Saturday, September 06, 2008


According to Wiki, Tammy Wynette's classic song,
"was reportedly written in the Epic studios in 1968 in all of 15 minutes"..
about ten minutes longer than it took to write this post!

But the song was #1 for three weeks, and to this day remains the uncontested Anthem of all the Proud Patriotic Republican Ladies..
except for that nasty Ann Coulter who "don't know how to keep a feller satisfied"
..neener neener neener!
So sing-a-long to
'Stick To Yer Plan'..

Sometimes its be..Republican
Givin' all yer votes.. to a.. rich white man
You'll have bad times and they'll have good times
Doin' thangs..nobody..repreemands!

But if you be..a real First Lady
Start off.. at second.. in command
He'll prolly die before December
He's 3 days older.. than.. kerosene

Stick with yer plan
Blue pills and schwing wouldn't hurt none
On the Oval floor have to
Actin' like..some damn fool..Ken-ne-dy
Stick to yer plan
Get them un-decid-eds vot-in' fer ya
Keep all.. the hangin' chads.. you caaaaan
Stick to yer plan!
Stick to your plan
yer gua-ran-dam-teed to outlive him
Start lookin.. for yer own.. VP Ma'am
Yer jus' a stroke.. from bein'.. THE MAN!


  1. Don't be so damn silly. Whoever heard of a western democracy having a female megalomaniac, fuck-ugly, fascist, repressive, uncompromising twatwit as leader?

  2. Imagine, the gender that once burned their bras and demanded equality are now falling all over themselves to vote for a woman who wants to guarantee that EVERY woman can have her very own downs syndrome baby, whether she opened her legs voluntarily or was raped........Yep, this "Hocky Mom" from Wasilla will inherit the "undisclosed location" from President Cheney where decades of advances in Women's rights will be set back an equal number of years.

    The sooner the American people use their vote to put this once-great nation out of it's misery, the sooner I can apply for refugee status with Canada. You WILL let me in, won't you? Please?

    Please calm down your Lordship, it won't happen for atleast another couple of months.

    You asked "Whoever heard of a western democracy having a female megalomaniac, f*ck-ugly, fascist, repressive, uncompromising twatwit as leader?"

    It's sort of weird, but 'Thatcher' rings a bell..

    Now, now, how could all of the Women's 'Alienating' Rights be yanked off the table by another Woman?

    Do you mean to tell me, that Ladies are going to have start burning their Bras again? Now that all of those Baby Boomers are in their late 50s and 60s the spectacle of thousands of untethered breasts parading about just won't be the same.

    'Caribou Barbie' is a real Ladies' MAN?

    Ixfay ouryay inklays OK?
    Ouldcay otnay ommentcay.

  4. I kinda have a question of my own, I am a simple Australian country person, but this question is not letting go of me:

    "What the hell is going on in America?"


  5. How soon we forget Kim Campbell.

  6. Campbell didn't last long enough to make much of an impression, did she? Four months ain't long enough to totally screw up or do great things.

    She was in office for a only short time, however she can take credit for a number of Canadian political firsts. First woman Prime Minister of Canada, first woman Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, first woman Minister of National Defence, and the first woman elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

    Who knows what would have happened if she had stayed in office for at least a full term or maybe more!

  7. Would life be grand if gender was not an issue to be discussed but issues and stance. If bumper stickers claim pride in saving polar bears and whales why is it wrong to save a human life? Lets get serious with this election and find out now what the hell these people are really stating in their cloaked comments for election. I want the who, the what, the why, the intention of our next leader so I can make an intelligent choice. I do not give a dam about yesterday I am concerned for our tomorrows!!!

    Oh nuthin', really.
    It's sort of a giant soap opera playing out before the great unwashed. The Presidential Campaign has officially started, although it's been goin' on for a couple of years.

    Now it's a race (flat out like a lizard drinkin') to see who can cross the finish line with the least amount of bullsh*t covering them. The two Parties are neck N neck in the polls, and now, we just sit back and wait for one of them to completely f*ck it up.

    According to her WIKI:
    Her real name isn't Kim, it's Avril Phaedra Douglas "Kim" Campbell..
    it's just a nickname! WTF?

    Anyway, she was the 19th Prime Minister of Canada, serving (lunch in the Senate) from June '93 to November 93.

    Campbell was the first(and presumably the last) female baby boomer born in British Columbia...OH who was Primne Minister.

    She was only the third woman to serve as a head of government in North America, after Eugenia Charles of Dominica and Violeta Chamorro of Nicaragua...
    *coyote howls in the distance

    I shall continue with Campbell's fascinating profile in WIKI..

    In February of '93, Prime Minister Brian Baloney announced his retirement from politics before the angry mob storming the Bastille.
    Governor General Ray Nyetfishin formally appointed her Prime Minister, and she was forced to appoint her freshly defeated rival Jean Cabernet, to the posts of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Industry, Science and Technology, Chairman Of Canada Post, Canadian National Railways, Molsons and Maple Leaf Weiners, Grand Poobah of the Golden Shrine of Screaming Cranes, Sun God of the Flying Monkey Temple, Holy Roman Emperor, and gave him box seats to Leaf's Games.

    Kim quickly cut the size of the federal cabinet from over 75 cabinet ministers to just 23...which makes her the greatest Prime Minister that we have ever had but she was trounced by the Rhino Party and exiled to the Island of Elba with her husband Napolean, where she remains to this very day...((gasp))

    You are one in a Million..literally. Unfortunately the great unwashed can no longer discern between Entertainment, Advertising, and the Real World. They gorge in the trough as they worship at the Temple of the Cult of Celebrity. They are bombarded from all sides by rhetoric and hyperbolic bullsh*t...
    it's outrageous.

    Misogyny is inherent in the present system since there is no certifiable distinction between Church and State...
    hence the annoyingly archaic inference of the song that I chose. Not one candidate can afford to leave the podium without chanting God Bless America...
    which Century is it anyway?

    Hopefully one day every citizen will be sterilized and not given the antidote until they have completed a University Diploma or Apprenticeship in a Trade, worked for an employer for one year, and been involved in a long term relationship..
    that would solve 90% of our Societal ills...
    well, it's a start anyway...and sorry for being so tedious and overtly flippant, this was supoposed to be a fun post.

  10. I think I walked by the great unwashed in the grocery store last night.... hooooweeeeeeee! The smell lingered for many yards down the isle.

  11. Surely you jest Monty Python memeber as president.... hang on....its been done already....Bugga!

  12. Well if your song is anything to go by, Yes?

    I guess as a loaw student I should be following this election more closely.. but to be honest isn't it all much of a muchness?

    Pity I didn't know the original song so I could sing along to your remake ;)

  13. hahaha that's a pretty cool song!
    Although a weird looking lady :P

    Thank you for reminding me to alter the term to the great unWARSHed..
    this will give it that West Virginia oomph that it so desperately requires.

    If Michael Palin ran I would move to the US! He could give his speech from the Holy Grail..
    "Oh king, eh, very nice.
    An' how'd you get that, eh?
    By exploitin' the workers -- by 'angin' on to outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic an' social differences in our society!

    You're fooling yourself.
    We're living in a dictatorship.
    A self-perpetuating autocracy"

    Sorry..there I added the Yoputube, hope this helps.
    Well if this were happening in any other country it wouldn't matter, however, the American Empire has a way of expressing itself around the globe, so we need to know what's-what.
    This year's Election matters because it indicates whether or not Uncle Sam is prepared to join the 21st Century..
    vote for the Democrats (Yes) or stick with the Republicans (D'OH!)

    and right now it's a 50/50 proposition

  15. Far too depressing to even joke about .. but if they do get elected on this premise of fixing what they fucked up the morons who voted for W twice will no doubt get what they deserve another 4 yrs of the same shit.


  16. No - but then I'm in love with Obama having just read his book - "Dreams from My Father".
    I feel it's the good guy's turn.


    But I think the more pressing question is: Will America REALLY vote a black man into office as president? I'm not quite so sure that the majority is as color blind as they profess. God help us all!

    ....for all of your professed disdain for the Americans, you sure write about them a lot!!! :)

  18. You better stick to plain prose. Leave poetry to talented people like me. Get that?!


    Come on, show your knuckles now...

  19. Does anybody else think that Palin looks like Austin Powers, or is it just me?

    And if she's so pro-family, how come none of her children have human names? Track, Trig, Willow, Bristol, Piper are not names that you're liable to read in the Bible.

    I'm just prayin' for Russia to recognize Alaska as an independent nation. Then McCain can show us all how tough he is by refusing to invade.

  20. DARYL
    How on earth can this race be in a dead heat? Oh Yeah the 50% who voted for Dubya TWICE are still allowed to vote.

    Seriously just divide the country and get it over with..go back to the North South thingamabob and you Yankees can come and join the 21st Century.

    I have the same dream..but my gut tells me that it will be a nailbiter and that the refurbished 'maverick' HA!Republicans will prevail.
    There is nothing that we can do but sit back and watch the spectacle...and moan and bitch.

    I LOVE America (50% of it) and I will never live to see another Empire with so much promise, squander it, in such a short period of time.
    This is as good a country as the Human condition allows...there can never be a perfect country because we are such retards. BUT, in America all of the best and the worst attributes of people are laid out on the table warts and all. The Good is equalled by the Bad and the great inbetween keeps the polarities from tearing itself apart.
    Where else can so many extremes try to coexist amidst the full range of human emotion and possibility. It's incredible!

    You're writing cheques with your mouth that your body can't cash Sister!
    The sooner that you acquiesce and accept me as a peer, the sooner we can all get on with our lives.

    Now, I look forward to your apology and let us never speak of this unpleasantness again.

    The real problem is that Alaska is a part of CANADUH! The US and Russia can both go pee up a rope!

    Those are bizarre names;
    Track, Trig, Willow, Bristol, and Piper sound like types of All Terrain Vehicles?

    But hey, that's what month long Summers with 24 hours of sunlight, and 11 month sub-zero Winters of complete and utter darkness, will do to a person...and I should know because that's close to the type of climate that I have to tolerate..
    sort of..
    close enough!

  21. Sienna...I am an American and live here and I have been questioning myself for YEARS...what the hell has happened to our country????

    So will Sarah shoot us if we don't vote for her?

    I'm lol @ the comment about Austin Powers. I think she has more chest hair than he does though....

    Great post Donnnn, now I've got that crazy song in my head and it won't go away! Oh pulllleeeezze!!! Make it go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. NO NO NO! :)


  23. Christ I hope not. I'm not against a female VP or President or Prime Minister. But not her.

    Those two have to be the worst political duo in years.

    Having said that, Cindy McCain is pretty hot for 54. She's had a ton of work done, obviously, but kudos to McCain for nailing that.

  24. JILLIE
    That song will be your earworm for the next few days and there is nothing that any of us can do about it!
    Sten byyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrman
    Sten byyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrman
    Sten byyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrman
    Sten byyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrman

    sorry :)

    Maybe Maybe Maybe!

    My friend, Cindy is much, much, more than stoic MILF Arm-Candy, she inherited a $100 MILLION!

  25. nope!

    but hey what the hell do i know about US politics??? ;)~

    well I didnt vote for you.........

  27. Apology??? My foot!!

    Peer??Mine is pure poetry, yours pott(R)y.

    I was never one to mince my words. Now you come and grovel at my feet. I demand it!!!


    Meanwhile, go have a pear!

  28. I select Gautami as Speaker of the House!

  29. I sure as hell hope this Alaskan walrus gets sent back to the wilds (where a polar bear will eat her)!

    You can bet I'm gonna vote Obama! Enough of this Republican crap. The only thing that pissed me off even more about Shrub winning the second election (he stole the first) was the complaining from idiots who didn't vote!

    If you don't vote, then shut the hell up if you don't like the results, you lazy bastards!

  30. Anonymous1:44 p.m.

    My God, I sincerely hope not. She's the anti-women woman.

  31. You realize the bright future you have as a lyricist don't you?

    If Sarah Palen becomes president... make room for me Canada! I'm gonna cross your border...

  32. Yes, Palen will be VP. :(
    No, I'm not rooting for Obama either.

    Help me 3rd party you're my only hope!

  33. Anonymous6:06 p.m.

    So far, the Frontier Editor has said nothing. Perhaps he's in shock?
    Down Under, Morris Iemma's walk-out nudged the Americans off our front pages .Briefly.
    A pessimistic little goblin tells me there will be little, if any, change.

  34. A king? I never voted for you!

  35. well I'm not going to vote for her

  36. SWEETS
    The great thing about American Politics is that voters need not concern themselves with the tedious task of understanding issues and policies because it's all about personality and image.
    Do you LIKE them?

    "Listen, strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony."

    Alright already geeze! Name your terms and I'll have my attorneys look it over...I don't recall seeing any exclusivity clause in your contract with Blogger so I have you dead to Rights, but since I'm such a nice guy, I have persuaded my board of directors to drop the defamation of character charge and let you off with compensatory damages in the amount of $50,0000,000.

    Please cease and desist all of this faux suffragette nonsense or you too can expect to be writing cheques.
    Speaker, pffft, Puh-LEEZE!

    Exactly! If you don't vote you should have a zipper sewn on your mouth for four years.
    Caribou Barbie won't let them put the Polar Bear on the threatened and endangered list because 'Hunters' pay around $30,000 to shoot them Ka-CHING! (..and they kill Bears from a very safe distance with an exocet missile, hardly what I call sporting?)

    She IS a real man's woman. Just wait until she has to debate Biden..if she can stay awake through his exhaustive orations then we are in real's the last barrier..if that fails we are all doomed.

    My house is going to be full of refugees or Fugees as we call them in the British Empire. That's fine, we'll make a reality TV show and cash out.

    Welcome. I put a call into Ross Perot and he said that 'he'd throw his hat in the ring' but ONLY if you will be his running mate.
    Deal or no Deal?

    Morris Lemme-Out-Of-Here! I was too busy watching that peachy little Princess Mary to notice Morris jump in the Bay and start swimming towards a waiting Oil Tanker to take him to a cozy exile in Albania.

    "I mean, if I went around sayin' I was an empereror just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me they'd put me away!"

    Yes luckily we British subjects get to sit back and watch from afar as these uppity Colonials make fools of themselves...wait a second, I am a Colonial?

    Oh but I live in the civilized, Northern, portion of the continent where National Elections only take 3 weeks to complete and not 3 years like they do down there((WHEW))

  38. Interesting article: (New York Times)

    also, something about the big bang experiment, brings out the geek and nerd in me:

  39. $100 Mil!??! Wow, I want her even more now.

  40. SIENNA
    That experiment might open a Pandora's Box of ghost particles that start consuming matter and the woeld as we know it will dissolve before our very eyes.


  41. I agree with those of you living outside the US. I live in the US and I can't figure out wtf is going on either.


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