Tuesday, April 22, 2008


"Having the ring of truth, pleasing to the eye, and apparently good or right though lacking real merit; superficially plausible.

I often wonder why Americans do not stage a wholesale revolt against their Federal Government...you don't need to answer that I know why.

Two documentaries on PBS that I have recently viewed really make me scratch my head; Sick Around The World, and Hot Politics. Not only does the US Federal Government not care about the health of the planet, but they ain't losin' any sleep about how healthy their own citizens are!
I pledge allegiance to the Corporate Energy, Medical Management and Pharmaceutical Conglomerates of the United States of America, and to the Return On Investment for which it stands, one Nation drowning under a Sea of Greed, indescribable, with unlimited profits for all.

SICK AROUND THE WORLD is a look at the superior Healthcare models in other Capitalist Democracies such as Great Britain, Japan, Taiwan, Germany & Switzerland.
As a percentage of GDP the US spends nearly double (15.3%) the amount of Japan (8%) but does not have a universal plan that covers everyone.
I find it shocking that Healthcare is NOT considered a basic Human Right in the US.
The other countries have Government regulated Insurance programs and most have found a way to put people first instead of Doctor's Fees and Pharmaceutical Profits. You can check it out HERE .
Once again it's the unimpeded pursuit of the Almighty Dollar inherent in the existing system that puts everything aside for profit...
and the so-called freedom FROM Government to make (or fail) on your own.
That confounds me because in theory it is THEIR Government and they are supposed to do what the citizens want NOT what the Corporations want.

That Americana Myth of the self made Marlboro Man making his own way in this world is astonishingly similar to the Caste System in India...
you get what you deserve...
except in this instance there is only the one God, who some believe, loves America more than any other country in the Universe.

In the documentary HOT POLITICS on Frontline, see HERE, the Federal Government's bizarre avoidance to deal with pollution and the changing Environment is examined.
1988 was the hottest year on record and since then all of the Presidents from George Bush Senior to Dubya, have kowtowed to the Petroleum and Coal Corporations and their Lobbyists.
The position taken is that it's the Economy stupid and anything that harms the the flow of Income to the Energy Corporations will kill it.
Once again, it's all about Money.
It would seem that Coporations run the world now.
How did this happen?


  1. I have long since given up trying to understand America or Americans. I think any worthy citizens should relocate to Canada or Australia, then we can nuke the rest and start the world over again.

  2. Wish I had a dollar for everytime I heard that!

    Oh No!

  3. the health care thing isn't entirely true though. The waiting lists here in the UK last for months or years rather than weeks...

  4. Donnn, you should be a US american so your vote would count. You are right on as usual. Now the NSA will be all up in my stuffs. :)

  5. Well, having lived and worked in both countries as a nurse, I can say there are good and bad things about both systems - both healthcare and politics in Canada and the US of A.

    I have no idea which is better, but I do prefer being able to go to a doctor and not worry about paying for it. But the wait times for tests and surgeries up here can end up killing people.

    And since I try to ignore politicians as much as possible because they all seem to be slime balls no matter what country you are in, I don't have diddly squat to say about that part!

  6. Good pone. As time goes by, I'm beginning to think that France is THE country. Every country has its problems (France has the Parisians :) but in every other way they seem to have cornered the market on 'civilization' in its broadest terms. Not only do they have the best health care system, but yesterday I learned that they also have the smallest carbon footprint of any of the G8 nations by a LONG shot, and almost all other well-populated nations besides. Of the major nations (Kuwait doesn't really count) the USA has the biggest carbon footprint and Canada is an only slightly better second.

  7. That's good one not good pone. What is pone? Corn pone?

  8. AAAHHHH...my computer if effed up today! I left a big long comment and it ate it pfffft! Anywhoooo, what I was say was I really liked your comment you left on my post. Another resource that we REALLY need to watch out for is WATER! That is a real necessity. Do you realize HOW much water it takes to even make a gallon of milk? As a nation, world or whatever...we need to do something and FAST.

  9. i must be honest, i don't think healthcare in sowff effrikuh is too bad- its just hellishingly expensive!

  10. 'okay guys...enough bull shit!' LOL.

    capitalism...hummm...i must now delete my American made porn stash. :)

    you know we really want to change all this and we cant. and we wonder, where the heck the money goes. How rich can someone be? the stockholders and the ceo? how do they spend the money? joyriding on their private jets and buying islands? i mean, dont they get bored/ follow the money and you shall find the truth. the money trail. :)

    and fuck Nike.

  11. I was distracted by the ceiling cat...

    I think this is about the only place I've ever heard the NHS being described as 'superior' to anything!! It's also the first time I've ever heard the Hindu caste system related to capitalism and the American Dream. I've always seen it as less 'do it yourself' than 'do as your told'.

    No one will want to own MY genes - they're too fucked.

  12. Fathorse: Ceiling Cat is watching you.

  13. If we elect another Republican I will HAVE to renounce my citizenship and beg Canada to accept me as a refuge. I kinda doubt you guys have any need for a shmuck with MY skill sets, though.......

  14. I sat in on a web conference today as my CEO gabbed on... spend less, get more. Sometimes it works, but it's really as much about how you spend money than how much.

  15. There are two types of corporate meetings.

    "Times are tough and we all have to work harder", and "Things went great, but we can do better".

    As to why we don't revolt, we are out gunned, and we lack air superiority over the establishment. On the bright side, we are well entertained. The bread might be crap, but the circuses are cheesy!

    Never neglect the middle man in any rip-off. It's not just the doctors and the drug companies; it's also the insurance companies and the army of clerks needed to push the paperwork. Always make sure there's an opportunity for the little guy to get a taste in any successful scam.

  16. STACE
    You don't have any Nukes and
    neither do we...let's just hope that Obama wins and turns that ship around.
    I am concerned that Hillary and her Republican style Attacks will depress the Dems who will stay home in droves and McCain will win..
    as is predicted.

    Sir, your ironic lament is not lost on me.

    Atleast you can GET on a waiting list! Our system is quite slow too but the alternative is unthinkable.

    I'm sure that the authorities are monitoring my blog and will give me a hard time when I work in Hollywood.

    One has to be supicious of anyone who would even consider being a politician...maybe we should just scrap the whole system and just vote on things via email..those people never listen to us anyway.

  17. ANDREA
    I appreciate how France has passed legislation to ban religious symbols (hijab, crucifix, etc) from schools, courts and offices. I suppose there is something to be said for being demanding with regards to healthcare.

    Cornbread eh? Never tried it.

    We have all the water neener neener neener!

    We import so many Seuth Ahfrikaan Doctors to out province that I am surprised that you have any left. They all come here because it is so much safer for their families.

    CEO compensation is astronomical and completely out of whack...and they delegate everything anyway? Those Golden Parachutes that they get when they are fired are even more repulsive.
    Enough is Enough!

    You can never escape the prying eyes of the Ceiling Cat! NEVER!

    It was weird to equate the two systems but the whole notion that you get what you deserve is quite similar. It relieves the guilt of not helping your fellow man.

    Somewhere in a gigantic monolithic warehouse a tiny cylinder of Fathorse DNA is being chilled...waiting...just add water.

    Testify Sistah! I can never properly repay you for introducing me to Ceiling Cat..I still laugh out loud at that stupid cat.

    Come On Up! Or, you can just wait until your Government uses some fancy schmancy annexation program to unite our countries...ie Take Our Water...shouldn't take too long now.

    You've gotta spend money to make money right? The trouble with the whole thing is that we have so many people shuffling paper and performing non-essential jobs so that they can have money to buy goods and services..if there is a hiccough in the system the whole thing shudders and could easily collapse...it is very vulnerable.

    True indeed. You need to scatter some crumbs for the little guy to get him on board and promise him the world..."Ted, you are a very important part of this organisation and we couldn't possibly manage without you...now get out there and rip off those widows and orphans so that you can feed your family.

  19. Im a great earner as well as a great spender. Thats all that matters to me. I dun care what the world does :)

    btw Donn did u read my older men post? :):)


  20. well...thank god for climate change coz they have to at least hire an aircond guy... get me? :D money dont walk and build walls themselves...they still need the rest of the world!

  21. just wanna leave my paw print here.

    ok ok... i have nothing intelligent to say.

  22. Ceiling cat and I are taking tea together as I type. That's how we solve our differences in England.

  23. Fathorse: You're a one-handed typist, then?

    You are an entity unto thyself then? Kewl. You are voting with your wallet eh? If you buy sweatshop brands you are creating jobs..sort of.

    Older Men eh? I sure hope that you throw us old dogs a bone..we are house broken and well trained and much easier to keep on the front porch.

    Yes Uncle Sam needs the rest of the world AS CONSUMERS! Unfortunately all of the different parts of the planet air/soil/water/celebrities are interconnected and they HAVE to deal with us.

    That's not true...besides you can always say something funny.C'mon.

    Ceiling Cat is the patron saint of Guilty Self Pleasuring and now that he is on to you, your life will never be the same.

    HA! She said that she was havin' a cuppa with her puss..guess that's what they're callin' it over there...like the WW1 song!

    O-ver there boys, o-ver there!
    No a little to the left...
    O-ver there boys..
    I always wondered what that song was really about?

  25. For some reason this video reminded me of that 1980s chariddee song

    We are the world
    We are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day
    So let's start livin'

    It is the economy, it's always the economy.

    Microfinance is the way forward.

  26. オティンティンで顔をビンタしまくったら大喜びしてたよ。。


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