Monday, July 14, 2008


Singalong to the tune from this show?

"Welcome back,

your schemes were your ticket out.

Welcome back,

to our infidel place that you laughed about.

Well the game has changed since you flung grenades around,

Has your dream remained to burn us to the ground?

Who'd have thought they’d keep ya!

(Atleast you're still here breathin')

Bet you wish jihadn't been there?

(Off to Gitmo we'll be seein' ya?)

Yeah we tease him a lot, but they’ve got him on the rock,

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back, welcome back"

That kid is OMAR KHADR , and he is a Canadian!?

He is also sitting in the Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre because the Pentagon alleges that he threw a grenade that killed a Medic during a gun battle in Afghanistan in 2002 when he was only 15. Now he is 21 and his Lawyers are trying to get him extradited and returned to Canada.

He grew up here in Canada but was taught to hate the West by his parents.

His father was a founding member and financier of al-Qaida who died in in a battle in Afghanistan in 2003. His Mother is quoted as saying "Let Them Have It" during the World Trade Centre attack. His brothers and sisters seem to have all been infected by the same philosophy of hate and destruction. One of his brothers was paralyzed in the same battle that his wonderful father was killed but came back to our horrible country of Canada so that he could take advantage of our fabulous Universal Healthcare System.

At the heart of this legal tug of war is the fact that Omar may be a complete asshole, but technically he is a Canadian asshole, and therefore we have to guard his rights..Damnit!

I can speculate without any fear of contradiction that 99% of Canadians would dearly love to have the entire f*cking family deported (yesterday) and sent off to scrounge around in one of their beloved al-Qaida training camps where they can merrily plot the end of Civilization as we know it. Seriously, if it is so terrible living here in the corrupt West then puh-leeze do us all a tremendous favour and f*ck off back to the 7th Century.

But it isn't that simple is it? Damnit! Now the Americans have had this "Canadian" boy incarcerated offshore in a quasi-legally sketchy limbo for years. The Americans are playing the The War on Terror TRUMP CARD...and there isn't much grey area here...

the rest of the world knows, you are either WITH them OR AGAINST them, right?

Omar's Lawyers are trying to drum up sympathy by releasing a video of Omar's shattered psychological state...if seeing is believing..and while most of us would not wish our 16 year old son to be tortured by a foreign government (if that's true) it is hard to feel sorry for this little asshole...

until you realise that he was raised to hate by his parents.

One of his other brothers admitted that they were raised to be suicide shame on his parents.

I'm sure that the Canadian Government would not have any problem getting volunteers to help the Khadrs pack up their stuff ... but we need to remember that these kids were abused in Canada...and they aren't the only ones. I know that I sound like a broken record but the reason that this country is so great is because it is a secular country.

Welcome Back Khadr..the sooner you get back, the sooner we can deport you.


  1. I was just having a discussion with my husband last night about the effects parents have on their children. We'd had dinner at a friend's house last night and they had just returned from visiting family in Poland. The stories of her siblings were sad but you realized to a great extent it was what the parents had taught them. I wonder in the case of this boy if he can be rehabilitated ever or is the damage too deep and long to ever crawl out?

  2. NO, NO, NO! We need to do the "Christian" thing here. Now, first, we must draw and quarter him so that he is in the right frame of mind to recieve the love of our lord Jesse......I mean Jesus Christ. Then, once he is begging for forgiveness, we forgive him with a few days of extreme torture, but not enough to kill him, because we respect the sanctity of life and cannot commit such a sin. However, we can then continue the corrective action, such as water boarding, only beneath Lake Michigan, until such time that we are certain he can no longer sin or God decides to take his sorry soul into his loving embrace.

    We are NOT barbarians like those aweful Arabs. We are a FORGIVING bunch!

    As much as I hate fundamentalists, I'd hate us to.

  3. LOL! Love your take on the "Welcome Back Kotter" theme song...brilliant.

    They should fry his ass, and his parents' asses. That's what we do in the good ol' United States of paranoid-fear-hate-war-monger-right-wing-Republican U.S.

  4. Did I ever tell you about my Uncle Irving?

  5. I think it's very sad that the two people who inevitably would have had the most influence on this child during his formulative years used that power so cruelly. Parenthood is a responsibility, but whilst most see it as a responsibility towards the child, these parents evidently saw their responsibility being toward their country of origin or their religion. No child should be forced into that. Imagine growing up knowing you're a toy in somebody else's games. No wonder the kid got fucked up. I think I could hate the kid's parents far more than himself.

  6. canada is a great country.

    hope he does not end up being your neighbor.

  7. On one hand, I actually feel sorry for the little asshat. I mean he was born and raised in a household that spewed hate. Ya know, that apple didn't fall far from the tree.

    On the other hand, I don't feel sorry enough for him being brainwashed to think he shouldn't be deported to some horrible sandy, hot and totally miserable place in the desert of al-Q.

    Shattered psychological state? Whatever.

    I'm cold-hearted and I just don't give a shit about his tender and bruised psychological state.

  8. Stace is right. And, of course, whatever punishment the mob clamours for should also be meeted out to miscreants on both (all) sides.
    We have more than one war to deal with, remember.

  9. aint life grand? :)

  10. A 16 years brainwash is enough to create a little monster, don't you think? Right, shame on his parents -you always try to teach your kids how to be happy, independent and good, but not everyone does that!-.

    Rehabilitate this kid? In all honesty, someone really thinks this is possible? Not me, but in the case there would be a tiny possibility of rehabilitation, it's more likely to happen in Canada than in Guantanamo, in my opinion.

    What a controversial post, Donn, you keep your readerships busy. But this time it's real hard to write down a personal opinion on this matter.

    The world has certainly changed after 9-11, London 7-7-05 and Madrid 03-11-04, and continuous attempts to repeat that. Sorry for being the first one to bring even more terrible things here, but I can't be impartial here. There is a war going on out there, a silent war and yes, some kids are being trained to take part in it. Terrible.

  11. "He grew up here in Canada but was taught to hate the West by his parents. "

    Isn't that just like getting a BA in Cultural Studies from Toronto?

  12. I must say I cant really work meself up into a lather about people like this . the sooner the whole bally lot of them are deported the better.
    No doubt you will have a legion of human rights lawyers a weeping and wringing their hands while they happilly bank the cheques , so maybe we should take this oppertunity to deport them as well

  13. I loved Welcome Back Kotter. I think Juan Epstein was my favourite - aside from Gabe, of course. Horseshack always got on my nerves, though.

  14. i loved your song~~it made me laugh out loud

    as a former teacher, it always amazes me what parents teach their children, some people should not be allowed to become parents


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