Monday, May 19, 2008


Yesterday we went out to help build a Fire Pit at my Brother-In-Law's rustic retreat in the

On the way there I counted 9 Dead Deer by the roadside UGH!..
but not a TURKEY VULTURE to be seen.

Actually I have only seen Vultures feeding on a Deer Carcass once in my entire life, but they are up there somewhere.

It is unnerving to drive in the Park at night.
On our way home we counted 19 Deer caught in the proverbial headlights..
like these...

so we had to be cautious because you just never know if they're going to bolt in front of you?

Last year I almost hit a sauntering Black Bear and I had a Deer jump right in front of the Van...

missed it by a hoofbeat..


During our brief excursion we saw plenty of our wild, purply, Provincial Flower, it is, the Crocus (exciting eh?)

I found a TICK on my leg..hate Ticks,

but not one Mosquito, YES!!!

Our buddy Dizzly kept nosing around to see what we were doing.

Naturally there was still time to relax and enjoy the contents of my Sippy Cup, mind you I don't do as much sipping as I used to do when I came out here with
WITHINWITHOUT back in the late 70s,

but I never Drink & Drive..

even out here.

My littlest guy helped a little, went exploring , and had fun being a kid.

When it finally got dark we lit a fire in the new pit...



  1. *cues Arthur Brown singing*...

    "I am the god of hell fire and I bring you...

    Fire, I'll take you to burn!"

  2. Looks like awesome fun! Ticks have 8 legs?! I didn't know that. Are they related to spiders? Or was that a pic of a mutated funky spider? :P

  3. Isn't that tick in the new Indiana Jones movie?

  4. wish it actually felt like spring down here!

  5. Great photos! I am officially jealous, not having enjoyed the Spring as yet. Lots of enjoyable work converting the house and yard to "July" mode, but no real play.

    "Ayuh, just two seasons, July and Wintah. Now we got that global wahmin stuff, July sticks around a mite longah!"

  6. You didn't burn any witches now, did you?

  7. Its nice ta see and hear how the other half lives aye?

  8. For some reason, the pictures in your blog aren't loading and it seems weird to read this post without those. Suppose I will have to come back!

  9. Great to hear you put the long weekend to good use.

    I didn't even know what holiday today was until I saw a commercial on an American TV station! It was a little one from Spokane or something in Washington. I think it's an NBC affiliate. Hell, they broadcast into lower BC, and Alberta, so they have more Canadian viewers in Calgary and Edmonton alone than in whatever area they're broadcasting in across the boarder.

    Happy Victoria Day!

  10. lovely fire pit! brings back memories of sitting in a hot-tub watching the Northern Lights in late autumn 1982 on a cottage deck overlooking a lake (somewhere halfway between Calgary and Edmonton)


    a few years ago, one of my friends was driving along a country lane in England and a cow appeared from nowhere and ended up going in thru her windscreen and lodged in the passenger seat next to her

    (we now have tv shows with recipes for cooking up road kill, wierd things like badger and squirrels, but you can't go wrong with a good venison steak can you)

  11. Anonymous7:44 a.m.

    Oh yuck! I hate ticks!

    Now I have the feeling that they are crawling all over me.

  12. Sounds like a blast.

    No "target rash," right? Lyme disease was one of the zillion things they tested me for in trying. for over a decade, to figure out what's gotten me. If you get any vague symptoms don't forget about the tick, because advanced Lyme is terrible.

    Don't mean to be a party pooper (there's a fine phrase...), it's just that I'm no authority on ticks or what kind of ticks carry Lyme and I want you to be aware of that while you're out there "dancing with deer" - but you're probably well aware already...

  13. Ew ticks!

    Dizzly is cute though

  14. Those are great photos. Thank you for sharing them and I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

    I refuse to drive through unlit highways along wooded areas at night because of my fear of hitting a deer or moose.

  15. Used to love being out in the countryside at night - when I used to live near the countryside, which is a long time ago. It's great to see deer in the dark. They look other worldly.

    The only bit of woodland we've got within easy reach doesn't have any wildlife of note, apart from huge amounts of rats, and you have to wade through syringes, petrol canisters, aerosols and so on. Don't think we'll be building a rustic retreat there in the near future.

  16. oh how cool!
    we just spent a whole weekend in the bush!!

  17. Such fun, I was so worried you guys ever get to do any of this stuff on account of minus 50's and ice and freezing...

    Lotsafun! especially the bonfire.


  18. I hope you had some marshmallows to toast on that campfire!

  19. Happy Spring, HE. That last shot is amazing! You need to frame it and hang it front and centre. But don't displace any art to do it. (Assunming you have art -- there are people who only have sad clowns. I know. I've seen it.)

  20. Those ARE great pix! Somehow, at least with a few of those pix when you've got a drink in your hands, you remind me of the rum & Coke guy on that goofy TV show...

  21. ZOMG! Why does that tick look like a crab! urgh! now im going to tink of this everytime i try to eat a crab.

    id say...if i ever drop by in wateverpeg...would you take me to the retreat? we can go moose hunting.


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