Monday, May 12, 2008


GENE SIMMONS (Chaim Witz) of KISS fame,
claims to have schtupped over 4,600 groupies, which would have meant that he literally Rock N Rolled all night and Partied every day during the 70s.


claims to have dunked his balls over 20,000 times!,

but I don't think that any Trophy Hunter in modern times can compare to

Although I have never heard Hef mention a number we can speculate..hmmm..
he has been at it since '53!

Let's assume that Hef takes Sundays off to watch TV with a bag of frozen peas in his underwear, that still leaves;
313 days a year X 55 years = 17,215 Playdates!

Here he is the other day seemingly none-the-worse-for-wear posing with the new Playmate of the Year, a Canadian gal named Jayde Nicole
(pictured here with her Mom)

Call me crazy but I think that Jayde looks more like Joan Rivers...
isn't that weird?

BUT there's always a BIGGER fish in the Pond and someone with more Trophies.

Men Love to pose with their Trophies..
one of these guys is holding a BARRACUDA
I had one follow me while snorkeling in Cozumel,
and the other guy is holding a MUSKIE ,
I had one that used to live under my dock...

notice a resemblence?
I sure did!

Trophy Hunters love to make their girlfriends or wives pose with their 'Big Ones'..
almost always in Bikinis..hmmm!

Men love to mount their Trophies!

although sometimes they're only Half Mounted?

I don't know if Gene or Wilt included Half Mounted Trophies but I wouldn't doubt it.
We almost never believe a Fisherman OR Men talk about the one that got away..they always exaggerate the truth...
and did I mention half-mounting..

So much has been written about these infamous male Trophy Hunters (yawn),
but do any of you have any idea who the Leading Ladies would be?
I'm talking about real Manhunters here...

Shelly Winters?

Mae West?

Anyone want to take a wild stab?


  1. I'm fairly sure that a couple of girls I went to highschool with would be up there... In fact they probably broke records even before graduating! Other than that... Zsa Zsa Gabor? Liz Taylor? Catwoman?

  2. If I press a button on those mounted fish, will they sing "Don't Worry, Be Happy" or "Take Me to the River"?

  3. By the way, I have loads of pics of nekkid fishermen if you're interested.

  4. Man hunters hey...well, I could start with "Hot Lips Houlahan" from MASH, LOL. Then I would sayyy... you stole Mae West from me, sort of, haha.

  5. Paris hilton....

  6. you want a pic of crusted emily?

  7. Hey, isn't that you mounting your trophy?

    Manhunters: Lauren Bacall. Tammy Faye Baker.

  8. Heeeey, I think I have one, remember Lady Campbell;

    "Campbell reported for her grandfather's Evening Standard, although former presidential speechwriter James C. Humes didn't think much of her work. "Lady Jean [sic] never would win awards for her journalism, but her libido, looks, and love life with the famous might have earned her an entry into Guinness's Book of World Records," he wrote in his 1997 memoir, Confessions of a White House Ghost Writer: Five Presidents and Other Political Adventures."



    "Can there ever have been a courtesan to rival Lady Jeanne Campbell," asked an item in the Observer on Sept. 23. "She conquered Kennedy, Khrushchev and Castro—in one year. Oh, and as if to dispel accusations of left-wing bias, she also availed herself of Oswald Mosley. Even Claus von Bulow, no prude, found her a tad 'fresh.' "

    ....and remember Carole Mallory?

    "Carole Mallory was a supermodel before the word was invented.

    She graced the covers of countless magazines, slept with a slew of famous men, developed a drug addiction, drank herself into oblivion and now lives quietly in obscurity with her second husband.

    So, when the news broke last week that Harvard University had bought her papers - a collection of unpublished memoirs, raunchy manuscripts and a decade's worth of diaries - it raised more than a few eyebrows."

    Then I have read a little about Tallulah Bankhead...

    "Decades after her heyday in the 1920s and 1930s, self-described “ambisextrous” stage and screen star Tallulah Bankhead is as famous for her bad-girl antics as for her acting talent."

    I think there have been some busy girls...these are just a few that come to mind, funny isn't it, what some folk love to wear as a badge of pride? Certainly a world of interesting and contrasting people out there. :)

    ...and! what about the Emperors and their harems...the Kings and Emperors!, one Chinese Emperor was said to have slept with 9 of his wives (meaning over one night) at full moon for optimum fertility (bearing children)...

    Busy busy boy!

    I wonder if they carried him between bedrooms on a stretcher?

  9. 'mounting' ur trophy? LOL hahahahaha!

    ok..finished laffing.

    Can ya come play detective in my current post Donn, tnxx!


  10. I remember a couple of girls in the 60s who just went for it. If there was a bloke there and nothing was going on then 'do it'kind of attitude. I found it a little strange, but maybe I was caught up in some weird concept that there was more to it than just a physical thing - where the f*** did I pick up that crazy notion.

  11. Cher? Betty White? Cleopatra?

  12. STACE
    Zsa Zsa! Liz Taylor! Of course..good answers.
    Catwoman prrrrrfect..
    oh the puns could be endless.

    I had one of those stupid singin' fish..I had to GUT it.
    I am certain that you have nekkid pictures of everyone on the planet.
    I don't know where you get them and I don't want to know.

    Joan Collins! Yes indeed she was..IS, still a Tiger.

    Is Mae West your hero? What do you mean I stole her? She has some of the best quotes everrrr!

    "A hard man is good to find

    An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises

    Any time you got nothing to do - and lots of time to do it - come on up.

    Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly

    Don't keep a man guessing too long - he's sure to find the answer somewhere else"

    she's got a million of 'em..

    EEEEEWWWWWW! I suppose that by the time she's done seh will have quite a few notches on her bedpost..
    I'm glad that somebody else is takin' one for the team!

    You make it sound irresistable! Mmmm..No Thanks.

    I should have included our group pjot with Dad's Northern...maybe I'll add it today but Bl;ogger is acting up again and I am afraid to open the Edit page.

    Bacall eh? Oh yeah now I know why you mentioned her. Tammy Faye? RIP.

    You've done your homework Bravo!
    Campbell, Mallory,and Tallulah Bankhead..awesome name...
    and AMBISEXTROUS is my new favorite word!
    I may call on you to do more research on the subject.

    Good One eh? I couldn't resist..especially since the metaphor lends itself to open ridicule and scorn on so many levels.
    Fishermen take out the most genetically gifted sperm/egg donors from the gene pool and then wonder where all the big ones are

    HELLO! Oh, There they are hanging on your f*cking wall!

    You are a hopeless Romantic Fool. Don't you remember the 60s slogan..
    "if it feels good, DO HER!"

    I'm just kidding of course the world is a better place thanks to a few brave souls like yourself who exercised restraint while everyone else was having the time of their life.

    Oh my word YES CHER!! Her boy toy period put the Women's movement on the map..and STREISAND!!
    How could I forget Babs?

    Betty White? Seriously?
    Don't you mean Betty Boop?
    Cleopatra (not tonight I'm having my pyramid) was a shrewd diplomat but she is a little too far back in time for this survey.

  14. Anna's right about Betty White.

    See how I made that rhyme?

    Remember Sue Anne Nivens on the Mary Tyler Moore Show?

    The Happy Homemaker?

  15. Hi Mistipurple ;) I would like to know who is reffered to as "crusted Emily"?

    It sounds like my name rolled in mud;
    kind of gross...
    kind of intriguing...

    And I nominate Samantha Jones from Sex and the City!

  16. MJ
    Isn't Betty White a 'nice' girl from Minnefrickinsota?
    I wasn't allowed to watch the MTM show because it's Uber Feminist content was going to ruin society.

    I am not sure if you really want to know about Crusty?

    Samantha Jones! HELLO! Although in real life Kim Cattral may not be as wild..she did write a guide to makin' whoopee though.
    I'll have to phone her and ask.

  17. I had P-LENTY to say after reading your fabulous post but then I read...

    "Men like to mount their trophies"...

    'Nuff said!


  18. MJ stole my suggestion so now I don't have any *sniff*

  19. 4,600? That's ALL? Hell, I've had so many I can't remember them all. Hmmmm, now that I think about it, I can't remember any of them. HMMMMMM....Maybe I didn't have ANY...........


  20. How can anyone believe those numbers? Surely one must lose count after a while. I reckon it's just exaggeration in recall.

  21. Whatevs. Gene has a lot of catching up to do if he wants to rival Gengis, father-of-us-all...

    I eat men for breakfast. With porridge, mind you. As part of a healthy, balanced diet.

  22. Margaret Thatcher

  23. now now, you KNOW a lady never really tells!
    i reckon the new playboy bunny definitely has something in common with rivers...

  24. I don't care who it is I'll take a stab at anything looking that good..

    Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy,

    Oh and I'll give any woman something ta hang her towels on!

  25. Oh I dont care much , who's shagging who unless...
    1.They are doin it to me
    2.I am doin it to them
    3.They are doin it on my dining room table without me being involved.
    Having said that Joan Crawford was reportedly a bit of a slapper

    You thought that there was something fishy about my theory? All that I am saying is that some people have a bizarre interest in other's people's bi'ness...statistically most people can count all of their lifelong encounters on their fingers (they don't need to take off their shoes to access more than 10 digits) and so when some schlemiel comes along and tells a 'whopper' of a tale we go HUH?
    As IF!

    That was so inconsiderate. I'll have a 'talk' with the meantime just make something up.

    HA! Most of us obviously don't have the resources, time, or energy to try to set any new world records. Aside from all of the psychological implications of the residual emotional effects of being a 'playa' most people are stalwart guardians of their domain and decide early on that they ain't givin' it you're normal.
    That'll be $200.

    I don't know if I can rely on self absorbed Megalomaniacs to supply authentic data...prolly not. Unfortunately our brains are wired to believe things that we input over and over and eventually we believe our own spin.

    I would file these so-called confessions under creative accounting practices.

    Eating men with porridge is a good source of Vitamins B and S.

    Margaret Thatcher, the Grocer's Daughter, a Cuckold!? Poor Denis, I had no idea...who were her victims..Ronny Raygun?

    Women and Guns hunting Beaver..I can hardly believe my eyes. How many comedic recipes could we whip up with that scenario?

    Bette Davis!! Hollywood Icon and Legendary notcher of bedposts..
    way ahead of the curve.

    "Her hair is Harlowe gold
    Her lips sweet surprise
    Her hands are never cold
    She's got Bette Davis eyes
    She'll turn her music on you
    You won't have to think twice
    She's pure as 'New York Snow'
    She got Bette Davis eyes"

    Who said anything about Ladies? We're talkin' Maneaters regrets, no apologies. An equal opportunist with attitude.

    Monroe was more of a victim in my books..she should have stuck with Joltin' Joe and stayed away from those other schmos. Jackie had a 'Ladies Man' Daddy as a role model to help make her an enabler.

    Aside from husband #2 Ari, and the Jeweller guy, who else are you implicating?

    HA! Mommy Dearest YES YES YES!
    I think that extra bonus points are awarded for tying your children up in their rooms so that you can get it on with your leading man.

  27. Bette Davis? I bet she was a total slag

  28. I figure I'd better have more sex.

    According to your scores, I've only used my allowance up to about 17.

  29. jolie stole pitt from aniston right? oh well...I hope someone man-eat me soon...if not im going the other way. :D nope...thats not serious great god in the sky...I am straight.

  30. Golden Girl's character that Rue McClanahan played:Blanche Devereaux.

    And a police office's wife that was a nymphomaniac,in Florida.Her husband used to hide in the closet,while his blond bombshell frau,entertained gentlemen.If you find something fishy about this story,check it out for yourself.I am not sure of the tally of the gentlemen,but I would not be surprised if she should not win the trophy.


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