Monday, October 20, 2008

refried from 05/06/06


(Apologies to Franklin, Jefferson et al)

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for homo escapeons (modern man) to advance from that subordination in which they have hitherto remained for millenia, and to assume among the people of the earth, the equal and interdependent station to which the laws of nature and of nature's god entitle them, a decent and more realistic respect to the options of mankind, requires that they should modify their self destructive nature and eliminate the causes which impel them to continually completely intercourse their future. DUH!

We must declare the following to be self evident, *that DNA studies have confirmed the opening chapter of our story over and over, that ALL of the variously shaped and shaded PEOPLE of the Earth trace their ancestry to African hunter-gatherers, some 150,000 years ago.

*National Geographic March 2006

If only we could stop pigeon-holing each other and interupt the ongoing carnage for one day....
arrange a global time-out for for all of mankind. If we could dissolve the artificial segregation of humans by nationality, religion, colour, and every other human invention,and present the evidence of our common ancestry. Collect every man, woman, and child, strip them of their regional and religious costumes (uniforms), and simultaneously stand them all before giant TV screens.

As John Lennon's IMAGINE is played in the background, let them gaze at an enormous image of the African Continent.

There, for all to see
, is the inescapably obvious outline of a human skull.

Theists can relish in the moment as it would seem to be the handiwork of a Cosmic Creator, and I'm AGNOSTIC for gawdsake! In any case, who or whatever it is, would be a Force with a wonderful, yet odd sense of humor. Seriously, could this fantastic arrangement of the tectonic puzzle simply be mere coincidence...
have another look?

If we humans are so smart, how can we ignore what appears to be a clue of that magnitude? A hint, a nudge, a wink, a say no-more wink-wink so blatant, that it stares us in the face every single day.
It is right under our nose hiding in plain sight.
A nod so galactic in scale that it is obvious from outer space.

The'piece de resistance' is sometimes overlooked by many.
Go back and look at Africa, notice Madagascar, the island nose that has slid off the face of the map.
That is the inside joke.

Could this be the Cosmic Puzzler's not-so-subtle way of pointing out that mankind is
cutting off his nose to spite his own face.

Would we be the same troublesome species today if we had evolved to our present state while the continents were still jammed together ?

Why are we incapable of attaining a Pax Pangea?
Why can't we overcome our double edged nature to manufacture even a reasonable facsimile of the world peace that we all dream and talk about?

How should we deal with people who impede our progress?


  1. sounds like a bennington ad to me.

  2. sounds like a bennington ad to me.

  3. white devil,
    You're right it does!
    You're right it does!

    The answers to all of the questions are; because some homo escapeons refuse to accept that we're all sons and daughters of Mitochondrial Eve we think that we're somehow unique and for whatever reason believe that we have different baselines to work with.

    From the getgo this automatically segregates us and makes it impossible to compromise our little piece of the turf. If this pie in the sky bullshit was at all worth commenting on it would simply be to establish this point. If I never publish another post I would simply want this basic premise properly debated.

    To my way of thinking this baseline is so obvious that it seems absurd that it is not universally accepted. But that's just me...I could be wrong.

    We will NEVER have world peace I just wish that it was a question worth asking.

  4. When you say we shoud be stripped and stood before tv screens, that figuratively, right? Cuz if not, I need to get in some more gym time before the big show.

  5. pamela,
    You and me both...I'll work out the details later and give you a heads up on that.

  6. what an interesting post...

    **variously shaped and shaded PEOPLE

    like the way u expressed that :):)

    Africa and the skull, lol great work there!

    oh nooooo ur asking us to strip?? no way man :)


  7. keshi,
    Glad you enjoyed it, always appreciate you havin' a lash.
    If you are goin' on a walkabout make sure to drop by, anonymously if you must.
    Take care keshi...

  8. My friend you had better run for cover, because no matter how you tell the truth, to be this raw over and over again is dangerous --- that being said, I am to old and have had too many babies to strip naked, will imagination of what I use to look like help.

    Darn good post --- you sound like my friend Maggie in Georgia. She's the blackest whitest woman I have ever met --- I have got to send her this post.

  9. liquidplastic,
    Oh Oh, maybe I should stick to my paleo-sexpedition posts.

    There is only a handful of people reading my rantings and there are much bigger fish to fry than some guy in Whateverpeg.Besides I'm starting to sound like a broken record..thanks for the warning.

    PS Why is everybody so worried about strippin' down?
    I guess I'll have to take that into consideration when I organise the global time-out event eh?

  10. To paraphrase the grandmotherly
    figure from the movie, "Bulwark":

    "Dayumn! Ah'm goin' home, soon's ah fahnd mah underwear!"

    I'm not so sure about each denying the uniqueness of our rational baselines. Better to acknowledge
    them, then set about determining
    whether that's a universally good
    trait. I think everyone's got a
    few loose wires of their own, but
    many mistake that as beneficial to
    civilization. too much ozone, too
    many sparks, may need fixing up.
    Another fascinating, non-Euclidian
    treatise, hence, a joy to read.

  11. Well, you know me HE ... I am from a place where folks in white sheets don't care for me because of skin color --- on the flip side of that coin, my family we ranged from very dark skin, so dark it looks black, to very pale skin with light gray and blue eyes that are so blue you can see the sea. Some of them fight like cats and dogs, putting each other down for their particular skin color ----but I stand by and observe and write about it, it's so darn funny to me. They can be worst than the KKK, the only difference is they don’t hang each other, at least by the neck. LOL!

    Your Blog is read by more than you think. There is a great lurk mode out here, but I don't think you will be hurt physically. I enjoy your Blog it's very diversified, and the way you share your knowledge is unique and amusing to say the least. You make it fun to learn --- thank you.

  12. grumbelfish,
    Hola grumbly.
    Non Euclidian would suit me as I do not prefer math although some may say that I am a sophist who loves to hear himself debate in public.
    Definitely have the loose wires!

    Holy Mississippi Burning Batman!
    That is a very interesting family portrait, can you say screenplay.
    I have not seen any evidence of lurkers, although hope springs eternal.
    I am afraid that my moderate restraint prohibits me from distributing pure vitriol and therefore my threat level to any bigot or hate group is pretty low, probably blue or green.

  13. //We must declare the following to be self evident, *that DNA studies have confirmed the opening chapter of our story over and over, that ALL of the variously shaped and shaded PEOPLE of the Earth trace their ancestry to African hunter-gatherers, some 150,000 years ago.
    *National Geographic March 2006//

    To hell with the rapist, they dont care shit about us...we are figthers, lets realize the dream! I say we can do it, it takes time, but we can do it,...respect brothers and sisters.

    Love ur posts bro...makes me think!

  14. What do we do with those who impede us? Well, we apply the uniquely human method, of course......KILL THEM ALL!

    Sentience is actually nothing more than an evolutionary malignancy. We spread like cancer cells, are resistant to normal checks and balances, etc, etc. We have more in common with kudzu and fire ants than we do with any other so called "intelligent" life form that may have cropped up elsewhere in the universe.

  15. Wow,, I think I have found my long lost brother,,, Great site and posts!! will be back to read more soon,, I found you from my dear friend Amias, Liquid Plastic ...

  16. To progress to peace, we need to learn what peace is. I dun think majority of the world knows wut peace is..thats the real problem.


  17. World peace is a great idea Donn, but I, like you, fear it is not on the agenda for planet earth. I think maybe the balance of the universe makes it is an impossible dream.
    But I'm going to carry on doing my little bit to help balance things the way I want them to be.

  18. Excellent post, Donnn! I LOVE how you put things into words!

    I give you an A+ - only found one spelling error but I will overlook that in light of the well written subject matter. (Sorry... I come from a very long line of teachers...)

    You and me, we think a like. Just wish everyone else on the planet could see that way too. No matter what colour we are on the outside, no matter what shape we are, we all bleed red blood and all feel the same pain.

    So why do we open the vein and why do we cause the pain? I just don't understand that mentality.....

  19. If this means that Vicus and I are somehow related, I want to stop and get off the planet.

  20. phantom of the opera was an african? that's his mask up there.

  21. In view of your last post, I was going to respond in Chinese. But it sure is hard to find pastable Chinese characters. Not that I need that, given my fluency, but it saves time trying to make the characters with an English keyboard. They're a lot harder than those smiley faces.

    So I have decided to post the following Chinese language commentary in Chinese characters in secret-writing lemon juice. You need to hold this over a toaster to read it, but it's well worth the effort. You'll find that these remarks are incisive and to the point:

    Thank you, Donn. I believe our positions on this are quite similar.

  22. *Ahem* speaking of cosmic jokes, has anyone noticed the "Brain" is a desert? That might tend to explain things!Bwahahahah!

    There will always be people that like the drama of hate and fear, flamers and trolls are examples of people that enjoy the negative side of peoples natures.
    There is fear, and that fear will always be a smoldering coal of violence waiting to flare.

    But, surprisingly people as a whole are less violent in this age than at any other. Interesting huh?
    Here's to hope.

  23. how do we deal with those who impede our progress?

    Recognize bullshit for what it is.
    Refuse to fuel their progress in any way. Refuse to agree, refuse to participate, refuse to listen.
    Thats how.

  24. how do we deal with those who impede our progress?

    Recognize bullshit for what it is.
    Refuse to fuel their progress in any way. Refuse to agree, refuse to participate, refuse to listen.
    Thats how.

  25. Donnnnnn....that comment up there attributed to me? I like it but the only thing is, I didn't write it.

    How can that be? Have I been hacked?


  26. Pamela, yes - you've been hacked.

    Dicky C
    VP and Head of Domestic Surveillance

    You are right. We could ask some Children, they seem to know.

    We got to keep on keepin' on brutha!
    Even if it is a ridiculous notion, I, like you, want to exit knowing that I didn't make it any worse than it already was...
    and maybe even a tad better if that's possible?

    By now I am well into the abyss of my shame spiral from discovering that I had a spelling errroar
    I'm glad that you enjoyed it.
    *stares down at revolver on table beside empty bottle of whiskey

    Truth be told I confuse the two of you sometimes...
    did I just say that out loud?
    Damn this truthiness serum!

    Yes. I hate to break the news to you like this but, yes.

  28. id say we round them up and start a bonfire.

    with explationists like ur good self, we will make sure this world is worth the creation (:P)...evolution.

    and that Africa skull! my first time...thx so much for the news. its amazing.


    I have no doubt that our positions on this are quite similar.

    As for the Toaster/Lemon Juice secret decoder ring thingamabob...
    as I recall, the last time I tried this I wanted some privacy so I did it in the Tub...
    not a good idea.

    Da Haters gets all up in ma face and I wants to put a cap in their ass knowwhat I iz sayin'?

    Do you suppose that we are less violent because of the availability of deadly force? And on a global scale because of the availability of total mutual destruction?

    I hear ya Sistah! My BS-dar is workin' overtime! Sometimes I think that I'm gonna plotz because it gets piled so deep.

    I refuse to excuse the poopoos in the news because there is too much to lose so I drink booze and have a snooze to beat the blues after I eat Gnus and peruse for truths!

    Woah relax..Yes you did say that..on 05/06/06 when this posting first came out...I mentioned that under the title.

    Take a deep breath it's OK.

    Dick you little bugger I thought that my lawyers were are not to harrass me, contact my blog or any of my publications, or come within 500 feet of my persons or any member of my family, staff, entourage, or assorted hangerson.

    Don't make me put my foot up yo' ass again?

  30. GHOSTY
    Yes isn't that a wonderment?
    I consider you a fellow explanationist and futurist and I would certainly appreciate your help in dealing with these monsters.

    I don't know if we can recycle them like that without drawing too much attention? I need you to devise and construct some sort of vehicle that could carry them just outside the atomosphere where they can be discarded.

  31. Dave Attenborough4:54 p.m.

    I am too shy to strip, could we eat them instead?


  32. yes ur right...when we r kids, we seem to know exactly wut Peace is...but when we grow up, we become greedy lil brats.


  33. I think that the current (and historical) state of human affairs is doubly chained to our DNA and our socialization. The survival instinct spurs us to recognize patterns and changes. What is different and new in our usual environment should be treated with caution--be prepared to fight or take flight. You never know how a new object, another being, or an idea can affect you. We can spot the differences better than the similarities, because new information is vital. New is unknown, and could be hazardous to your well being.

    Instinct drives us to survive the moment--to run away from danger or fight off the predators. Thought tells us to learn and plan for living beyond the moment, to extend our awareness.

    I think socialization is an attempt to summarize the very complex, conflicting set of ideas and instincts that have ensured the survival of the species in some ways. Some of those actions are outdated; some ideas are ever evolving to meet the challenges of a changing world.

    It's like getting an owner's manual with a computer, only to have newer models come out the following years. The information in the manual becomes dated, some of it obsolete, unable to keep up with the newer models and the challenges they bring.

    That's kind of like the human race's problem. We've grown up with outdated information, and some of us refuse to abandon the old manuals because of the false sense of familiarity. History (and biology) can show that if you don't pay attention and adapt to the changes, you risk extermination--like every fallen nation or fell prey culled from the herd on the move.

    I think we are realizing that we are much more alike than we are different. But some people cling to the differences to make sense of their place in the world. It's flawed reasoning, and biology (and social forces) will see to it that these people with their outdated thinking, will eventually be culled from the herd.

    Of course, nothing unites humanity more than a common threat, be it a natural disaster or man made; an extinction level event like a meteor from the skies; perhaps an alien race bent on annihilating the world.

    But until any of those threats are present, we shall have to try other methods to unite the human race. We can try to communicate with those we oppose; a open exchange of ideas can bring different views and information to foster positive change. Failing that, we can agree to disagree and pay attention and take necessary planning and action. It means we make sure we're the fittest to survive. Our very thoughts can the keys to unlock us from the chains of DNA and socialization, enabling us to act, rather than react to the changing, challenging world. We don't just live to fight another day; we fight to live for another day and for the day after, and so on.

    P.S. If Africa is the head of the world, then surely America is the penis of the world (look at Florida), and we've seen what happens when we let a dick be in charge--pissin all over the place and trying to get all up in other people's goodies.

    Another great post in a long series of excellent, thought provoking writings. Fantastic job, Donn!

    What an honour it is to have such a distinguished guest on my humble Blog. If you are too shy to get nekkid I would be all too happy to arrange for you to stand behind a microphone or stage plant.

    Thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to my attention.

    Best Regards,
    Your Biggest Fan

    That's very sad innit? Perhaps we need to make everybody re-read
    All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum.

    Thank you so much for your detailed response. I concur that it will not be easy to persuade those who are running the show to abandon their empire building. Those with the Gold making the Rules have always used the rest of us as cannon fodder in their fight to preserve their little fiefdoms.

    I see a glimmer of hope because the Interwebs offer a foot in the door of the propaganda mills.

    Once again, thanks for taking the time to reply with such lucidity and insight.

  35. Woah...that was so cool!!!

  36. well living on the chin or the jaw of the skull i think your perceptions are quite brilliant... even for an agnostic LOL

    love your stuff Donn :)

  37. Being African would explain my huge penis but no Scotland is the cradle of life as it floated around the world only to collide with crappy old England.

    If we are all related as you outrageously claim that would explain all the fighting and drama. War culls nations like seals, if we didn't cull them they would take over.

  38. I love the nose (Madagascar) sliding off and spiting our face bit.

    And I chuckled at Vicus's quote about you in the sidebar. I imagine you paid him to write such a glowing review.

  39. I don't have anything to say about that.

    What I do have something to say about is the business with the stealer. Congrats on having written something worth stealing. The rest of us have tried for years but no. Nobody wants to steal our posts.

    You rock!

  40. hehehehe true Donno.


  41. It seems as if conflict is inevitable. Even if we all looked the same, spoke the same language, worshiped the same god, would we still not find things to bitch about?

    I think the Utopian society in which we all get along is impossible. We're selfish people by nature. We look out for us. There's 6 billion people in the world. We can't expect to care about all of them can we?

    I sound jaded. Don't know why. I'll stop.

  42. Some people need a good killing thats just the way it is.

  43. i reckon we send them all to live on madagascar!


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