Monday, July 14, 2008


GELOTOPHOBIA is the debilitating fear of being laughed at and apparently affects 30% of the Human population..HA!

I'd say that with the exception of Comedians, Cartoonists, and a few Writers & Bloggers, that the percentage is closer to 99%.
Gelotophobia is also at the very heart of Political Correctness...
which I view as a form of Orwellian Newspeak and blatant coercion which is used to silence free speech and extinguish an open discussion amongst people with ((gasp)) differing points of view!

I watched an interview with ART SPIEGELMAN the creator of MAUS and he spoke openly about the need to protect free speech. He reminded me of how ridiculous and dangerous the Jyllands-Posten_Muhammad_cartoons_controversy was.

Now I understand why people are terrified of having their religion examined, they don't want any investigation of their belief system that might prove how improbable the basic tenets are..not only that nobody likes being wrong or laughed at..the Gelotophobia thingamabob. It is rude to make fun of another's decision to believe but GOD or whoever or whatever you want to believe gave us this incredible brain for a reason and the least that we can do is use it to verify our reality.

Political correctness prohibits any insinuation that someone else's cosmology might be completely fabricated hooey...unless it is out there like like the modern media whipping boy Scientology. However to be fair, if you think about it, almost every religion relies on the existance of alien beings intervening with the affairs of humans...

I appreciate heavenly bodies as much as the next guy so whatEV?!

Where does that leave Agnostical people like myself who may view all religions as manufactured concoctions of imagination, but think that all hell would break loose if people didn't have these traditional moral governors holding them back from reducing the planet to cinders.
Why is religion off limits? Why does the press wear 'kid gloves' when they follow the Pope and other spiritual leaders around the world?
The most obvious people making fun or questioning such ideologies are Comedians. Oh sure members of religious Group A can make fun of Group B (SPLITTERS!) because only they have the ONE TRUE intergalactic bellhop at their service...this is the root cause of almost every armed conflict on the planet. Let's hear it for tradition HURRAY!

Many leaders like Osama Been Hidin are notorious for being dour sourpusses who take themselves so seriously...they cannot afford to look human or infallible to the chosen. No Jokes.
But most of us tell jokes..and most of us out here are not the general public, I understand that now. Look at the latest edition of the New Yorker and it's mockery of the idiots who try to insinuate falsehoods about the Obamas.

Get it. Most consumers will not even though pundits are feverishly trying to explain it to them. Most Americans interviewd on the telly were upset that their FLAG was burning in the fireplace..*sigh.

What a grand testament to the uber nationalism and patriotism for a country that let's you be all that you can be as long as you don't expect said "country" to take care of you if you get sick or want your kids to waste their time with fancy book learnin' in some fancy schmancy edumacation system.

The f*cking flag was burning..are you kidding me...they don't get it!

Not only that but Obama has to battle old school disciples of victimization like Jesse Jackson and his fellow dinosaurs. Jackson caused a ruckus on TV (the mike is always on Jesse DUH!) for whispering that he wanted to kick Obama in the nuts because Barrack had the cajones to chastise young black men for not stepping up to the duties of fatherhood. Any idiot can impregnate a girl Jesse OOPS I guess that you know that.

cue song;
I'm sorry Mr Jackson but he is fo' reeeeal!

We use jokes to manage our emotions. I recently read that British Sociologist Christie Davies of the International Society for Humor Studies ISHS said that "JOKES, in many ways, are a way of getting around restrictions on what you can say." Restrictions like Political Correctness?

According to WIKI "Humour occurs when;
1 An alternative or surprising shift in perception or answer is given that still shows relevance and can explain a situation.

2 We laugh at something that points out another's errors, lack of intelligence, or unfortunate circumstances; granting a sense of superiority.

3 Sudden relief occurs from a tense situation "humourific" as formerly applied in comedy referred to the interpretation of the sublime and the ridiculous. In this context, humour is often a subjective experience as it depends on a special mood or perspective from its audience to be effective.

4 Two ideas or things are juxtaposed that are very distant in meaning emotionally or conceptually, that is, having a significant incongruity.

Who other than Comedians can say things that we all think but are afraid to say. They are the only people allowed to make fun of the human condition and are exempt from the mindnumbing atrocities of adhering to political correctness.
"A comic says funny things; a comedian says things funny."

Comedians, Cartoonists, and a handful of Writers & Bloggers, regularily tackle subjects that would culminate in lawsuits seeking punitive damages for mental anguish, religious declarations inciting the faithful to kill, and awkward moments that usually ruin a dinner party.

Most western governments have adopted the premise that in order to promote equality, they must instate a certain proportion of applicants who may not be the best qualified or deserving, but who represent a desired demographic group under-representated on their ledger. Theoretically this is necessary in order to present the image of a perfectly integrated society...which unfortunately doesn't exist outside the building.

If we were truly gender/colour blind we wouldn't even need to know who filled the position because we could assume that the most appropriate candidate would be chosen on their talent, qualifications, accomplishments, desire, and experience. How bizarre?

Now the notion of improving our meritocracy exists because we Humans have always, always. always, been subjected to the males of the upper ruling class making their own rules and taking care of 'their own' and a few sycophants who ass kiss their way up the ladder...

which ironically is exactly how political correctness operates but atleast everybody has documentation to cover their ass.

Basically we need more Comedians and fewer Politicians.

What if we just tried having the funniest politically incorrect people run things for a while? The funniest person would be President or Prime Minister...

OOPS sorry..y'all just had two terms of Bad!

It would be funny if the handful of people who run our world didn't have the power to actually create laws that protect their dumbass schemes with political correctness.
Do any of you remember a time since the sixties when real change seemed possible?


  1. the bush fires of the 70's
    floods of the 80's
    the crap busters of the 90's
    and the great bullshit artists of the 21st century.

    Nope nothings changed.

  2. we need the comedians to BECOME the politicians :)

  3. I'm with Billy Connolly: "Don't vote! You only encourage the bastards!"

  4. Do you know Rowan Atkinson (he used to be a good comedian but recently he's turned into Mr Bean) over there?
    He's been running a campaign to oppose the new laws that will make it illegal to criticise or poke fun at religion.

    Can I laugh at women in full hijab wearing specs?

  5. Humor... laughter, is life blood.

    For the folk that humor may upset, it is like giving over "their" power of their own life.

    Some humor is brilliant, some hits to the core and some a little off centre, but it is all that makes our world interesting.

    The day we stop laughing, seeing the ridiculous and funny side to life/situations is the day a part of us dies.


    PS Say, is that angel nipples peeking over the photo frame?
    I've never seen angel nipples before, amazing stuff.

  6. Not a wasted word. Perfect. I think you should run for supreme being of the planet.

    I'll be your press secretary, bon vivant and otherwise exceedingly highly paid right-hand man.

  7. I can't even begin to comment. There is too much to say, it's much to big as a subject area and has too many connotations, implications, and potential tangents. We really need a real-time chat one day.

    However I am in full agreement that political correctness has gone far too far! I'm all in favour of trying not to offend people, but people with a sense of humour (and intelligence, which often go hand-in-hand) aren't that easy to offend! Wogs, Daegos, Abos, Chinks, Gooks... they all need to lighten up, man! ;)

  8. I actually objected to the New Yorker illustration of Obama because people can be so GAY and RETARTED that they might pass by it on the news stand and take it literally and reconsider voting for him. Of course, I doubt those people would vote anyways.

    Great rant as always.

  9. YES! I remember a time when a president had the gonads to say that we had a crisis to deal with that was on par with WAR, and that crisis was the energy crisis. Remember the original energy crisis, when the arabs got all pissed off at us supporting that new Jewish State called Israel and hit us with an oil embargo? Remember cars lining up at the pumps around the block?

    The president was Jimmy Carter, and what he said was DEAD ON, and nobody paid attention, instead turning him out of office in favor of an actor insisting that it was "morning in America" and Aunt May was raising the American Flag and the kids were saying the Lord's prayer along with the pledge of allegence and this was going to get us out of our doldrums so that we could kick some Communist ass and have our apple pie and all the frickin gas we wanted.............sigh.........

    Change seemed possible for about 45 seconds after that address and it's been all downhill since.

    We ought to elect Mike Hukabee cause we all know that Jesus wants us all to have a full tank of gas and Mike can deliver us onto Armeghedon just like Jesus wants...........

    Just kill me now.

  10. hhmmm... comedians in office...
    so how long do you think they'd remain funny?
    and they do say that people who work so hard to make you laugh are really really sad- so i dunno if a really really sad un-pc person is the best to be in control of those dreaded red buttons!

  11. Don't let WW be your press secretary or he'll allow the cameras to shoot closeups up your nostrils.

    The man is obsessed with nose hair.

  12. Don said "think that all hell would break loose if people didn't have these traditional moral governors holding them back from reducing the planet to cinders."

    Heh, I am SO with you on this one! I'm an antitheist, but I have come to believe more and more your statement is exactly correct. The number one reinforcement of this for me is folks always asking me "why do you have ethics if you don't believe in a god?" Yikes! If you can't figure that one out, you go right on believing in your flying spaghetti monster so I can worry a wee bit less that you won't start killing willy nilly. =/

  13. Ya ever wonder why so many people think you have to believe in a god (or their God) to live a life governed by kindness, respect and ethical behaviour?

    Whatever happened to just good ole common courtesy? Why does it have to be based on religion?

    This PC crap is so way overboard it is sickening. You can't open your mouth without fear of offending someone. When they started telling us we can't say Merry Christmas, I knew we were too far down the road to turn back. And I am NOT at all religious - for me Christmas is about family and sharing - not anything else.

    So to all those who tread carefully and don't want to step on anyone's toes, I say f*ck 'em and I will say what I want, when I want but with all the courtesy I have, because I am a nice person.

  14. STEVE
    Not much eh? How did all of that misplaced Idealism evaporate..I still blame the RFK and Martin Luther King assassinations..after JFK there was a brief imperitive to stop the forces of evil from winning but after 68 everybody seemed to give up and say the hell with it.

    We actually need Comedians instead of Politicians..we already have Politicians acting like Comedians.
    Atleast Comics can say what they want and nt have to worry about focus groups calling them insensitive.

    That is hilarious..sad but true. The perfect storm, damned if you do and damned if you don't..catch 22. We are screwed!

    Oh dear sounds like he is losing it? To answer your question "Can I laugh at women in full hijab wearing specs?"
    Yes, but in many countries you will laugh your head OFF!

    I find that there is a huge demand for a viewing of angel nipples and I am simply trying to rectify the sitch. We need to start with a little peek-a-boo because the full frontal would be too much for mortal men.
    Once we stop laughing we will start crying...LIFE is just too bizarre.
    You can laugh in some countries but you may get beheaded

  15. WITHIN
    Really? I never know after I press publish whether it will be received as pure blather or simply idle jibberish...just letting it out and letting the chips fall where they may. Thanks. I am surprised.

    A real day long chat would take us a week or so but it would be awesome! I did sort of throw in everything but the kitchen sink but what are ya gonna just came out that way.

    Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and cry alone...quite true innit?

    I saw a guy on CNN who said that if a magazine cover influenced how you vote you should have your citizenship and right to vote revoked! HA that's true. All of the people just stared at the cover and said DUH they shouldn't be burning the American flag...*shoots self in the head

    Awesome rant buddy! Ole Jimmy never got the props he deserved did he. Reagan comes in and the hostages are released about 15 minutes later and the rest is history.
    You're right there was a moment back then when a proactive response could have been adopted...but hey you outspent the Commies and they went bust! Now the Ruskies are rolling in Oil Money and started patrolling the Arctic this week..are you ready for Cold War 2?

    The real solution would be to get rid of all of the red buttons..but that ain't gonna happen in our lifetime..who am I kidding...never happen...until they have all been pushed and then it won't matter because we'll all be gone.
    That's depressing eh? See that's why we need comedians!

  16. MJ
    Not to worry I would be mortified to have those types of shots available for all of eternity. He doesn't seem to care does he..not sure if that is a good thing but he shows no sign of ever stopping.

    "Why do you have ethics if you don't believe in a god?" is the scariest sentence in the world.
    I am saddened by the prospect of my children inheriting such fawlty logic but most parents keep pushing it forward like dung beetles.
    cue old man river:
    it keeps on rolling, it just keeps rolling a-long!

    For whatever reason we can't stop history for one day and have a seminar for Earthlings...look at all of this evidence, we've tried lugging this thing around for thousands of years and we still get the same results even though you expect something different to happen..

    Isn't that the textbook definition of insanity?

  17. I'd like to see an atheist President- contrary to popular opinion, I think it's much EASIER to find a firm and consistent moral compass without the conflicts, ass-kissing and hypocrisy that accompanies religion.
    Great post, sure'd like to shoot shit with ya for hours.

  18. Commedians would be a welcome improvement over the clowns we have had. People forget that all the Bush cronies got their big break under Ronald McReagan.

    As for political correctness and the cult of the easily offended, I like what one smartass had to say about it: "If you don't want me to make fun of your religion, find something less ridiculous to believe in."

  19. Any post that goes round the houses just so that you can make a joke about a) OutKast and b) Dubya in that manner is worth more than several barrells of oil. And that's saying something.

    Homey for prez...Homey for prez...

  20. This evening I had a doorstep caller come to discuss electricity suppliers.

    "Can I show you something in black and white?" he asked.

    I managed not to giggle. You see, he was black and I am white and my madcap brain parsed that query in two ways.


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