. How 'bout "Oh fer f*ck's sake." Oops. Wrong post.

  11. Or my fav was me mum's....

    "Da ya think i'm blind? I can see what ya doing! I have eyes in the back of me head!"

    Now there was a scary thought!

    Then there was what every parent use ta say
    "I'll knock you into the middle of next week!"

    standard reply "Please do cos i'm having a rough time this week."

    I could never understand the one where parents would say "I'll beat you to within and inch of ya life"
    Does that mean they would have gone that far then stop?

  12. awww very cute pic of young Donn...

    My mum: "don't start!"

    My dad: "stop it right now!"

    means the same thing yes, lol!


  13. I'd ask my mother where my father was, and she'd say "he's gone to see a man about a dog". . .

    I'd moan "it's not fair" and she'd retort "black man's hair never will be". . .

    I could go on, but I'll spare you and the carbon footprint of this comment string

  14. My parents only ever spoke to us in Italian. I do use some of their stuff, but I am also regularly heard saying "Jesus Murphy". Not sure where I got that - definitely not from my parents.

  15. hmmmm

    "for cryin' out loud in a bucket"

    "what in sam hill??"

    wonder how MY kids would answer this one...

  16. My favorite is my Mom as the Incredible Hulk,"Don't make me angry! You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!"

    She didn't turn green when she was angry, but she kicked our a$$e$ when we got busted!

  17. "Jimminy Christmas!!!"

    It wasn't until I was about 23 and had long since left home that it dawned on me that this was a rather odd thing to say. I've never heard it used outside my family.

  18. "Fiddlesticks","For the love of Pete"...and "Mary and Joseph on a pogo stick" pop out occasionally... Honestly the most frightening thing is how when I am annoyed I make a Marge Simpson like harumph...just like my mom does.
    I'm changing into my mum and there's nothing I can do to stop it...

  19. Hi Donn. I am officially my mother... at the young age of 38, I have become my mother...

    ...and now that I'm all growed up, proud to say it.

  20. Ah, memories! "Do as I say, but not as I do." "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"
    "for crying outloud" (especially b/c we were discouraged from crying.)

  21. heh heh... i remember "OH SHITHOUSE MOUSE!" (that was my dad) and "EVERY TIME A COCONUT!" (that was my mom).

  22. "Jings crivens", "Michty me" and the inevitable "I'm not as green as I'm cabbage-looking, you know". Can you tell which country my parents were from?

    I am seriously considering starting to say "Every time a coconut" though.



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