Friday, May 23, 2008


Do you think that we invent the our authentic self as the Existentialists believed, or do we discover it, as Socrates pondered when he said that the unexamined LIFE is not worth living?

Here is a new term for you to chew on.

Which means a state of well being and full functioning that derives from a sense of living in accordance with one’s sense of authenticity.

According to an article in Psychology Today some of the characteristics of a eudaimonic life include;

“Being open to experience without censorship or distortion
Living fully in the moment, so the self feels fluid rather than static
Trusting inner experience to guide behavior
Feeling free to respond rather than automatically react to life events
Taking a creative approach to living, rather than relying on routine”

Here is their technical description of authenticity;
“the unimpeded operation of one’s true or core self in one’s daily enterprise.”

To thine own self be true.
Self awareness requires honesty. We are all both Extrovert and Introvert.

Believe it or not I was once a painfully timid and shy kid who would wait in the car while my parents visited friends.

I got over it!

As you can see I enjoyed being on stage and I eventually overcame my shyness.

The recent death of a man who I have known since High School made me realize that after 50 years I am in touch with my inner 'Daimons'...
so I am ready to move on if I have to.
I've met me.

While I was out HERE I really enjoyed the freedumb to just be me...
I didn't mind going out on a limb or saying something ridiculous to emphasize my point.
Blogging was for my benefit because I was discovering how I actually felt about things...
how I have changed my mind about some issues and dug my heels in on others.

Like everyone else I am part extrovert
and part introvert!


  1. what an absolutely amazing post... so much all of the things i am not doing or feeling or being,, and i have known it,, but not known the words... i have just said,, i am not playing an active part in my own life... but this breaks it down and in some way simplifies something that has stumped me completely over the years... thank you so much of this.... i will save it to my tumblr and reread it ....

  2. I need a drink after seeing so much pattern mixed in that last photo.

    Gee Thanks. There was another article in my PT titled
    Quit While You're Behind..
    the benefits of plan B.

    I really enjoy Blogging but it may be time to exorcise my Daimonic Possessions...hopefully I didn't overstay.

    Now come on I am certain that you have an 'outfit' that you like to wear on special occasions..
    this SMARTINI ensemble just happens to be one of my faves.

  4. Oh well, I cannot be labelled, I cannot be put in a box...alas, I am not sure what I am, just that I am not a pervert..much!

  5. The last pic. That shirt/blouse/whatever-it-is....

    Oh my gawd.

  6. //Believe it or not I was once a painfully timid and shy kid who would wait in the car while my parents visited friends.// im still like this now. :D

    im homo introversian.

  7. I was not the painfully shy kind. Now I don't know what I am and nor do I care!

    Or do i?

    *thinking it over*

  8. I decided against killing you. Ok, you are nuts. No doubt about. Your nutti(y?)ness enhances my intellect. Get it?

    Now get your neck off from that chopping block!

  9. I think to a certain extent we're all influenced by that little voice in our heads that says "You can't do that! People will laugh/cry/lock you up if you do that!" We need to learn to ignore it more often and just do stuff, be ourselves, and be less afraid.

    On the flip side, some people seem to go a bit too far and begin to impinge on the rights or happiness of other people.

    I guess balance is called for... all things in moderation, including moderation itself ;)

  10. lol! wuts happening gautami? is don disturbin you? wanna me fix him? :D

  11. grumb il Hhoid5:44 p.m.

    What is it, that Hunter S.' lawyer
    says, in "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas"? Something like: "As your attorney, I would advise you to
    drink heavily, and take plenty of drugs..." I have the quotation all wrong, I'm sure.

  12. I love that about people, change, evolving and the fluidness? (You know I mean shifting fluidness, not body fluidness).

    The journey of stuff.

    Say, Donn, I was wondering, and you know it's none of my business and you can tell me to buggar off, but what would be your Myers-Briggs personality type?

    Just for fun and because it's so interesting..(I'm an INFP btw)

    This is just a guide:

    There are more in depth tests, and all that proper stuff too.

    You write about such interesting things, while possessing this great sense of humor and fun...I'll bet you have always had the sense of fun, even when going through shyness, it's all just so damn interesting ya know?


  13. Ya need a holiday....I have a spare room and a fridge full off beer.......

    I suppose we could stoke the BBQ and sit back and listen to music....Or better still annoy the crap outta the neighbours.

    See ya soon........

  14. You all of a sudden starting using the past tense when discussing the blogging thing. Think hard about it, me man.

    That last pic of you with the "shaken, not stirred" shirt and those garish shorts pretty much describes you.

    Full of colour, thoughts, ideas, different shapes, hues, deeply held and mostly hidden emotions except for the constant smile or laugh or tease.

    Yeah. What ARE you gonna do? It's a question that seems to surface at about these times in our lives.

  15. CAZZIE
    Not much of a perv eh? HA!
    Judging by your cyber persona you seem to be a very happy person with an extraordinary percption of who you are and how the world you are both..but you make it sharing the planet with you a lot of fun.

    Toast that needs some JAM! I am getting a tad underwhelmed at stagnating...I need to either break out or find another venue.

    Hey guys! My 'Smartini' ensemble would barely get a glance at Mardi Gras, the Oscars, or at a party at MJs.
    There is no need to fret as I only pull it out on special occasions.

    Time to break out of your shell and morph into your butterfly stage! I enjoy my quiet side and I think that it's essential but there is a time and place for letting Mr Hyde out to create a sprinkling of mayhem!

    I wasn't really afraid of your threatening secretly enjoy my madcap antics and zany convuluted meandering.

    If anyone gets to chop off the noggin it will be me and it will be swift and painless.

  16. STACE
    When people start to think that the little voice in their head is Divine and that they have a 'message' for others, it's time to drop the toaster in the bathtub!

    Most people have a problem being corrected and this whole PC thingamabob is a monster when it comes to people protecting their RIGHT to be an can think whatever you like but if you're wrong you're wrong...

    I would rather be corrected ONCE than being wrong 1 million times. It is far better to have discovered a Truth than to protect your ego. Right?

    Don't be trying to put out fires with gasoline my don't want to mess with the G!

    Believe it or not I made a business card in the early 80s that had a picture of Bill Murray as Hunter S beside his famous quote...

    "I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me"

    Remember the song by the MONKS,
    Great legs shame about the face!?

    Ohh the MB..I did that back in the 80s along with my colours..I am a classic Winter.

    I had a great deal of difficulty deciding which part of me was dominant because of of my Obssesive Compulsive and Passive Aggresive tendencies..

    because I am so aware of my shortcomings I make an effort to overcompensate to balance out the two extremes..

    I am a 51/49 E/I split
    so Extrovert

    49/51 S/I so Intuitive

    51/49 T/F so Thinking

    51/49 J/P so Judging..
    = EITJ
    now I want to change my answer

    I am onboard with your invitation especially the part about annoying the neighbours..and then getting them to join us...I love doin' that..unless they are complete twats then just annoying them.

    I guess we just play it by ear and try to let the REAL us stay at the surface so that we don't have to fret about how we act..
    it's just way easier!?

    When you waste all of your time worrying about how others perceive you all you do is cheat yourself...
    plus you won't have as many regrets...

    like the Buck Owens song..

    you know..
    "They're gonna put me in the movies
    They're gonna make a big star out of me...

    Well, I hope you come and see me in the movie
    Then I'll know that you will plainly see
    The biggest fool that ever hit the big time
    And all I have to do is act naturally"

    I know, and she loves to tease me!

  18. cool. so you're saying us bloggers have found the perfect balance then, eh?

  19. ANGEL
    Well yes I suppose that I am!
    Who'd a thunk it?


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