Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The Democratic Party Primary is a train that is runnin' out of steam and starin' to coast up an insurmountable Hill(ary).
Say what you will about the sinister brain trust of the GOP and their strategists and spinmeisters like evil genius Karl Rove,
but this Elephant obviously never forgets how to kick Ass during an Election.

The GOP strategy couldn't be simpler...
just shut up and let the so-called Dumbocrats do it for them...
can't anyone talk some sense into this woman?

..and will the real NADIR please stand up.

Most of us believe that political activist Ralph Nader and his Quixotic campaign in the last election probably siphoned enough votes from Al Gore to let Dubya win. Now it's Hillary's turn.

The first call that President John McCain will make after winning the Election will be to thank Hillary for her hubris...
hell, if he were a standup guy he would have asked Hillary to be his running mate! Everybody is presuming that he will choose Condoleeza Rice to be his VP...
which if you haven't done the Math outmanouevers the Democrats anyway by having a Black Woman!

Yup! The writin' is on the wall folks...
so start adjusting your mindsets..
atleast it wasn't Mike Huckaberry!

I am now officially starting to wonder why I ever thought that there was a chance for change..
or that


  1. i must stop reading these political posts all over the place... they make me wish i had something intelligent to say about the whole debacle.

  2. Its....its............it's....................................................different.


  3. What's an Elephnat? I didn't read this post, but trust me to pick up a typo. I don't care and don't understand American politics. I'm a bit tipsy and just wanted to write something. Hi.

  4. A McCain Rice ticket?

    I thought they just did potato products and pizza but, hey, Feed The World, Canada!

  5. All the hot air from politicians like these is melting Canada's national igloo!

  6. as much as i wish you weren't right about the next president, you are, you know. truthfully, he's the better choice-marginally-but the thing we all need to watch out for is WHO HE CHOOSES FOR A VP. why? Mc Cain is old, has fought cancer twice already,and is generally in poor health.

    of course if you go by the news on this coast you'd think Obama were already moving his beany baby collection into the Lincoln bedroom.

  7. I can't explain politics, but I can tell you that Blogger was tempting fate when it named that mode WYSIWYG instead of rich text like every other platform. That's why it never looks like the post editor or the preview.

  8. I wrote a long comment on how you have gone nuts and that you need a break. My PC stalled and I lost it all. I suppose, someone out there does not want me to scold you.

    To cut a long story short, you along with Chris, come visit India and refresh your minds. And if you are so inclined, we can share a cup of tea in some crowded place in Delhi.



  9. If McCain gets elected I'm moving to Iceland.

    At least THOSE people have their feces together!

  10. ANGEL
    Who said anything about saying something intelligent? I'm more interested in finding out how people feel and what they think.

    it's......Monty Python's Flying Circus
    dee dee dee-deedle-ee-dee-dee-dee

    Thank You for pointing out my glaring mistakes but I can only take half of the credit since BLOGGER won't cooperate...the last week or so it has been brutal.

    McCain French Fries are a staple of the Candian diet..although we are only the second fattest Nation on Earth we are determined to beat the USA at something..
    and our penchant for Doughnuts should put us over the top any day now!!

    Those Yanks really do need to learn atleast a few basic things 'aboot' us eh?

    I feel fairly certain that the Clinton/Obama sniping has sucked the goodwill from this race.

    A recent poll here in Canada showed that Obama would win by a margin of 4 to 1! Maybe America should let us do the voting for them.

    Why oh Why oh Why? I was fit to be tied when I clicked publish..the first 4 times..BLOGGER absolutely hates photos!

    Nuts? Look at how sedate I have become...how pedestrian and commonplace...NUTS?

    Your computer stalling was ac act of providential intervention..take a hint.

    Chris and I would love to come and visit you and have a nice cuppa Tea. How's next Thursday?

    HA! Have you ever seen pictures of Icelanders? You would stick out like a sore thumb. My sister's BF is an Icelander and you could drop him off in the middle of a crowd and he would disapear..talk about strong genes!

    Remember Iceland is Green and Greenland is Ice..actually Iceland is geothermal..it's like living on a giant kettle.

  11. SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!

    McCain would be a thousand times better than Bush, but that's a thousand times less than Obama.

    Barack isn't fighting just ONE establishment in the FlubDubyacans, he's fighting three: the Dumbocrat old school and the anti-blacks.

    I have this blind, dumb faith that he WILL beat Hillary (the whole Florida/Michigan question notwithstanding) and that he'll make McCain look stupid in the debates and will become pres.

    But I also could never have fathomed American would re-elect Bush, so call me stupid.

    I love Stace's tipsy comment!!! Way to go girl! And Gautami, another trip to Delhi sounds cool.

    Except you're paying.

  12. Ummmm American politics.
    When I visited the States for a month last year I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually liked Americans. I think they just get a funny idea about their place in the modern world, a bit like us Brits used to think we were in some way special. It came as a bit of a shock to us when we realised we were just as shite as everybody else.
    Yep, I'm for Obama myself!

  13. You make me want to cry! :(

    That's an old video! The Huck is still fat!

  14. //the Math outmanouevers the Democrats anyway by having a Black Woman!

    LOL! two birds with one stone, now who's racist and who's sexist? shes two in one...dayum! :D:D:D

    oh well i tink ill settle for that 1000 year war...MCCain sounds like a cool Sci-Fi guy.

  15. Donn, I will kill you if you blog disappears. It did when I clicked on the last post which showed up in my reader. I suppose you decided not to post it.Hence the scare.

    I meant what I said about killing you.

    I hope that you are right but...you know what really bugs me is that I know more about American politics than I do about Canadian politics..that is so dumb!

    This is why we need to tow Canada back over to England and get away from these Yanks.

    Excellent point. I like them too..well half of them...well the ones who know that they are not all that and a bag of chips.
    The charming ones.

    I make me want to cry too. Hopefully I am talkin' out of my butt here and waaaaay off the mark on my prognostication.

    The Huck was fat AND stupid when he was Guvnar of Arkeesaw...
    but apparently he is OK now.

    How do you beat that combo eh? I can't believe that the stupid election is still months away..
    Canadians get a 3o day notice and BANG

    McCain prolly won't live 1,000 days nevermind the 1,000 year occupation of Iraq..
    isn't that the stupidest thing that you have ever heard?

    Hooroo ROO!

    Almost hit the button...you're the one that said that I went nutz and needed a break!

    If you did kill me I wouldn't need to worry about it anymore.

    *sticks neck on chopping block

  17. we get a 2 weeks notice...go figure. i wish it was like 1 week or less.

    he is pleasing the weapons contractors. can you believe how dumb those americans are not protesting their tax money going down the drain shooting desert spiders? come on! is it true that all the smart ppl of the world live in blogs?


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