Monday, April 21, 2008


I received an e-mail that stated that the UK was removing the Holocaust from it's Educational curriculum because it was offensive to Muslims. Fortunately this is NOT true. I also found another false story stating that this was happening at the University of Kentucky (UK), which is also untrue.

In May the state of Israel will celebrate it's 60th Anniversary. There are now 7 million inhabitants living in this tiny (+/- 8,000 sq. mi.) country which is probably most famous for containing all of the important biblical landmarks.
Historically the European Nations tried to convert and colonise the entire world under the guise of Christianity. reality it was about money, power, and territory..OK it was about money.
For that bit of world domination you can thank the Roman Emperor Constantine who made Christianity the official Religion of the Roman Empire and of course Saint Paul. Christianity started out as an offshoot of Judaism. Had it not been for Saul of Tarsus aka Paul, and his remarkable efforts to proselytize the neighbouring countries, Christinaity would have no doubt been eventually reabsorbed into Judaism as the majority of the apostles had attempted to accomplish back in Jerusalem.
Whether or not you are as skeptical of the historicity of the Bible as I am, the fact remains that the Government of the reigning Superpower, the USA, and the UK which was the reigning Superpower of the last Century, are both deeply committed to preserving the State of Israel. This is largely due to the fact that so many of it's inhabitants regard this piece of Middle Eastern Desert as 'Holy Ground'.

For many believers the stories from the Bible are MORE REAL than any other part of fact they refer to it as 'HIS Story'. I grew up in an era when it was still fairly unthinkable to question the accuracy of the 66 books of the Bible (Protestant Version of course) from Genesis to Revelation.
Any of you who were in grade school in the early 60s know what I am talking about.

In two short generations it is finally OK to look at what was going on in the rest of the world before and after the so called Biblical Era. However there is no doubt that nothing, including both progress and conflict, has steered the direction of history in the Western World over the past two Millenia, than those who believed (whether superficially or devoutly) in the authenticity of the Biblical stories.

Humankind entered the new Millenium still filled with purposely incited Religious hatred and violence. Ignorance and the hesitation for many Humans to accept the relevancy of scientific discoveries, were painfully thwarted for hundreds of years by religious objectionists.
The newest obstacles to progress have been brought to the forefront by the twisted logic of politically motivated extremists who have bastardized the relative newcomer on the block, Islam.
I can't help wondering when Muslims are going to finally get fed up with the sociopaths that have kidnapped their brand and 'take care of their problem'?

More than anything I appreciate Israel for it's attempts to operate a Democratic system of Government....because aside from Turkey, it is the only democracy in the Middle East...a part of the world which is notorious for being openly hostile to issues of basic Human Rights.
That being said many would argue, including Amnesty International, that Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is a dismal failure.
There are always three sides to every story but to be fair not very many modern countries have to deal with 600 million immediate neighbours who want to vaporise your population and melt your desert into glass via a thermonuclear device.

I am crossing my fingers that these intolerant, historically-challenged, idiots who want to reduce the world to cinders based on their gross misinterpretation and reinvention of their sacred scriptures, do not take advantage of this anniversary to strike a blow that could set off World War 3.
No doubt the Israeli Government and it's Western Allies have been preparing for such an event for years but hatred can be very diabolically inventive. ..
as the world discovered some 60 years ago when the Allies liberated the Death Camps of Europe. This horrendous discovery proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Humans are far too easily swayed to inflict unbelievable, inhuman, suffering and pain on their neighbours. ..and it was by no means limited to the Nazis. The victims of Stalin and Mao vastly outnumbered the unfortunate Jewish population of Europe..not that there is any reasonable way to calculate the degree of inhumanity through mathematical data. One Person is too many.

Historically religious bigotry and intolerance have continuosly pushed various groups of Humans over the edge. It is usually used as a 'front' for economic and political gains, but few weapons offer a more explosive ignition to incite hatred.
Religious intolerance seems to be the most powerful cataslyst..
it probably always will be.


  1. Hey don't get me going about religious bigotry and hatred.
    You only have to look at the muslim girls in Manchester.
    20 years ago they didn't wear special clothing (just covered legs in trousers)and mixed freely with everyone else.
    The Ayatollah and his like put a stop to all that.
    Happy birthday Israel.

  2. Could you repeat that?

    I was distracted by the star-studded slide show to the left.


  3. HE, do you think the conflicts in the middle east would be different if Christianity were not a factor? If there were never any Christians? There would still be two nations, the children of Abraham, scuffling over the ownership of Holy Ground, cradle of civilization, the point where the three great continents meet. Sometimes I think that Christians are more superfluous in that conflict than some of us would like to think.

  4. I stepped away from all religious bother many years ago.But I still have friends in various "camps" and my own family is a cocktail of differing ideologies.With some of them, I can have educated discussions;with others, conversation is best kept to the weather as they have such short fuses and narrow vision!
    Small, furry animals are just fine!

  5. Miss Celania - Hmm, thing is the Meccans didn't have a great deal of contact with Jews, and mainly heard about Abrahamic faith and the prophetic tradition through nearby Christian regions. SO technically speaking, theoretically that is, if it hadn't been for Christianity, Mohammed and kin would have probably cheerfully carried on worshipping a rock for the rest of their lives and there would have remained only one nation of disparate Jews capable of sharing Jerusalem et al without all the violence and bloodshed (because, of course, Jews NEVER used to fight amongst themselves). Unless, of course, my scepticism is misplaced and Gabriel really DID visit Mo and have him write down the Qur'an. In this case I think Christianity can be safely excused. But from an historical point of view, you can pretty much blame Christianity for most things if you have a mind to. That's what happens when you're in power for too long - look at Tony Blair...

    I blame St. Paul. If he hadn't started going about telling the gentiles they didn't have to be circumsized NONE of this would have happened. Imagine if Christianity HAD just been reabsorbed into Judaism like everything else. If ever there was a critical moment in determining the future of the world, Constantine's choice was it. NOTHING would be the same otherwise. Well, I'm guessing it wouldn't. You never know. Shit happens.

    Anyway, I'm torn over Israel. I'm sure Israelis are lovely people, just a pity they can't elect a government that doesn't think it's above international law (says the British kid) and goes about invading other people's land just for oil, fertile land and national prestige (says the British kid). Sigh.

    Isn't it the same size as Wales? And you know what the Welsh are like. 'Nuff said, if you ask me. I just think things would be a lot neater and tidier if Israel had never been manufactured in the first place. I was told once that they were going to make it in Venezuela or somewhere peculiar like that. What a stupid decision to bury it amongst a bunch of anti-semitic Arabs. Whose idiotic idea was that?

    Oh, hang on...


  6. There's a NEW religion in town which will make the old ones seem like practice......Petroleumism. Thou shalt worship no fossil fuel before it, and those who deny it shall burn, baby, burn. Those that gots it shall oppress those who don't till the dont's rise up and bring down the house of Exxon, forever and ever, amen.

  7. **Religious intolerance

    Most intolerable shit in the world.


  8. It is amazing 800 years on from the crusades and we still use Religion to justify an attrocity.

    The history of isreal, especially the modern history is quite amazing. The British mandate of palestine and the large great cavalry charge in history (look up the 500 hundred horsemen) the six day war, and various other conflicts.

    I missed your posts:)

  9. I'm with Dinah and the small furry animals although I'd add larger furry animals as well.

    Unfortunately even if 'religion' was suddenly evaporated from the human senses, humans are such lovely individuals they'd find something to hate about their neighbours and an excuse to want to blow them off the planet. Why is that?

    Really, WHY is that??

    I want to know tell me!

  10. excellent post. good or bad, the middle east, especially islamic fundamentalist must accept the fact that contemporary minded humans accept Israels right to be a country. like it or not, through death and blood, as much as they think islam is a religion we must respect, then my religion and the other 6 billion religion deserves the same respect. and if they dont agree with this, then lets all dump religion and live as male and female. thats all.

    I will give respect for Israels 60th independence, the same as i spent a day or two reminiscing Malaysia;s 50th independence and India's 60th independence. its because they deserve to celebrate nation building and most importantly their citizens.

    peace to the world.

  11. It's all so much B.S.

    I was listening to Coast to Coast last night and they had some idiot on talking about the End Times and how we're there right now.

    He takes selected passages out of the bible, which is itself a work of fiction, and conveniently puts them all together to come up with all these different stages that make right now the End of Time.

    The time when the world will end and all of the good guys will go to heaven and the bad guys (aka non-believers) will be burned in hell.

    It's all so much B.S.

    Hey, before the world ends next week, wanna come over for a few drinks and a game of crib or Phase 10?

    I can't even contemplate whether Israel should exist or whether it shouldn't. I guess the fact it does exist means that it should.

    Whatever. To take sides in a war that's totally flawed from the get-go and based on silly rationale would be foolish.

    If we're going to let this religious crap govern our lives, then we deserve whatever we get.

  12. In my part of the country, many people still feel it is unacceptable to question the Bible, and teachers often speak freely in public school about their beliefs. And in a neighboring county, kids are let out of school during the school day, and bussed to "Crusade for Christ" rallies. I kid you not.

  13. Thank You all for taking the time to read this...I realise that my views make a lot of people uncomfortable.

    I just need to rant a bit for a few days...

  14. Oh man...this is something else. I know for a fact it really DID happen. My step father was in the NAZI regime and told me some horrific stories. The sad part is a lot of the soldiers weren't aware of what was happening until afterwards. He cried when he would tell me stories. I've had patients, when I still lived in Milwaukee, that had the tattoo numbers on their wrists. Well, you've got me going now Donn...Time to take a chill pill jill...ugh!

  15. and it goes on and on...

  16. Nowt wrong with ranting, HE.
    I agree that the root of all these problems are more to do with money than religions.
    I gave up on religions in my teens so I don't really know what I'm on about...

  17. I sometimes think that these relgions are a convenient way to get the populous to agree with your despot's territorially greedy ways. Anyway, how would you do it? Opium of the people indeed. More like cocaine.

  18. I wonder who the hell writes those emails? Why exactly would they think that Muslims would take offense to Holocaust education? Was it because of Hitler's well-documented conversion to Islam?


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