Monday, May 05, 2008


We all know that Cats and Dogs can be trained to get along...even be bestus buddies. The old saying that there are no BAD Dogs only BAD owners has merit. Animals react to their instincts and adapt to their 'environment'.

Dogs, have a 'Pack Mentality and Hierarchical Imperitive' burned on their hard drive, if they have the misfortune to be raised in a hostile enviwrongement, then they are scared, frustrated, and angry, and become what we call BAD.

It is the BAD owner's fault and they are the ones who should be euthanized...

OK, OK, or atleast prevented from ever 'owning' a pet...
the hyperbolic resolution is a bit *drastic.
(*whispering but it's how I really feel about it)

With Cats, well, who the hell knows?

Despite the prevailing folklore about the two species, we know that the two species can get along...share space, play together, and be protective of each other.

Like it or not people react to their environment too.

Children need to be trained to be scared, frustrated, angry, and full of hate.

Statistically speaking, only a very minute percentage of our population are natural born psychotic nutjobs.

In an effort to sell 'papers' the modern Mediarazzi would have us believe that our neighbourhoods are brimming with serial killers and terrorists.
The sad truth is that most of these maladjusted sociopaths were created by their 'owners'. So why don't we prosecute them?

So why don't we spay and neuter those 'bad breeders'?

Children are molded.

In the West we allow them a few "Fairy Tale Years' in which we pretend to live in an Everything is Beautiful scenario and protect them from reality.
Then we suddenly start streetproofing them and warning them about stranger danger.


What we forget is that in many parts of the world, including the West, far too many children are being taught to hate from the getgo. An endless cycle of traditional religious, racial, and political prejudice, is perpetuated by their 'owners'.
None of whom seem willing to accept responsibilty for their transgressions...they find solace in congregating with like minded bigots and eschew the modern world and it's hardfought and costly efforts to overcome these completely manmade rivalries.

I'm not just pointing fingers at the usual suspects, recent outbreaks of 'inter-tribal' genocide can be found in almost every corner of the globe.

Some of them get more press than others, but it happens anywhere that you find people.

Plato understood 2,300 years ago that in order to save society and develop a nation of Philosopher Kings that he would need to rescue young children from their parents before they were tainted.

If benevolent Aliens ever invade Earth (as if!) to intervene and attempt to rescue us from ourselves, the FIRST thing that they would do, would be to systematically sterilize humans and only offer an antidote to those who had been properly rehabilitated.
This sounds so totally Fascist but let's face it;

there are far too many people who should never-ever-ever be allowed to own Pets, nevermind raise Children.

Do you Agree or Not So Much?
and who should, could, or would, decide?


  1. Agree.

    And doing my bit by not reproducing.

  2. Natural selection.

    Oh yes, and all those bottles of Sunny Delight.

  3. Anonymous6:41 p.m.

    you know I agree, oh mighty donn. Except for one small thing: Dogs may get along with cats, but cats merely tolerate dogs. End of.

  4. Anonymous6:42 p.m.

    by the way, did anyone see that 'spy in the jungle' tiger natural world thingummy where elephants followed tigers around with cameras FOR REAL!!??? Awesome. Lots of cute tiger-cuddling in there, if you're into that kind of thing.

  5. Cats can really like dogs.... have had mine do that for real - they play, cuddle, seek out the dog for company, clean the dog and care for it as it aged. So they don't just tolerate dogs. 'Course, that all depends on the cat... and the dog.

    Myself, I agree wholeheartedly with you, Donn. I have a dog, a cat and a horse. All three are well behaved (well, the cat will try to bite if he doesn't know you, but once he does.... he's a pretty cuddly guy most of the time) because that is what I expect and that is how they have been raised and trained. Well-mannered and respectful.

    I have no kids - just was never in the cards, I guess, but if I did, they would be the same as my pets - well-mannered and respectful - to everyone - because that would be what I expect - because that is how I was raised - and because that is what is right.

    'Course, if they got outta line, there'd be hell to pay, I am sure! A good whoopin' never did nobody no harm - we all survived that stuff just fine. It is the current young generation that seems to be so totally out of control - not all, but so many know no discipline whatsoever.... and that ain't right.

  6. Love the Irony 101 -- a cruel twist of feet pic on your never-ending sidebar.

    I don't agree that anyone, including aliens, can legislate an end to our most primitive but overriding instinct -- to reproduce and propogate the species.

    You know better than I do that in every species, including us, there are the majority, which are good and functional, and there's the minority, which are neither.

    There will always be bad parents and there will always be bad offspring, mostly as a result of a lacking environment.

    In the wild, those dysfunctional or disruptive members of the herd or pack or whatever are shunned and discarded from the "society" and forced to survive on their own.

    In humans, we complicate things by realizing most of these people are products of poverty or lesser status.

    We feel guilty as a result, we don't know how to handle them, and our legal system reflects that. We don't know how to rehabilitate them and we can't.

    But neither can we just let them run rampant the way they are now in our societies, raping and killing and destroying the rest of us.

    This is too complex an issue. In your scenario, if aliens came here, the first thing they should do is abolish all mind-altering, addictive drugs (ha! Maybe then we'd ALL become basket-cases).

    Then, take all of the people you're talking about. Transport them to a new world, with resources, kind of like in One Million B.C.

    And let the strongest survive. With equal resources, no alcohol or drugs and the challenge of only the fittest will make it, and no one's going to save them with government handouts or whatever, the will to survive and thrive would be at the forefront again.

    Sorry, but you asked.

  7. Bring back Eugenics... Vermont actually passed a law in the 1931's to sterilise mentally retarded persons, or anybody they judged to be mentally retarded. Maybe we should bring that back, but include "those deemed unsuitable as parent figures" or something.

  8. awwwwwww I love the cute cat n dog pics Donn!

    I just feel animals can be much more intelligent and loving than some fucked up humans.


  9. In Canada, in our own province of Alberta, eugenics was instituted in the 1950s.

    A woman named Leilani Muir was sterilized, along with hundreds or thousands of other so-called mentally deficient people.

    In the 1990s, she and/or lawyers on her behalf successfuly sued the Alberta government for wrongdoing.

    Our society or legal system is unprepared to tell anyone, including mentally challenged people, that they can't have babies.

    How will we ever get to the point where we'll make it illegal for people who AREN'T mentally challenged by medical decree, but who are dysfunctional because of socio-economic conditions, that THEY can't have babies?

  10. Need a license to drive but not to reproduce....

  11. Perhaps a group consisting of a government body, existing parent groups, children, and academics, should all get together and write a test for prospective parents. Without passing that test, the hopeful mums should be forced to continue taking the pill or those injection things so they don't conceive. If the prospective parents fail the test 5 times they should be rendered permanently infertile.

    I'd happily pay tax towards such a program. Reducing unwanted/accidental/neglected children would reduce all the problems associated with them, and reduce the costs of law enforcement, the legal/court process, and juvenile prisons - and hopefully later on, adult prisons would also see a population drop.

    Or is that a little too right wing??

  12. I agree and I think it should be left up too me to get as many good little snakes into this world as possible......

    Right Who's first?

  13. I Agree! i love dogs... i have a sad story...dunno told u or not. we had this dog for so many years...always fed with home food. guy eats what we eat no leftovers, etc. my grandma even feeds it with hand coz he likes her so much.

    one fine day came pedigree. so we fed him pedigree that day coz it looked healthy and good for dogs n stuff. the next day, boys gone. :( everyone cried. we never found him. thats love, and how he must have thought we didnt love him no more.

  14. MJ
    What a shame...You are cute, smart, and funny, and that is exactly what we need more of in the gene pool.

    Are you referring to those TV Ads with the Soccer Moms who always have their fridge stocked with Sunny D for all of the neighbourhood kids?

    We may never know what Cats 'think' but I have known a few that seemed to actually like Dogs...atleast playing with them..when they felt like it.

    Tigers eh? There was some guy in Alberta who kept a Tiger as a pet until it swiped his Girlfriend and opened up an artery and she bled to death..then last week some other guy had a pet Lion that escaped...I have no idea how these people are allowed to keep giant cats?

    That menagerie sounds kewl..except for the bitng Cat..OUCH I hate those little needle teeth..especially accompanied by all the claws sunk into the same part of your body...F*CK that hurts!

    Thank goodness you sound more fascist than I don't need to be poor to be hooked on drugs..and we need to decriminalize them and treat addiction as a disease and not as a criminal entity...cut out the Gang involvement.

    If we plopped all of those people in some Darwinian lottery the most violent aggressive nutjobs would kill off the rest and then figure out a way to come back and tear us a new one for sending there! Don'tcha think?
    Political Correctness is killing prevents us from staright talking intervention methodologies and perpetuates the role of the needs to be addressed on an individual basis...look at how the same 20 homeless people downtown cost the system millions of dollars every year...a lot of this goes back to the Government offloading all of the mental health patients and dumping them on the street...the private sector never did get involved and save the day...not enough money in it I guess.

  15. STACE
    In this PC day and age such notions are seen as Nazi-like totalitarian wetdreams. Somewhere along the line, somebody literally interpreted the notion that we are all created equal..
    nobody should be denied the right to try but if you suck at it then it isn't being prejudiced to let you know that you suck..we can't just stick somebody in a job because they're statistically desirable...

    the idea that we are all equal is ludicrous of course and the chasm between rights and abilities widens every year and it is further complicated by the difference between the greater good and personal entitlement.

    Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

    Aren't they cute? We give animals a break because they don't know any better..people do and that's what pisses us off so much. Only the most deranged psychotic nutjob is unaware that a criminal act is that the courts don't enforce any retribution the general public is losing respect for it and that is the dangerous part...

    if the vast majority of regular folk decide hey this piece of crap legal system isn't working so why should I adhere to these rules?

    The old fashioned way..down the barrel of a gun! There is no other way to legislte reproductive rights
    except by substituting Flu shots and Fluoride treatments with secret infertility drugs and do a little weeding in the garden.

    We have to keep in mind that occasionally extrordinary people manage to crawl out of these socio demographic segments and that the thought of a world filled with vapid Middle Class suburbanite consumer drones is equally discouraging. This whole thing makes our Misanthropic daydream as ludicrous as it is dangerous.

    Speaking of which my oldest son got his Driver's License yesterday and he will be off to Chicago for Lollapalooza this Summer..oh to be young again.

    Anyway First and Foremost; everybody should need to take a test and pass a course to own a Pet
    Contraception should be FREE forget the Moral Majority and their bonehead antiquated ideas that their perfect little robotic youth aren't doing it HELLO!

    What pisses me off is that because our Corporate/Government is only interested in consumer drones they need as many as possible. They don't seem to care about what kind of shape their in or how much it costs to keep them under control..they just need warm bodies to fill the the fillers at the Oscars.

    We know that the crime rate dropped here in North America because there were more pregnancies terminated due to the Abortion legislation in the 70s. Unfortunately there is a direct link.
    I like your idea of the test but it would need a special clause or exemption for those parents who have an exceptional propensity to deliver a nurturing environment despite the other factors....I mean we are playing god here afgterall.

    OK we'll let you do the interviewing for the first 10 million people and then we'll bring in a sub.
    Ready? GO!

    Are you sure it was because of the food? Very Sad. Maybe he fell in love and eloped or somebody picked him up because he was so adorable?
    It's awful not knowing what happened. They certainly become a part of the family...

    that unconditional love (however anthropomorphic) is just so alien to us humans that we are in complete awe of how our Dogs can manage this altruism and we can't.

  16. Perhaps we should institute the same kind of process with people that dog breeders (of certain purebreds) in Europe have to go through with their dogs before they are 'certified' to reproduce: they have to be a couple years old (the dogs, that is), have to pass rigorous medical exams including xrays of hips and elbows, genetic testing for certain diseases, opthamology certification for eyes free of specific diseases, and best of all, temperament testing to make sure they have the personal qualities that are desirable to pass on to future generations. Meaning, that snarky, yapping little poodle down the street that looks like a weiner dog with a perm (despite having 'papers') would not be fit to add to the gene pool.

    By the way, the cat is declawed, and he nips to say 'don't touch me' when he doesn't want to be touched - been that way his whole life, so it is just him - but at least after 14 years, I can read him like a book and know when to expect one of his outbursts.

  17. I'm doing my bit as well by not reproducing.

    Honestly I couldn't handle the responsibility of raising a child. I can't even take proper care of myself, how could I possibly take care of another human being

  18. people should be tested for sociopathic psychosis and if they have it they should be STERILIZED before they can reproduce. think it isn't organic? it is. think it doesn't show up in young kids? please. were you ever a room mother at your kids gradeschool? HELL, WERE YOU EVER A KID IN GRADESCHOOL?

    *hyperventilates into paper bag*

  19. I've always had a rather "fascist" approach to the human race, thinking it rather odd that we can license people to drive cars, yet reproduction is "hands-off, we's gots a RIGHT to marry our sisters" type of deal which has screwed up the gene pool so badly we might not ever overcome the damage that surivival of the fitest might have prevented. I can think of all kinds of methods, from "you want health insurance, you get your tubes tied" types of encouragement, to developing a sterility bug/fertility drug program that requires high school diplomas and clean DNA profiles to participate. I know this raises the hairs on many a neck, but I've had to shop at Winn Dixie, and it aint pretty!

  20. Anonymous5:19 p.m.

    I had an argument the other day with my course mate from Alaska who claimed that Britain 'doesn't have any wild animals'. She is, of course, quite mistaken. Besides the common British Elephant and the Yorkshire Moose, there are whole tribes of assorted escapee Big Cats lurking about our hills and moorland....

  21. We "play god" in every other way... humans don't like to admit that we're only animals, we try to beat nature all the time.

    You know, it occurs to me that even by having children we deny our instincts. Almost any animal will cease or reduce breeding in times of drought/starvation, knowing instinctively that a baby brought into the world is unlikely to survive at such a time. Why don't humans do that? We do the opposite - generally speaking, a poorer or less educated couple will have more children than richer parents. Interesting.

  22. The only clear thing to me is who IS deciding: "the Decider" and other "leaders" around the globe who are equally underdeveloped emotionally and spiritually but who, because of their fixation on amassing wealth and power, end up able to overrule and silence the wise - or, for that matter, even those who have their heads, say, just half-way out of their - uh, underpants.

    That could possibly be the fatal flaw of homo sapiens. No, not the underpants; the fact that those with larger, more generous inclinations don't spend their lives mindlessly gathering power and wealth for their own sake. Instead, they grow up to become mature, peaceful, serene folks, now and then even widely known and respected, like, say, the Dali Lama - good, wise, peaceful people who grow up to have their countries stolen from them.

    It makes sense. People who make their whole lives about greed end up having big piles of stuff, including the equipment needed to get stuff out of other people's smaller piles. People who don't share this fixation rarely happen to amass such big piles.

    So blockheads generally rule the planet, while people who've been busy thinking out long-term solutions because they care more about future generations than about getting big piles of stuff sit around on their duffs at the end of the day sadly shaking their heads and wondering what went wrong.

    I've never thought highly of trying to predict the future, but to me it looks like an increasingly safe bet than things are going to get much much worse. If so, then at some point things will go so far that even those with the really big piles will see that their own stuff could be in danger.

    Then the question will become whether there's enough resilience left in our species and in the kind of habitat we will have substantially destroyed (the one that suited us so well for all those ages...) for us to make a comeback. If we can't, then the earth will have another five billion years of sunshine for the cats and dogs to come up with a better system. And if things go this way, I'm betting on the cats, since dogs have a tendency to resemble their owners...

  23. Within without said: "In humans, we complicate things by realizing most of these people are products of poverty or lesser status."

    I do not entirely agree with that statement. Privileged offspring just have more socially acceptable ways to be sociopaths, and better lawyers.

    Parenting is only part of the problem. Increasingly, a child's environment in the US is suffering from a lack of parenting. In business, there is a concept for managers known as "span of control." Following this model, daycare centers are grossly overcrowded. One also must remark on the problem of proper discipline, and lack of education about meaningful consequences. Parents insist that no one discipline their children, but they are not there to do it either. The equation of corporal punishment to abuse, right or wrong, has not resulted in better-adjusted kids. We need a better system. Don't even get me started about the dominance monkey-games of the school yard. Talk about teaching kids to hate each other....

  24. Somehow I am saddened. Those who want to me mothers cannot be...

    Have you ever seen the movie Best In Show? That pretty much sums it up for me. I almost always watch the Westminster Show and I marvel at how well these Dogs live compared to most people.

    I would be afraid to sleep at night with your cat prowling you lock your bedroom door?

    Actually you just rise to the do things for your kids that you would never do for yourself...and it's completely selfish want to be on their good side so that they'll take care of you when you start having 'procedures' every second week, your metabolism is about as vibrant as a hibernating sloth, and you eat breakfast at 4am, lunch at 10 and dinner at 2 in the afternoon.

    When you're right,you're right! You CAN spot'em in Gr 2 when they satart torturing small animals..and there is no known cure..other than the business end of a shovel.

    You ain't whistlin' Winn Dixie! But we need Consumers..and lots OF them...
    and the dumber the better!

    How it pains me to agree with the brash Yank but aside from Soccer Hooligans there isn't anything furry that weighs over 10 pounds scrurrying about your countryside...
    your ancestors pretty much eliminated all of the predators a thousand years ago and decimated most of the herbivores too.

    Hey atleast you can walk in the woods..we have things that will eat you and your horse!

    We are so out of touch with our natural is disturbing that the countries that can least afford to be overpopulated do so..but this is a natural occurence because the mortality rates are higher so they are hedging their bets...sad but true.
    Plus The Pope needs to OK contraception HELLO!

    Bravo! Well said my usual.
    You forget that 'Whoever dies with the most toys..WINS!'
    I think that the insecurity of owning stuff should be obvious but most people seem to think that it means that you are smart. Well, you can't take it with you. Reminds me of all that Vanity stuff that Solomon talked about...I guess he should have been more specific.

    I'm goin' with the Dogs because there are more of them.

    I think that we get a little closer to that point every year..tick tock.

    Spare the rod eh? Well I'm old school but it does take a village to raise a child. Throughout most of our existance we lived in clannish bands and everyone knew everyone . Their were consequences for not stickin' to the rules..usually dire.
    Now that we are so disconnected from our clans and it takes two incomes (or one whopper) just to live people don't have as many options if they want to keep up with the Jones..although I said screw the I said I'm Old School.
    The system as it stands doesn't hold anyone accountable anymore..unless you are part of the underclass then your ass is grass...but people see white collar criminals get away with murder and say whatever.

    It certainly seems that way and it is sad. We have had generations that have expected the Government (with our money) to pay them for having kids..they totally feel entitled..that it is some sort of RIGHT?
    I'm telling you, we need to place a prophylactic enzyme in the drinking water.

  26. Donn, I don't HAVE a bedroom door - I live in a 108 year old house with doorways that are 5'10" (and I am 5'9"), no square corners or straight lines. The cat is great with everyone as long as he either knows you or you keep your hands to yourself. That's the only time he gets snippy. (Although that scenario will change in July when I move into the 'real' house that I just bought! Wuhoo!)

    I haven't seen Best In Show, but I do watch the Westminster Dog Show every year, and go to some of the local ones. They used to have a big annual one at the Convention Centre but that seems to have disappeared - which is too bad, because it was a great venue for a dog show. But I agree with you about how they live - although I bet the dogs would rather just be dogs and not have to go through all that batheing, clipping and primping for hours on end. Can you imagine how embarassed those poodles feel with all those pompoms and their naked bums???!!!

  27. re. "spare the rod". I don't think a system that has a wide margin for abuse is the answer either. I just observe that parents are afraid to get physical at all with their kids and I think this is too far to the other extreme. The real world contains a certain amount of brutality. I don't think you do kids any real favors to make them believe that they are protected from this. Furthermore, the total lack of physical discipline has not lived up to its promise of better-adjusted citizens. I don't recall anyone shooting up high schools when I was a kid. I do recall an incident between my best friend and his dad. We were being snotty little brats and he mouthed off, "You can't win 'em all" as a polite way of saying F-you. His dad responded, "No, but you can win some of them", and gave my friend a swift boot in the ass. This did not result in any medical bills, or life-long trauma. We didn't know we were supposed to be traumatized, we thought it was a valid come-back.

  28. Plus, they need more bodies to send to Iraq for our 100 year occupation.

  29. I have a feeling that Nature will find a way to adjust to the crowding...a pandemic or two, coupled with a few catastrophic geological events= clean slate.

    I agree that we are overbreeding, but I would fight any government attempt to regulate childbearing. The 'approval' process would certainly become corrupt and would probably lead to the ultimate de-evolution and stagnation of humankind, with a handful of elites desperately cloning inbred stock and wondering why Junior isn't as cute as predicted...or was that on BG? It's confusing.

    Waiting for the Aliens.


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