Thursday, May 08, 2008


From this day forward I am swearing off MILK
and I feel like a real boob!


Because I'm not a bandwagon kind of person.

I am your basic everything in moderation (WhatEVER) but I suddenly realised DUH that I have never really spent any time thinking about why I drink Cow's Milk and swallowed all of those Milk Ads.

Drinking Bovine Milk is so ingrained into our culture that my decision to eschew it reminds me of those 'lightbulb' moments when you figured out the truth about Santa and the The Tooth Fairy.

Why are Humans the only animal that ingests the 'liquid meat' from another species? We picked the Cow because of it's docile nature..

but would you drink milk from a Platypus, Rat, Elephant, Pig, Dog, Cat, or another Human?

Did you know that 'Mother Nature' gives us the ability to metabolize lactose for a few years and then shuts off the mechanism?

The latest MILK NEWS is that breastfeeding naturally increases a child's IQ...
of course it does, it's HUMAN MILK, have a lash here

Cow's Milk is naturally designed to turn a 60 pound Calf into a 600 pound Cow in one year. It is a different species...
and modern factory Milking procedures have added a myriad of foreign chemicals; pesticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones to increase production.

We've gone from this..

to this..

not to mention keeping the Cow in an unnatural state of perpetual pregnancy.

If you've ever wondered why kids are growing so tall these days look no further for the culprit that I have long suspected.
Bovine Growth Hormones.

You can read the infamous Dr. Kradjan letter to his patients here

Now the Milk Industry has done a masterful job of promotion of creating goodwill and consumer confidence despite evidence to the contrary...50 to 75% of adults have problems processing lactose and the lactose-intolerance industry is now worth billions.

Other cultures that don't drink Cow's Milk have much lower rates of can get Calcium from Plants...and Vitamin D from the Sun.

Just look at these 'squeaky clean All American' images of Celebrities, Super Heroes and Super Babes

seriously can you think of a more wholesome product to endorse?

The Milk Industry's latest demographic target are Boomer Women who are aging ever so gracefully


how'd that get in there.

I love(d) a cold, tall, glass of Milk...
les sob les really big sob....
and I will try to eat less Cheese and Ice Cream and all of the yummy stuff that contains Dairy...
my body can handle a little..
what's Life without cheese?

I know that many people are taking notice of the reality of Dairy and the way that it is processed.

It feels almost sacriligious even questioning this Sacred Cow.
So if Milk really doesn't do a body good...
isn't it UDDER NONSENSE and is it time to Moooove on.

Howzabout You...Got Milk?


  1. ok now how am i going to eat my cereals?

    do bovine hormone makes guys grow boobs?

    if it does i see it as a solution to many world problems.

  2. Anonymous2:47 p.m.

    It is unnatural, but HOW can you resist this?:

    Go one. Have some. I DARE YOU!

  3. Anonymous2:49 p.m.

    Oh God, wait, this one is even better!

    Sometimes I enjoy the adverts more than the programme...

  4. Milk seals my valve. A parting of the cheese may follow...les sob indeed.

    Too much fun w/ the pics..oops! Ha!

  5. Sometimes I look at how something is now, and compare it to how it would have been several hundred years ago. The changes in attitudes, customs, and what was considered normal, are really quite amazing. I'm sure things changed quite slowly over a long period of time, but when you can look back at a completely different idea and contrast it to the one we think we know now, it shocks! This is just another example. Once upon a time, somebody said, "I know, I'll milk a cow," and his friends would have said the caveman equivilant of "That's gross!". Now we don't even think about it.

  6. Mother's milk is always best.

  7. Great pics, Donn! While there are people who become lactose intolerant (a lot of people lose the enzyme to break down the lactose because they stop consuming dairy products for a while (say, as a teen) and then try picking it up again later), for those who are not, it is a great source of protein. Not much different than eating those steaks and chops, you know, just in a liquid format.

    So if you don't have a problem with digesting it, why stop? If you eat animal protein in solid form, what's so different about drinking milk or eating yogurt and cheese? Nothing.

    And yeah, it is really gross eating cereal dry - and those soy milk products just are not the same!

    If you are that concerned about the growth hormones and such, go organic. It costs more but has less 'additives' in the cows' diets.

    My philosophy is, "just do it!" I love milk and yogurt and cheese and the 'scare' tactics that opposing groups always seem to put forth when they are against something just don't cut it for me. I will investigate and make my own choices, thanks. I've lived 50 years on cows' milk and am doing just fine. No intestinal issues either, so I guess I still have the proper enzyme in my system, but then I never stopped either.

  8. You, Ponygirl, are contrary, and must be stopped!

    Me, personally, only stopped drinking milk because It didn't mix well with alcohol. I kept up my tolerance to lactose thanks to ice cream, but now that I quit smoking and can't eat quarts of it anymore, I think I'm screwed, but then there's always beer.......

    Lite beer, of course.

    Organic beer.

    and it's less filling........

  9. All of a sudden, I don't want milk. That first picture is GROSS!! LOL...those are udders on steroids...hahahahahahaha!!!

  10. Well, the michael, it does mix just fine with some liquers - for example, Kahlua or Tia Maria. And Vodka (or Tequila) Paralyzers wouldn't exist if not for milk.

    I, for one, don't like beer, lite or organic or otherwise, so that's not an issue for me.

    Ice cream... well, that's another story! Yummy stuff, that....

  11. Kate Beckinsale revealed that she could squirt milk out of her breasts and across the room after giving birth.

  12. Like anything else, it's the factory-farmed crap that the big corporations who control our everyday lives are allowed to shove down our throats that is the problem.

    There's nothing wrong with milk from a healthy, well looked after, un-tampered with herd. To reject milk brings up the question of eggs and then meat.

    The only logical outcome is veganism and the environmental consequences that brings - an end to organic farming for one.

    We've been drinking milk for thousands of years and, like anything in moderation, it's good for you.

    A life without cheese isn't longer - it just seems that way.

  13. Ha ha!

    This reminds of: "Well, and what is cheese?

    Answer: Corpse of milk."

    (James Joyce)

    Yearh, I'm a milker/milkee/milklover :)

    Favorite way is chocolate milkshake, summer, and cappuccino in winter.

    We buy longlife, by the dozens, big milk family.

  14. I gave up dairy again yesterday. This time I think it's for good. I'm much less bloated without it. With it, I'm on my way to big daddy belly syndrome. And I'm no daddy.

    Also, my hay fever symptoms are less severe without it.

    Bollocks to the udder!

    Dry cereal SUCKS and Soy Milk SUCKS so you'll have to start using Gravy.
    If Guys grew boobs they'd never leave the house! So this would prolly cause more problems than solve them.

    Funny. Most of the stuff that we do is unnatural so basically we're totally screwed.

    I'm glad that you picked up on that..wicked. Milk makes my tumbly rumbly and I keep trying to overcome it by drinking MORE and then I pay for it...I don't know if I want to live in a world without Chocolate Milkshakes...
    prolly not.

    Excellent thought..who the hell was the first nutjob who decided to drink some Moo Juice? I suppose that it was a substitute for a child whose Mother had could not have been more than 10,000 years ago because they could not milk wild ox...I was going to make a comment about 'milking' Bulls but that is another post.

    The breastus is the wonder we get so attached.

    I never stopped either but during the last couple of years my stomach has taken issue..this is weird because my Dad was a MILKMAN and I used to drink gallons of it..literally.

    I am opposed to changing anything that I enjoy, but I think that this is one decision that my body is making for me...don't worry I'll make it pay dearly..somehow.

    I love Black Russians..Kahlua, Vodka & REAL Cream..MMMMM..I don't know..Oh and PARALYZERS!
    So I don't have any idea how I am supposed to go on to have any sort of meaningful existance without them.

    My teats are sore just looking at 'em! Those are Gazongas!

    I wonder if those Show Cows get Implants? Theyre udders are so ginormous now..wunka ka wunka ka wunka...
    it just looks so uncomfortable..
    they prolly get udder reductions when they are put out to pasture.

    Yes now you're talkin' my language PARALYZERS!
    I love Ice Cream but it just makes me I can't really understand why I would eat some on a hot day?

    That's because she has MAN HANDS! If you had a big set of mitts like her you would be able to do that too.

    I am glad to hear from the front line. As a culture we are blissfully ignorant of how food makes it to the store..growing up in the 60s I imagined that barnyards were all like the scenario in Babe and all of the critters were friends. I was pretty sure that we only ate animals that died of old age.

    I spent almost an entire month trying to rehabilitate a Vegan and get her to sink her pointy canines into some perfectly barbequed bovinic no avail...but she certainly made me realise how much I loathe Factory Farming..from now on I shall only eat animals that die of old age.

  17. SIENNA
    My Dad was a Milkman and I drank it by the bucket! Seriously I should have built up enough lactose annihilating enzymes to last me for a thousand years.

    We had a fridge in the basement filled with everything..OMG I just realised that I would have to give up Rum and EGGNOG!
    Forget it..I am calling the whole thing off.

    I hear ya! Why is it that the Bovine Growth Hormone seems to work on our 'stomach muscles'?

    Now that I am Middle Aged I can no longer afford to get all bloated and gassy and then 'toot' every time that I take a step in my slippers as I go Mall Walking...
    even if the ratio of Gentlemen to Ladies is 1 per 100...
    it's just not conducive to gettin' it on.

  18. Oops - thought I'd come to Infomaniac by mistake.
    I don't even like milk - just drink it because I'm a good girl.
    So you've given me permission to stop.

  19. but men love boobs.
    er, am i out of topic?

  20. Donn .. thanks for the lovely comments, clearly your dad had a sense of humor that you inherited along with your love of family...

    Seems almost wrong to say those things to you in the midst of all this udder nonsense .. ;-Daryl

  21. i tried cereal with some chocolate today. minus the milk that is. it was ok.

    heh manbearboobs.

  22. I've never been a big fan of milk. I think the only reason I drink it (occasionally) is because I think I'm supposed to.

    Being an individual who enjoys a big pair of tits as much as anyone, one would think I'd also enjoy milk quite a bit. But no.

  23. Actually, my favourite milk comes from the soy. I've never yet heard of a lactating soy bean and I defy you to find an offensive photo of soy tits. :)

  24. Donn, you will just have to buy stock in Lactaid - can't live without milkshakes and Paralyzers, now can we?

    Perhaps what you have is IBS and not a lactose intolerance, unless this bloating and tooting only happens with dairy consumption....

    Nah, just buy Lactaid by the case and you will be fine.... it's cheapest at Costco, by the way. Can't be gassing your lovely ladywife or anything like that...!

  25. KAZ
    HA! No kidding eh?
    Check out those moneymakers!
    Go ahead and try to stop..and you can't say dares go first. Neener.

    Yes this is a very serious site...highly structured and sensitive to everyone's feelings..pfft!

    Actually my Dad was a sweet guy and I inherited his Curiousity and Eyebrows, missed out on the Patience, Generosity, and Respect for Authority..My Mom gave me this wicked sense of Humor, along with Guilt, Germophobia, and an excellent Bullsh*t Detector.

    Cereal with Chocolate? WTH?
    Is that even legal?

    Back from oblivia... How are you?
    I think that most of us here think that we are SUPPOSED to drink milk..I actually LOVE the taste of MILK even if it is pure spring goodness from the centre of a cow.

    Now you don't really want me to go looking for that picture because you know darn well that somewhere out on the Interwebs, some sick, pathetic, twisted, tortured, soul, has in fact created an obscene photo of soy tits.

    Normally I do not usually discuss personal bodily 'mal'functions such as 'tooting' as they are a sure sign of genetic weakness and social depravity.
    Once exposed these achille's heels an invitation to be ridiculed by my fellow Darwinian Combatants..BUT...

    just so you know I don't actually 'toot'...EVER!
    In fact the last time any post digestive material may have accidentally escaped from my person would have prolly been in the late 50s.

    I actually have the countenance of a garberator and can easily handle anything from fresh sunbaked Roadkill to intergalactic plasmatic debris!
    A Paralyzer is mere child's play to my gut.

  26. i was born with a natural aversion to th e white stuff... but as i aged i progressed to where i do use skim in my coffee.. and have an occasional bowl of cereal.. but you wont catch me dead drinking a glass of it... maybe thats a good thing in light of this....

  27. Ah, well then, it must have been your evil twin talking about tooting as you went mall walking.... and what guy doesn't enjoy a good fart, anyways!?!?

    Tell that garberator of yours to pick up some Lactaid so the Paralyzers and milkshakes don't create any more subspace non-particulate gaseous substances.

    And I will be sure to not tell anyone about your possible genetic weakness.... no mention of toots allowed in public.

  28. My 4 kids were lucky enough to have been breastfed. Some mums cannot do it, an well, it is not something that comes naturally at ll, it takes time to learn and get to know your baby and your own body..aka, your boobs!
    Hell, ya feel like a cow and smell like chop suey when you have to use cabbgae leaves to reduce the redness of over supply, but what the heck, we love our babies right?
    Anyway, now they are growing up and drink over 3 litres of cows milk a day I might just need to get me one whole cow to milk!!!

  29. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I guess if you're not intolerant, it's the same as eating meat? aren't there lots of vitamins and minerals that are good for you dissolved in the fat of milk (which is why you miss out on those if you only drink skimmed) and they whey. . .

    interestingly, the girl I knew with the biggest tits when I was growing up was one whose dad was a butcher and they ate meat every night

    I'm an everything in moderation kinda gal, so I'll still be having my daily splash in my tea and coffee

    interesting about the osteoporosis tho!


  30. I'm not a big milk drinker so I'm sure that my glass of milk once a month will be alright.

    I could easiely part with it.

    However how can I, if I end up like Mr Fantastic from drinking milk. Now that's a way to pour a glass of milk!

  31. yeh thanks to you! now it shud be legal...coz it actually tasted good. oh its not the regular chocolate...duh! its chocolate hot drink...minus the milk.

    ive nearlly tried mayo...then im not a nutcase yet.

    I am having trouble with this because how do you eat Pancakes, for instance, without consuming a HUGE glass of ice cold milk to wash away all of the buttery syruppy goodness? CRAP!
    ..and how does one go about drinking Coffee without adding thick make-your-spoon-stand-straight-up CREAM!?!
    I am doomed.

    Let us never speak of bodily functions again, EVER!..
    they are so unnatural.

    Have you ever wondered why Bart Simpson always said,
    "Don't Have A Cow"? What does that mean anyway?

    Now I cannot erase the mental image of you reading the morning paper with a cup of coffe in one hand and Cabbage Leaves plastered on your boobs...thanks.

    Do you have any pictures of the Butcher's Daughter's 'rack' to back up your hypothesis..
    I'm sure that many of us would feel more comfortable if we had some hard evidence.

    I think that I can safely say without fear of contradiction, that most of us would rather have Mr Fantastic's abilities than almost any other super hero...sure beats lifting tanks or igniting.

    Sue Richards was the luckiest gal on earth.

    Adding Mayo to cereal!? That would be called heart attack in a bowl.
    I'm sorry to put you through this..just go back to using milk before you kill yourself.

  33. You like to suck the fun and joy out of everything, don't you? ;)

  34. She sure was

    although Mr Fantastic wasn't much to look at in his normal state

  35. "but would you drink milk from a Platypus, Rat, Elephant, Pig, Dog, Cat, or another Human?"

    You forgot fermented mare's milk. You Cossack! Oh wait....

  36. Oh no, I've already not eaten chicken since Easter because of battery farming, now you want me to give up cheese too? Maybe is the answer.

  37. i cant look at the tub the same way...well act i hated milk till i started drinkin it religiously a few years back. but i knew about the prion based diseases associated with it. the thing is the milk is so diluted and pasteurized that we are actually drinkin white colored water. but then there is no way of telling that the chemicals will b expelled too. sigh.

    oh btw...goat milk, now thats the best milk for anyone! bt its friggin expensive.

  38. yeah Donn I've got plenty of Milk but no one to drink it. I mean in my fridge LOL!


  39. ANNDI
    You cut me deep Shrek! I suppose that you're right...enough with the bad news..I need to find a happy-happy joy-joy posting to make amends..
    so let it be written,
    so let it be done!

    Well in the comics Mr Fantastic was a dashing Errol Flynn type guy with those distinguishing streaks of silver..
    and Sue wasn't in her 20s..
    it was more of a June-December thing.
    BUT the movie version made him too wimpy just like they did with Spiderman. Mercifully Iron Man seems to have finally get things right. Can't wait.

    MMMMM fermented Mare's Milk

    I don't know what is the answer...letting animals live a semi natural life free of torture and chemicals is a start..
    I will go to your link in a moment but I don't trust Blogger..
    it has had a mind of it's own for the past few days.
    How could we live without Cheese? Really?

    Do you mean to tell me that Goat's Milk is Safer or Gooder? Just because nobody pumps chemicals into goats? Or is it because Goats can digest anything from rocks to aluminum and nothing can infect or damage their system?
    Their pupils are sideways and that totally creeps me out.

    I am biting my tongue...must resist..can't let myself go there...fighting impulse to make reference to the obvious..
    C'mon C'mon 8
    Nooooo 5
    Almost there 3
    That was a close one.

  40. I read all that bad stuff about consuming milk several years ago. I tried switching to soy milk, but I just couldn't do it. I hate that beany taste. I'm somewhat lactose intolerant and have sinus issues that are probably aggravated by dairy consumption. Still, I love drinking milk and eating all sorts of dairy products. Ricotta cheese... yummmm!

    My ob-gyn recently advised me to drink more milk. She said I'd have to drink at least one litre of milk per day to get the calcium I need while pregnant. I'm up to two glasses of skim lactose-free milk per day plus other dairy products. My sinuses are killing me and I wonder if all the dairy is contributing to the pain. Although it could just be seasonal allergies intensified by the pregnancy. I'd love to be vegan, but I don't think now is a good time to be making such a drastic change. Besides, I've been craving bbq baby-back ribs for a couple of weeks.

    By the way, have I ever mentioned that I have a lactation fetish?

    This has got to be the most rambly comment I have ever left on your blog. My apologies.

  41. hahahahaha!


  42. i know you're right, and i agree with you that its unhealthy... but i so love milk... ice cold and full cream in a big mug. and cheese. and cottage sheese.

  43. ANNA
    One should never apologise for is fantastic to get such a reaction.

    Lactation fetish eh...who doesn't?
    Now I'm craving BB Ribs.

    I'm just throwin' this out there becauseI turned 50 this year and I am at the tipping point..the decisions that I make now are going to dictate what sort of shape I'll be in IF I make it into my 60s and beyond. What do I know. I'm just feeling the water.

    Talk about self restraint
    Um Hmm *snaps finger

    I know I's criminal to deny one's self such basic simple pleasures. What have I done?

  44. You want a really sick fact, the record production from one cow in one year is 75,275 lbs. Even by my maths that is over 30 tons in a year. I still drink the stuff, but not sure how much longer.


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