Wednesday, May 07, 2008


You might want to try Pakistan?
It's like the worst kept secret EVER!



  1. If he remains unfound, is he that problematic?
    There has to be more important things to take care of in the middle-east. Priorities first!

  2. Wasn't he terribly ill? Maybe he's dead.

  3. If he's with Waldo, we've killed two birds with one stone.

  4. EM
    He is a world class sh*t disturber and unfortunately the CIA seems to have forgotten how to send out a few 'wet boys' and make it look like a stroke or a traffic accident.

    He has eluded the most powerful Military entity in History for over 6 years. One would guess that a 6'5" guy draggin' around a Dialysis machine and a $25 Million price tag on their neck would stick out a little in that part of the world (PAKISTAN)
    but apparently not.

    Most people are convinced that before any progress can be made in the 'Muddle' East, guys like him need to be sent off to meet the 72 virgins.

    He is mentally ill but harboring delusions of grandeur is no longer considered unusual. We would know if he was dead because his followers would make a big deal out of it and MatyrDUMB is a real honor.

    There is a very good chance that Waldo would be too scared to be hiding with Sam I Am. No Waldo would have turned himself into the Witness Protection Program if he knew anything...and collected the $25 Mil.

  5. I have a nasty feeling his nekkid but will be appearing on a filthy friday real soon

  6. Maybe he went for a magic carpet ride?

  7. He's living in a semi detached in Stockport.
    No one would look for anyone there.

  8. Anonymous3:42 p.m.

    "mission is impossible"

    Sounds like a job for Martin Landau...

    God I love that man.

  9. erm... if they catch him they'll have no more excuses?

  10. Look, I said this before, and I'll say it again. Bin Laden is holed up in a cave surrounded by a special Ops team who have agreed not to kill him until the last few days of the Bush administration, at which time they will "capture" him and give DUBYA a legacy. In return, Bin Laden will be given life in prison in Pakistan, where he will enjoy 72 virgins before he dies from complications of heart disease, eating all that Kentucky Fried Chicken (part of the deal).

  11. profuse props for the prolific patter poetically played at my place ...


  12. And I thought only Americans were obssessed with him. Now a Canadian? Ah well, you live in the same continent!

  13. He aint hiding he's a Democrat running for presidency......

    Whoops sorry wrong one.......

  14. hahahahaha @that last pic!

    They cant catch him cos he's a magician. :)

    Donn come take part in my current post...u can be Anonymous too.


  15. He's Bin Laughin!!!

    Here's my theory, and I like the Michael's take too. But if the Michael isn't right, contemplate this.

    They know exactly where he is. They could blow him to smithereens right now.

    Except then it would blow up Dubya's whole "War on Terror" ruse that has kept him in power and that has been keeping the American Military Establishment profiting by the billions, along with so many other American businesses in the supply, media and other industries.

    If Bin Laughin' is caught, the whole jig is up. The war that never should have been is over, it's the last blow to an American economy that's already dead in the water.

    And why would the Reflublicans want him to be caught now anyway?

    McCain's only hope is if Bin Laughin' DOESN'T get caught, so they can again scare the American public into believing the War on Terror will never end until he IS caught, and they'll claim that only a Reflublican government can do that.

    It's their only faint hope of trying to get American voters to forget the past eight disastrous years under Bush.

    And that makes all the more sense now that Hillary's going down the tubes and Obama (and his bring the troops home now mentality) will be the Democratic nominee.

    So while Dubya might be looking for some sort of last-second legacy that he ENDED the War on Terror by capturing Bin Laughin', it would screw up everything else for the Reflublicans, by their warped reasoning.

    And Bush will lose that battle.

    I wonder if the other fear is that if they capture Bin Laughin' and the Americans leave Iraq and Afghanistan faster than you can say Ayatollah, that Iran won't step in, invade Iraq or toss a few nukes at them, Pakistan and Afghanistan and REALLY create a war.

    Sorry. I'm going to go to sleep now.

  16. OMG!!!!

    I think he is under my bed... so scared... send the Canadian Mounties!

  17. he's with Mas Selamat Kasturi.
    ok, he's a terrorist that has gone missing from our side.

    and if my authorities read this, please know i am only writing in jest and don't throw me to the gallows.

  18. BEAST
    Would not surprise me at all if he showed up on Flthy Friday...
    MJ has some defintite boundary issues..
    and that's why we love her so.

    I like to dream yes,
    right between my sound machine
    On a cloud of sound I drift in the night
    Any place it goes is right
    Goes far, flies near,
    to the stars away from here..

    Stockport eh? Are housing costs cheaper than a semi detached cave with mountain view in Northern Pakistan?

    Dun dun
    dun-dun dun-dun da-da-da



    You win the Grand Prize
    If you don't have a mascot of evil it's harder to keep the people focussed...he is a bit too tall, dark & handsome to be the perfect villain but what are ya gonna do?

    Death by THE COLONEL would be considered more cruel and unusual than waterboarding! You may be right..that is a sweet deal for both of them.

    Thank You. I went a bit overboard but there was a hole in the space/time continuum and I suddenly remembered every P word that I have ever heard...which was exciting for me because I usually don't even remember where my Car Keys are.

    Oh come now..we are all interested in bin Hidin because he loves the attention and he loves being the uber villain of the new Millenium...he thrives on it.

    Did the Republicans pay you to say that?

    That photo is an excellent metaphor for the chasm between the strongest military entity in history and some Millionaire Terrorist hiding in a cave.

    Dubya's Dad didn't completely crush the Iraqi Army during the Gulf War because they didn't want IRAN to be able to invade IRAQ..
    they hate Iran more than Iraq.

    You're right...the GOP needs Osama out there to be their boogie man.

    bin Laughin HA! Good One.

    Mounties is a bad name eh? You would think that they would have chosen Mount-ERS..
    especially when their motto is they always get their man and their big PR show is called the Musical Ride..HELLO!

    oh well too late now.

    MasSelamatKasturi sounds like a disease of the Pancreas?

    I certainly hope that you don't end up in prison. I hear that the service is absolutely terrible!


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