Friday, April 11, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen I am cashing in my chips because according to Blogshares my Blog is worth
$12,932,949 and 10 cents!

My shares are currently trading at a bewildering $2,586.60 and apparently I own .00069% of the Blogosphere.
I have no frickin idea how they come up with these figures and frankly I don't care. I'm backin' up the truck and pulling out all of my equity RFN!!
((beep beep beeep beep))

My dear friend Gautami at ROOTED is worth over $4 Million so I don't know what on Earth she is waiting for.

Get out now before this whole blogging craze disappears.
It's just a passing fad.

Here's a tip for the rest of you..the $MART money is moving to Facebook.
Blogging just can't compete with all those doodads, whatnots & widgets.
Don't say that I didn't warn you.
It's been real...Good Night & Good Luck.


  1. I hate all the doodads, whatnots & widgets at Facebook but as a compulsive voyeur I couldn't not at least have a presence there (so I could spy). I'm pretty sure my blog must be worth more, though. Yours is priceless.

  2. My blog is my home and since I have no interest whatsoever putting it on the market, I consider it both priceless and worthless.

    I will hang on till the bitter end.

    They can take my blog from my cold, dead fingers......

  3. Donn, I will sell it to you for 1 million. Are you game?

    And what made you moderate your comments. I go away for a while and you go nuts? No one else to keep you in order?

    As you know, I am kind of busy as I have to shift to my new house next week. Too much work despite packers and movers!

    Deep sigh!!

  4. Sit on my facebook.

    Yeah I hear ya..I started out going on FBook just to spy on my wife and kids...but they just ignore me...
    (sigh) besides I am totally unsuitable for such 'public' niceties, structure, and decorum.

    I can't really do or say anything out there so whatev...I have noticed that the junk is getting out of hand eh? I mean they prolly have a left-nostril inhaler club..but afterall it is a nice, safe, place for civilised, cordial, folk.

    Aha I detect a hint of sarcasm. I suppose that you figured out that by highlighting my own Blogshare doodad thingamabob I was making fun of myself..I'm just as ridiculous to have apps like that and the good people over at F Book can hold their heads high.

    HAHAHAHA! I laugh as I watch Ben know that the Networks will play every Heston film that they can get their damn dirty ape hands on for a week or two.

    My Blog is more like me than I am in real life..if I did lose it I wouldn't know what I think about anything...I usually don't until I post about it and see what happens.

    I don't need your BLOG because I am set for Life..unless I buy a $13 Million House! D'OH!

    I got totally spammed by a religious nutjob from downunda who was picking on one of my instead of flying all the way to his place at_________ to ______ his little f*cking ______ like a chicken bone, I decided to just use comment moderation.

    Good Luck with all that moving..I HATE moving...but it is exciting right? You're OK eh?

    You're GREEN with envy aren't you? You don't even have an F Book page do ya? That's what I thought...
    well you have to behave over there but I would love to have you as one of my 'friends' because I have diddly squat and then we could exchange pokes..
    that's what they call e-messaging..
    that'd be messaging with an E..
    isn't that cute..pokes.

  6. i have facebook, but i don't go there much. too many applications too many people it's too crowded there for me. i am a hermit.
    and you're rich. can i be your friend?

  7. So you're cashing in your chips, huh? How about chippin' in some cash over to me?

    I go to Facebook just to see who my kids are going out with, 'cause they won't tell me.

    You've constantly been fascinated by your Blogshares graph and the amounts it shows, high or low.

    And you've been confused, because it doesn't seem to depend on numbers of commenters alone.

    Maybe someone can shed some light on this...

  8. Oh yes, and MJ has corrected me on my own blog, I see that you've added one or two more n's to your first name.

    Have you registered this change with the official federal "ridiculous new names" registry?

    Or is it likely to change again?

  9. weirdos...these are theoretical money were talking about.

    anyways i already bought a condo in NY, got a few trophy gals and a husky for a pet. you from now on have to talk to my butler when commenting on me blog.


    i love and hate facebook...i dont know why...oh not to helps in work.

  10. I hate Facebook. Call me crazy but I like to play Scrabble face to face the old fashioned way. *g* My kids thought it would be 'cute' to set the old lady up with a page or account or whatever the hell you call it. All I know is none of *my* friends are there, and spying on my grown children is...icky.

    I'm staying home on the blog where I'll be poor but happy. :)

  11. hey Don ur CRANIUM is worth much more than that! *HUGZ*

    And wuts all that THANK YOU etc all abt in my blog? That was sweet but I was worried abt ya. Ur not going anywhere..not yet ok.


    There! I managed to keep ya somehow :):)

    Abt comment moderation...good on ya! It dun allow nutjobs to exercise their 'nuttyness' so freely anymore hehehe. TC now Don I luv ya!


  12. I find it difficult to get my head around owning something that only exists digitally. Unless you can lick it, it probably isn't real.

    Facebook has its qualities, but there's no real blogging facility on it, unlike MySpaz. It is still a creative vacuum (Unlike MySpaz).

    The fact that Facebook is more popular than MySpaz now suggests that the world's population is increasingly becoming creatively vacuous. I blame this tragice state of affairs on MySpaz, because it is shite.

  13. KAZ I found your comment in the ether!

    "You actually own .00069% of the Blogosphere.
    Hope you have the paperwork in order and the deeds in your filing cabinet"

  14. SPENTRAILS..found your comment out there too!

    Grazie per commentare! Where's the Gaelic version? I feel excluded.

    Blogshares is great, innit. If only real life were like that:

    If only we could really inflate the value of some of our services and then get lots of people to pay lots of money for something ending in .com and then maybe the bank would lend you another 6x $12m so that you could buy that house you always thought you'd never be able to afford and then you can turn your nest egg into a pile of debt for your children to inherit and and...


    AH! sole, As I recall, who ever came into munny would come visit the other...
    Looks like ya beet me to it....

    Beds made, beers in the fridge,
    BBQ is stoking.......
    "Where the BLOODY HELL are ya?"

  16. “I was sent here by MJ from Infomaniac.”

    I'm sure my blog is worth $4 though so I'm gonna keep it a little longer to see if I can make an even tenner.

    Oh and love your international "thank you for commenting" bit. You are missing the Danish one "Tak for kommentaren"

  17. Donnnnnnnn-nn

    Buy property mate.

    Queensland beachfront property.

    Say goodbye to frozen Winni, say hello to the Great Barrier Reef...or maybe the Whitsunday Islands. They may re-name Whitehaven Beach..."Donnybrook"?

    12 million, nice work, you are worth 12 million!

    Gracias The Don-n-n.


  18. how come you didnt reply to my comment? :(

  19. MISTI
    Aren't you excited about the Flair buttons? C'mon..admit it?

    There is no NNNNNNNNN'd to my desire to switch nmos de blog so nyeh!

    I don't give a rat's ass how Blogshares decides how much it's worth just give me my money!

    I see you on the B Movie Fan Club eh? I watched Buck Rogers in the 25th Century yesterday..that must be worth something.

    I am coming to stay with you in New York this'll need to stock up on Rum.

    I'm not really spying on my kids..OK ya it's spying. They don't seem to care.

    I prefer Blogging too. You don't just add apps and poke people..
    you still have to do all of the heavy lifting.

    I'm not goin' anywhere..either in the RW or the Blogosphere. I just thought that you should get a cyberhug and know that I appreciate you.

    THe comment thingamabob is a royal pain in the ass and I am leaving it off until youknowwho comes back

    *crosses fingers

    I am the last person that you need to inform about the vacuity of the human race.
    Are you on MySpaz?
    "Unless you can lick it, it isn't real" will be my new benchmark from this moment forward.

    I have my affairs in order and the money will be distributed amongst the kind folks who have left comments...
    works out to about $1500 a comment so keep that in mind.

    What is the gaelic version? I know tha the Welsh version would have about fifteen L's.
    Like most people if I had $12M I would want a $13M house so I am better off wasting away in debtor's prison before they deport me..
    I hear that it is much warmer in Australia anyway.

    Australia is the First place that I would visit and you would have a very hard time getting rid of me.

    I added it and thank you for visiting even if 'hem zjay' made you do it. I'm sorry that I misread sherfs...but atleast now I know what a Minjar is.
    Did my comment ever work at your place?

  21. SIENNA
    OOOOH I would buy Australian beachfront property...near the GBR heart be still...course I'd have a place in Spencer Gulf so that I could go out and see the Whites whenever I wanted to..and once would prolly be enough.

    I'd build a HUGE 'Blogstel' for all of you to come and stay for as long as you wanted.

    I did I did ;)

  22. Of course I'm on MySpaz - I'm under twenty (still) and extremely histrionic.

  23. It did work, twice actually

    What is the minjar thing then?

    Do explain

  24. That's in 2015 dollars. That will also be the price of two Big Macs, large fries, and a medium Coke. Present (market) value of your blog, two Big Macs, large fries, and a medium Coke. Intrinsic value, priceless!

  25. Oh, and according to blogshares, I owe THEM $5,367,823.23. I plan to start charging admission to TTEM and hope to have it payed off before man sets foot on Mars. You know when that will be, right? When they pull a penny from my cold, dead.......hehe

  26. oh yeah? well...

    well, um, i have a methane lake on Neptune named after MY blog! so HA!


    how do you rate, huh? i couldn't even get an 'x' rating.

    A-HA! So the kewl peeps are on MySpaz because all of us Geezers are cramping their style eh? That's what I would have done.
    I admire is so bloody bland without hyperbole.

    I had to Google 'sherfs because I didn't have my glasses on and couldn't see shorts! So sherfs came up as part of a Minjar which apparently is some collection of odds and sods that is used in a religious ceremony...
    man was I waaaaay off.

    HA! You're prolly right...I guess that I can't afford to quit just yet. Oh well could be worse and I always have Facebook to fall back on once I have alienated everyone out here.
    I put your Danish Danke on..thanks for the head's up.

    HAHAHA! That's just great innit? The bloody nerve of those heartless bastards! I'd love to see them just try and collect.
    Go ahead...Make my day.

    Actually I'm pretty sure that my rating is set according to the number of grocery store coupon forms that I fill out online for them..the original advert stated that I could make $500 a day but I didn't read the fineprint and had no idea that I would be paid in blogshare dollars.
    Live and learn.

  28. So are you moving or what?

  29. I hate my facebook. I go there and look at all the shite that is built up and then quickly run away, ignoring it.

  30. Brilliant!

    I guess we learn something new every day. Even if it's useless information.

    Not like the super important information that Dannii is going with Olivia Newton-John are going on The Great Walk to Beijing together and Fred Segal in the US are saying "no thanks" to Miss Beckhams denim line (*snickers*)

  31. I got really pissy when Alexadex used my website in their fantasy shares game. It result in loads more spam from people wanting to advertise and who didn't care what the site was (or that it had a no ads policy stated in the FAQ). I also got crippling amounts of hits from people who had no interest in the site and this meant my target audience had problems accessing it. So I made Alexadex remove it. Grumble grumble.

  32. I've got a FaceBook page, but it's not the same as writing a blog

    no siree bob, not the same at all

    I don't care where the £mart money goes, I'm staying right here


  33. RUM! why not....ill ask my butler to get it from some RUM shop...its made of coconut liqor right? who knows, Im too rich to know stuff. :D:D:D

    B Movies! Yeh...there was a time when I go to the video store the guy at the counter will say 'ok I know what you want and i digged out all this tapes of B to --Z grade flicks for you'. Ive watched them all i think...or maybe not.. :) They are the real work of art and I know you will agree wit my bro.

  34. *with me, bro. thats what the ending woz :p

  35. I was on facebook but there were too many "weirdos" on it. Good thing there aren't any on blog!! AAAKKK!

  36. facebook!?!? FACEBOOK!!!?!??
    no dude... no no no, it can never replace what i get from blogging!

  37. If it's socially polite to arrive a little late...
    By the time I've made it through all the comments, the antipodean sun has gone down!
    SO...I pop over and read your drivel from time to time, but don't always have time to leave drivel in the box.
    Right now, I have to rescue a snake!I wonder if herpetological charity will raise my blogshares...?


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