Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well this was inevitable.
The latest craze is the SILENT RAVE.

Members of the isolation generation gather together and dance to their own music on their MP3 players. After spending their adolescent years alone, growing up in a dark room eating crap, like mushrooms, the long term effects of experiencing reality through a computer screen in splendid isolation has finally pushed Generation Next to this unparralleled level of Solipsism.

No need for chaperones, worrying about sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. Chances are good that if they 'hook up' with someone at a Silent Rave, these kids won't be having intercourse in the back of their Soccer Mom's Van, eew that's totally old school!

Nope. They'll prolly just go back home and watch each other pleasure themselves on the webcam!

...and here I was worried about humans overpopulating the planet.


  1. Kewl! Where can I go to one of those? I'd like to do a straw poll of who's dancing to what.

    Nice to see you bitten by the lolcat craze. My fave is the random sparrow.

  2. That would have made a lot of discos in my youth bearable.

  3. See, I loved rave music (probably the last music movement I could get away with being enthusiastic about - I was in my mid/late twenties) but I hated all that crap about peace, harmony, community and brotherly love. Much prefer the idea of being in my own space (maan). This sounds right up my street. Damn having to be old and sensible!

  4. Anonymous1:57 p.m.

    Would make moshing or crowd-surfing a bit inappropriate though wouldn't it?

  5. This has really got me puzzled. Why would I want to go and be with a load of people to listen to my own music. I am getting seriously left behind here aren't I!

  6. Sounds like my kinda thing.

    The interesting thing about being 25 right now is that Aidan and I are right on the cusp of the "isolation generation". Whilst I wasn't born into a computer-orientated world, it happened quickly and I adapted well. Since the age of 14 I have counted online friends among my closest and best, and drawn no real distinction between online and reality.

    At the same time, I remember the world without the internet, mobile phones, and mp3 players.

    I prefer the world now, but naturally it's all subjective and depends on one's own experiences and interpretations.

    I would so go to one of these silent raves. Sounds like a lot of fun to me.

  7. What's the point of getting together to NOT be together? How do you communicate with earphones cutting off the outside world? Hell, let's just invent the orgasmatron and get it over with!

    And yea, if this culls our population down significantly, I am ALL for it..........

  8. Would you repeat that?

    My earphones were turned up to eleven.

  9. I kinda love the bit where you get to hear new music, or someone else's current technology is so much fun, catching up with the kids in a new city or new country, sharing the exploring/experience (well, some of it, only, thank goodness) factor...

    It would be great to experience a dance floor where everyone is tuned into their own private groove, but I think, also, I would be giggling over it all so much.

    I can't imagine the extraverts doing this for long though. :)

  10. Well at least you don't have to listen to all sorts of awful rave music. You can just gently skip about to Waltzing Matilda

    "once a joyous swagman,
    camped by a billabong
    under the shade of a coolibah tree
    and he sat as he watched and waited til his billy boiled
    Who'll come a-waltzing Matilda with me"

  11. He was obviously jolly, not joyous

    I apologise to all the Aussies out there

  12. I remember real people, thats why i use the internet....

    I understand why people are so isolated, all we hear about is psychos trying to blow themselves up, people talking to a stranger and ending up dead in a gutter, we dont trust people anymore... Internet gives us a safe barrier from the harsh realities of life...

    I wish we still had the innocence of my Grandfathers generation...

    dont mind me i am exhausted and just thinking out loud..

  13. Anonymous2:01 p.m.

    I had read about this. Seems like a short slide from there to hell.

  14. I so agree with Aidan. He's spot on!


  15. i think i would fit in quite nicely there, to be honest. people are slowly becoming their own autonomous countries.

  16. Love your new banner illustration, it so fits...

    Yeah, I think life largely has become isolationist, kinda like Maxwell Smart's Cone of Silence.

    It makes us feel safer, it makes us focus on what we want to focus on, it gets us out of the million-miles-an-hour rat race.

    Not all of it's good, but it is the reality. We're all becoming recluses in one way or another.

  17. Disturbing. Deeply disturbing.

  18. Ya put ya left foot in ya pull ya big dick out ya put it in the middle and shake it all about......

    Oh sorry wrong blog!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. okay... now i know there's no hope!

    I would think that the music playing on your MP3 would not be LOUD ENOUGH TO RATTLE YOUR SKELETON and isn't that a big part of the experience?
    I did get a bit caught up in the captioning department but it is so much fun.

    I remember the 'real' discos back in the 70s and yes I had the outfit..4" blue suede platform shoes baby! Oh-YEAH!

    I admit that I love it too..the coolest beats and repetitive melodies surging and surging and whirling..awesome. Repetitive rhythmic vibes put our brains into a mood altering's as old as time..those tribal beats work on a physcological level..chanting, hymns, mankind has known about the power of music for Millenia and Rave is the latest and greatest stage of this type of Music.

    I suppose but if everybody is delighted to be hearing their favorite songs and in their 'Happy Place' you could prolly get away with a lot of things.


  22. STACE
    I would go if I had the right concoction and Killer Headphones on an MP3 that went up to '11'.

    I understand the concept of doin' your own thang with others but the true joy of a shared experience was seeing other people react to the same made a connection and that is why Music is so special.

    HA! You sound like me some crotchety old dinosaur...however I could totally see you flippin oput to Freebird and doin' a monster air guitar solo! HA!

    A-HA you have the headphones that I want. Since I have blasted my eardrums with LOUD MUSIC and playing Drums my tinnitis makes tha RINGINGINGINGINGINGING sound in my ears so I can't (read should NOT) listen to headphones anymore.

    How can I show the Ladies my moves if I don't know what the vibe is? If it was back in the 70s it wouldn't matter because everyone was WASTED...I suppose that a lot of them are still experimenting..
    This would be fun to just move around and do pantomime...freak people out...that would be fun.

    Ah waltzin' matty. I would be playin lots of Aussie music on my playlist..hear that sound INXS and Great Southern Land Icehouse plus all of the Split Enz oh I had better not start there are so many cool bands from A/NZ.

    HA! I think they actually sing 'JOYOUS' at Christmas Time to give it that Holiday edge.

  23. AIDAN
    I completely understand the trepidation out there because even though statistically crime rates have dropped the Mediarazzi is on24/7 scaring the sh*t out of everybody..over and over and over.

    The innocence of our Granfather's Day eh? I think that the same sh*t went on but nobody talked about it and there was a lot more peer pressure to play by the rules...I understand the freedom thing but unfortunatly a certain percentage of the population cannot handle and should never be allowed to do their thang because they are total psychotic nutjobs!..and we're back to your statement.

    As a trained professional you have a much greater vision into this phenomenon but I concur that the social fabric would seem to be much easier to tear when so much individualism dictates group events..or maybe that is exactly what we need to get away from the herd mentality of yesteryear?

    Aidan is always spot on but I know that you would love to dance for hours..and what if you only had to listen to your faves!? Hmm?

    Ooh Hello! It would be kewl and would get kewler as the evening progressed and you stopped trying to guess what the other person was listening to...we are turning into our own little satellites aren't we.
    Since we actually live in our heads I suppose that this isn't that strange at all..we are all practicing Solipsists at heart.

    Would you believe..
    The NEW Get Smart Movie is comin' out we'll prolly have to go see it.
    You're right we are retracting into our heads like a bunch of little crabs hiding in their shell..maybe that's why everyone is so crabby now?

  24. ALLAN
    To a true musicologist like yourself you must feel that twinge about sharing a song with another human being..seeing how they interpret it..move to it...reflect on the lyrics..the artwork on the album cover...the progression of the songlist..OOPS old guy alert.
    But hey Albums were treatedlike Novels and Films back in my day..we studied them, discussed who even notices what's on a CD jacket? It's the bloody VIDEO that ruined the whole thing..yes?

    HA You'd last about 5 seconds before the Bouncers tossed you out on yer can...I know that you wouldn't really do that..would ya?

    Your guy is prolly going to be going to one of these so your job is to make sure that he has the music that you LOVE on his player..and it will remind him of you..ahh that's sweet innit?

  25. and here i am still in the dark ages writing a proposal for monetary gain thru voluntary serialization!!!! doh... do i feel dumb or what???

    thanks for stopping in and commenting... i am having a brows thru some of your posts.. hope you dont mind.....

    HA! This may seem uber Darwinian...
    but the wrong herd is being thinned.
    I am delighted that you are visiting..let's stay in touch.

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