Wednesday, April 16, 2008


..and the Luckiest Bastard In The Universe Award goes to....


  1. Subtitles. I need subtitles.

  2. Wouldn’t a poke in the eyes have done the trick?

  3. Yikes.....I would have crapped in me wetty

  4. Damn! He survived? What does it take to cull this damn species? FIVE sharks?

    Maybe I just didn't train those two well enough......

  5. I'd hv passed out long time ago.


  6. It's a little out of focus, all I see are two yellow arrows moving and a blonde with a fabulous accent

    Did he lose his hand?

  7. ZOMG! the attack...i can understand...but that two huge yellow arrows! that analysis undermines the whole damn thing. Im staying away from water for a while...i mean what if right?!

  8. MJ
    If I started writing about Great Whites it would end up being a 20 paragraph thingamabob...
    this was a true test of self restraint..
    even now I feel the urge to talk about Great Whites..
    must save others....
    from my tedious scientificky explanationalisms.

    Totally crap my wetty. I'm always amazed at surfers..seals and dolphins love to surf..GWs figure this out..surfers look exactly like seals in their wetty..hmm

    Dude! Surfers Dudes don't go down easy Dude...because they are totally rad and gnarly...don't be mad at the sharks bra...they were like totally just messin around.

    I guess that you'll want to go running off to the beach now! This video was shot in Sith Ahfrikka but Australia is the other hotspot for GWs...the surfer dudes blame the tourist cage diving excursions for making the sharks associate people with food (burly/chum)...

    I kahnt undahrschtand Sith's almost like Strine. I saw it on TV a while ago and I think that he just got nicked in the hand..either way he used up all of his luck in one day.
    He'll prolly get a piano dropped on him and get struck by lightning after he gets home from the hospital.

    Without those arrows most people wouldn't realise what is going on...there seems to be a couple of dolphins swimming in the foreground and that's prolly what the Whites were chasing until they saw this irresistable entree on the surface.
    Most people assume that sharks hate the surf because all of the sand gets in their gills..HELLO!

  9. What would it take to get this guy excited? I'd be walking on water if I saw those sharks!

    Aussies-we didn't understand most of what they said when we visited downunder, but they were all just as laid back as the Surfer Dude.

  10. Cheers to that *raises glass*

    Did he not speak English?

  11. That would be just a little too much excitement for me. I think I'd be crying during that interview if I was him.

    I have that Hall & Oates song in my head now. You know the one...

    Whoa-o here she comes
    Watch out boys
    She'll chew you up!
    Whoa-o here she comes
    She's a maneater!

  12. u kno...probably they let him go coz of that ununderstandable slang...coz all sharks know proper English.

    Jokes aside, I seriously wonder how the survivor sleeps at night. :(

  13. Thank God for the 'Attack Analysis' - Without that sophisticated commentary I'd've never known what was going on.

  14. DAmn, that's already been brought up. Well, so much for me trying to be witty. I'm going back to not being around again. For a bit.

  15. ZOMG~ This blog delivers... always!

  16. Ya really do have to hand it to the boy aye?
    Oh I wonder if he is still surfering.

    Kewl as a cucumber! I would have had a heart attack..of course you couldn't get me out in the water knowing what I know about sharks...unless I was in a small submarine.

    It's Afrikannerlish...our countries are divided by a common language eh?

    Good One! Actually sharks can't chew. Big ones like these Whites can easily rip off a 30 pound chunk. They really on serious stomach acid to break it the creatures in Alien!

    He was prolly back in the water as soon as he could get there because what are the odds of that happening twice? Impossible..OK almost impossible.

    Off on another walkabout are we? Take care of yourself..I miss you already. Hope it isn't anything serious...don't take too long.

    Isn't that video unbefrickinlievable!? If you stood on the shore and filmed for a thousand years you would never capture another scene like that.
    It's moments like this that make me really wonder WHY at that moment on that particular day all of these events perfectly coincided..Hmmm?

    These bad boys are swiming right off the coast of San Fran...
    it's one of the Great White hotspots in the entire world. I'll bet that you're dialing the number of a Surfboard shop right now.

    Well put! More people are killed by lightning, bees, hippos and christmas tree lights than sharks. Of the 60 Million recorded deaths last year only a handful were from shark attack..of course someone whould have to witness....never swim alone.

    Have you forgotten how invincible you feel when you're that age? You're gonna live forevah! His testosterone levels are still off the charts and he was prolly ready to go within a week...I should find out.

  18. And I was thinking of going surfing today - I'll put a bit more time into my stamp collection.

  19. Oh I am oh SO well aware of that! I will go to the beach and admire it but everyone that knows me well knows that no amount of money will have me insert even a toe in the SF waters!


    I am 100% a land animal and a city girl at that! THANK GOODNESS!


  20. I think the reconstruction/analysis should've been made using Action Mad and a couple of sardines...
    It would've been a lot more interesting than the two arrows.

  21. ** tourist cage diving excursions

    I can u'stand that. Cos it prolly makes the Sharks think of humans as bait.


  22. YIKES!! (As I never swim again.)

  23. hey i am back on line
    will be posting more ofter
    its good to be home

  24. ちょww 普通のロー○。ンをあんな風に使うなんてどういうテクしてんだよww

  25. ちょww 普通のロー○。ンをあんな風に使うなんてどういうテクしてんだよww

  26. This is why I love my country... you know, there's a beach down south called Safety Beach, but it used to be called Shark Bay. I wonder why they renamed it...

  27. ah, a south african... he's very lucky indeed.
    sorry our accent is so flat allbodies!


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