Monday, April 14, 2008


OK this is my 379th posting...that's enough filler for an entire novel or a screenplay. At what point are we supposed to say Holy Crap I should do some weeding. Seriously. Is anybody (other than you) EVER going to go back and read your old stuff?

Are you keeping your old postings for nostalgic reasons or as a benchmark to see how you've become self actualized? What is the protocol? Have any of you ever thought of gleaning the sweet from the crap?

I was planning to leave my blog as a testament to my misanthropic consternation of sharing the planet with people who never think about I realise that it will prolly end up as proof that I once existed.

"Your Honour, if it pleases the court, the Crown wishes to introduce EXHIBIT 'A' into the record."

I think that I will try to smoosh it all together and turn it into some sort of zany children's book for adults or a cult manual. Why Not? After editing my Labels I accidentally discovered that I have been operating under some sort of theme..something about what Humans are doing here and why, even after 150 Millenia of reinventing the wheel, we're still so ridiculously inept at being Humane to other Humans..hey whatdoyaknow..there's my working title;
Homo Escapeons.
Finishing the Human Race that sounds like the end of the world.

Of course some marketing knowitall or editor will want the whole bloody thing scrunched into a 6 second sound bite like 'Humans Whatever?'

Anyway, what are you going to do with all of your post dated, fanciful, notions and heartbreaking, works, of staggering, genius?


  1. I have never destroyed a single thing I have ever written in my entire life. Ok, so i've kinda lost my nursery-class creative writing books somewhere down the line, but the rest of it is filed away in a cobwebby heap on my Devonian bedroom floor. I sometimes get frightened of the fact that my blog is unlickable, and one paranoid day I'm sure I'll go through a print off all the posts just to be sure of their existence. Until that day I shall never delete an old post, because the more I have in my archives, the more impressive and important I look....


    ...Which is what this whole thing is all about, really, isn't it?...

  2. You absolute nerd. Fathorse is completely right.

    Except for more reasons than stated, and for more reasons beyond what I'm going to say.

    Never delete one single post. It's your chronicles of Narnia, you doofus. It's you then, as this is you now.

    I'd love to see you re-post your bit about laundry and sex, for example.

    This is potentially the most expressive journal, over time, that you will ever write. It's part of your history.

    It's you, exposed, on your terms.

    So be exposed. There's nothing to file, nothing to burn, nothing to hide. This is you.

  3. Self expression is what sets humans apart from the rest of the species on this planet... to be able to consciously extrapolate on so many different subjects is a very unique talent... and you are a unique one, Donn (with only two nn's again). This is your literary legacy, silly... Even though I rarely comment, I do enjoy reading what you write.

    And I think you need to change 'Whateverpeg' to 'Windypeg' as the spring blow has started in earnest.

  4. I am hoping against hope that somehow my posts will be converted to some digitized universal signal and beamed out into space, hopefully to catch up to "ET" before they set off in their main battle fleet to finish off this menace that they learned about thanks to television signals. Perhaps they will read my blog before engaging their hyperspace drives and decide it was all a big joke....hahaha......and they can stand down and turn all those interstellar battle cruisers into cruise ships and come visit us......oh THAT would help......we're screwed.......but I'll keep writing till then.

  5. I think a book for your posts is a good idea HE.

    For me, since I mostly write about the kids, it's sort of a record of their growing up. Plus I'm really bad about keeping albums and written stuff.

  6. I am going to print my blog out and have it made into rolls of toilet paper.

    Put your order in now.

  7. I am gonna read it all again when I get old and wonder why I wasted my life sitting on my butt writing stuff that anyone could read and not care about.

    Then as my memory comes and goes I will read the comments and realise that there are or were people out there whom I loved dearly, laughed with and hopefully got to have a drink with. There will be those that kept in touch and those that left and I will wonder what ever happened to them.

    This will also prevent me from staring at the wall and wondering what day it is or if it is my time to depart this earth.

    Hopefully I will hear those loving words from the nurse....
    "Are ya dead yet?"

  8. 'fanciful, notions and heartbreaking, works, of staggering, genius'??
    No - mine would just be a nice picture book.

  9. I'm not really sure...hesitant to touch anything because it took so long to upload on dial up internet, I figure it all stands as a tribute to persistence? and perhaps patience.

    I think photos crank up a bit of grunt tho' so might have to delete stuff, before I get kicked outta cyberspace for being greedy.

    Latro! Fremo!


  10. I wholeheartedly agree with your buddy WW. And besides, I actually DO go back and read stuff in people's archives from time to time. So please don't delete any of it.

  11. I lost my first blog postings from 2001 because they were on another server but that's ok. They were rubbish anyway.

    Never considered what I'd do with the ones I've got now. Maybe just leave them out there for people mock in the years to come?

  12. CyberPete: In the years to come?

    We're mocking them now, dear.

  13. Yeah, what everybody else said.

    And I love your Photobucket, especially the photoshopped devil one.

    You have more gizmos on your blog than anyone I know.

  14. :-(

    I've deleted whole blogs

    and at one stage or another lost notebooks and scrapbooks and photo albums


    keep it, donn, every last phrase and word of it

    and the images

    keep it and keep it safe


  15. Thought you were going to do a book anyway? You might rustle up your $12m that way.

    Be sure to include ALL the comments too.


  16. I want to hang around so if someone in the 22nd century searches for "Man in Brighton in incontinence pants" they won't be disappointed.

  17. Geoff: Not to mention Beverley Callard's breasts.

  18. Yeah, hang on to it all Donn. Someone may want to look at it one day, just as someone may want to look at the 12,382 photos my mum has stashed away in her loft. On second thoughts. . .

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. this is what we're all doing, coppens:

    don't you DARE scrap your stuff. this
    is your EVIDENCE.

  21. Im going with Cult manual. Theres where the money is...if we managed to recruit about 50000 of them and get a buck a month...thats enough! :D and also some mass suicide from time to time...and the polygamy! whoa! i think we're into something here bro!

  22. I think if mine was in a time capsule, people would read it and think this is one strange and crazy beoch! lol

  23. NOW you've done it. I'm an incorrigible purger but have never thoguht to do a spring cleaning on my blog. Crap! I've been at this for almost 3 years so I think I need a tall, cool memory obliterator to rid me of this idea QUICK.

  24. I plan on using it as a memory-jogger when I've got full blown Alzheimer's.

    Which will be any day now, I'm sure.

  25. Hey there H love, that will always be my name for you no matter how much you change it.

    As for me. I will keep my words and photographs and smile knowing that someone enjoyed them, if only it was me.

    For you, blogging would weird if you were not here. So do not get any funny ideas.

    You are simply a beautiful man... lucky wife.

    soft love,

  26. i've deleted part of my existence and i would again, in an instant. (but not with the paid posts going on there now. not allowed. dang)
    makes me a meaningless tooting bitch eh? don't answer that.

  27. mine is all staying right where it is!

  28. Since what I write is complete drivel and shite, I won't probably save it. But, since I've been saving it since 2004 why stop now? OH THE PRESSURE!!

  29. I keep my blog archives. WHo knows, maybe one day I can revisit them and see if they are still relevant?

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