Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm sick of Politics so I decided to just listen to some music. I was listening to The Outfield and realised that there were only three guys in that band.

So I thought, hey, why not make a list of my favorite Trios and other good things that come in threes and sure enough Wiki has a whole bloody page on Power Trios here and there are thousands of Blog Posts on things that come in threes like;
morning, noon & night, good, bad & ugly, stop, yield & go, father, son & holy ghost, huey, dewey & louie, small, medium & large, water,ice & steam,
Neener, Neener & Nee-NER and blah, blah, blah..

so to hell with that,
here are my favorite Trios in the Rock category,
most which really date me but whatever?

The Outfield, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, The Jam, Crowded House, The Police, Grand Funk Railroad, Genesis, Foo Fighters, and ZZ Top.

I never really got into Nirvana or Rush, but they had unbelievable drummers..let's face it..
NEIL PEART IS God!..and Canadian!

I like Green Day, and Manic Street Preachers...
Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Thin Lizzy each had one big song.

A Trio would be the way to go eh? The BAND would be compact and mobile, and there would always be a tie-breaker, and more Royalty cheques and groupies for all concerned.

But, what a Trio really needs,
is an amazing Drummer

The Drums are the glue Man...can you tell I was a Drummer?

I realised that I was amazed at the phenomenal Drummers that played in some of these groups...yeah yeah some of the Guitarists were decent like whathisface, Clapton and Hendrix , but I'm trying to talk about Drummers OK?

Trio Drummers aren't just shoved off in the back corner behind the Amps or blocked by some strutting Peacock!

If I wrote out my Favorite/Amazing Drummers List, many of these Drummers would have played in Trios:

Mitch Mitchell/Hendrix
Ginger Baker/Cream
Stewart Copeland/Police
Neil Peart/Rush
Dave Grohl/Nirvana

and some of my other faves are

John Bonham/Led Zeppelin
Keith Moon/Who
Taylor Hawkins/Foo Fighters
Larry Mullen/U2
Ainsley Dunbar/Bowie & Zappa
Jerry Marotta/Peter Gabriel

On rare occasions Drummers move up the food chain and end up being the Lead Vocalist like Don Henley and Phil Collins...easy. easy. Did you know that Ringo's son Zak is one of the awesomest drummers du jour and that he plays with Oasis & The Who?

If you haven't heard a drum solo since the 70s here's a treat from a seven year old kid on Johnny Carson..do you think he's a natural?

Crank the volume and hold up your lighter!


  1. holy moley, who's inside that boy?

  2. But you missed out Bananarama . . .

    Drummers? Pale into insignificance when there is a sax player blowing her horn . . .

  3. ooooooooh




  4. Trios...

    POUTINE: The holy trinity of fries, gravy and cheese curds.

    Egad, I'm under Vicus.

  5. Gotta give some props to Robert Wyatt and the Soft Machine...Genesis, IMO, were not-so-great as a trio but they made a lot of money.

  6. Being a drummer meself, I loved this entry. I found myself in substantial agreement. Just one thing. You mention Peter Gabriel but not Manu Katche!?! Wassup wit dat?

  7. The very first time I heard the Foo Fighters I was in awe of their drummer.

    I was reading more in depth about Zak about a month ago. Anyone who gets invited to play with the Who you know has skills.

  8. Here's the current website in progress of Jacob Armen, the kid in the video. Tells what he did and is up to these days.

  9. aw forkitall... i can't see the video anymore
    i did enjoy this post though!

  10. and memories remain...jeng jeng jengggggg! i love this post! :)

  11. The drummer for Green Day is something to watch.....

  12. Flying trip, please leave the film of young drummer there, I will catch it/load later, we have a drummer in the family, he lined his room with egg cartons, the sound was incredible, progressed to electric drums now..

    Agree with all the drummers you have noted, the ones I know anyway, and perhaps would add one:

    Charlie Watts

    Truly made some average Stone's songs into legendery music pieces.

    Charlie is way cool.

    Pam (really Pam) no more tricking you. :)

  13. We must be close to the same age because you are now my official Music Master!!

  14. Dave Grohl in Nirvana was sick.

    Taylor in the Foo is also sick. The drums work in Everlong is one of my favorites.

    Another great Canadian drummer is Sekou Lumumba formerly of Thornley (did their first album) and prior to that, Edwin & the Pressure.

    If you haven't seen the music video for "Come Again" by Thornley, Youtube it, and enjoy the work of Sekou. He's fun to watch.

    I should be studying fro the two midterms I have tomorrow, but instead I'm watching music videos on YouTube. All your fault HE. Damn you!

  15. There's somethin' abt Drummers ;-) I love drummers hehe...

    I know that song by Jamelia yes...why did u ask Donn? Its a nice number ha!


  16. You can't have a rock band without a drummer...otherwise, you're just a string group better suited to classical music or playing dueling banjos in the backwoods.

    Alvin and the Chipmunks were a successful trio; Theodore was the drummer.

    And the Little Drummer Boy just wouldn't be the same if he was the Little Guitar Boy. Would the ox and lamb have kept time to a guitar? Would Mary have nodded to the Little Keyboard Boy? Would the Baby Jesus have have smiled at the Little Saxophone Boy? I doubt it!

    Nothing sounds better than
    Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum

  17. What about Trio with their Da Da Da?

    And Hanson! Those kids rocked, man!


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