Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The International Olympic Committee, whose motto is
should have known that having emerging Super Power China as the host of the 2008 Olympics would be a Public Relations Nightmare.

However, since the committee is mainly concerned with soliciting funds so that their 'executives' can live in luxury as they whore themselves around the world collecting freebies, they intentionally overlooked China's dismal human rights record.

Since the Olympics are nothing more than an International Pissing Match, the Athletes are used as pawns by the Governments in a global game of Neener Neener Neener.

I feel sorry for the Athletes.
Why should they suffer for the stupidity of their Governments anyway..
oh yeah..
because most of them live on Government chee$e in order to train and show the world which country is the BEST.
Save Tibet. Darfur. Tiananmen Square.

China is in for a huge crapload of BAD PRESS for the forseeable future. DUH!

Even Hitler knew the true power of one-upmanship behind the Olympics.
Thank You Jesse Owens for singlehandidly destroying the myth of the Aryan Race.

I have argued for the creation of an all Steroid Olympics so that *Athletes can go higher, faster and be stronger than ordinary human beings..
they should compete as individuals without any mention of their Nationality..
which is often a 'shell game' of competing under the country that their 'Grandmother's Second Cousin Once Removed' was born in to get there anyway.

I think that the Olympics does more to pit Nation against Nation than anything else...
politics has now completely overwhelmed the actual sporting events at this whisper thin United Nations charm offensive.
Richard Gere or the Beasty Boys should have told Tibet to spend millions of dollars training Monks to use their magic powers to win Gold Medals in every event.

They could have been the modern day version of Jesse Owens.
That would have been sweet!


  1. Please sign my petition to make Mud Wrestling an Olympic event.

  2. naked mud wrestling?

  3. i hope the US has the balls to boycott the games. but its a pity coz all the balls of the world are Made in China. fck all.

  4. Guess the guy in photo one would have to be on the Olympic Steering Committee.

    I was listening to a journalist the other day predict that things will really go south in Tibet right after the Olympics, when the world's looking the other way again. Right now the Chinese government is on its "best" behavior...

  5. I still reckon we should mix shooting with athletics.

    "I'll give you 10 seconds to run from there to there before I start shooting!"

    OH and lawn bowls......
    "Any sport where you have to cheer for you grandparents isn't a sport!"

  6. I like the 'Oidlympics idea! Where do I sign up?

  7. Wait a minute!
    How long has this Tibet thing been going on? Are you trying to tell me that it has been happening well before China received world wide coverage since they are hosting the Olympics?
    Is our world really that dull to where problems could never arise until the whole world is watching? Good thing I wasnt supposed to care about Darfur until brangelina told me too cause I would have wasted my time before that.
    Oh yeah...Did you hear China is in Tibet? Apparently they want to be Freed

  8. Dude... I'm so tired. I'm going home.

  9. i totally hear you. everything boils down to where you're from (and how much you earn) nowadays. this makes me absolutely depressed.

  10. such a hogwash. we buy athletes from the various countries too. as you said, ".. should compete as individuals without any mention of their Nationality.."
    that makes it more real.
    but everything is about power and money. so, everything is fake nowadays. including the crocodile bag from china.

  11. I got thoroughly hacked-off years ago. I think if people want to watch cheats and prima donnas misbehaving the whole shebang should be held in Ancient Olympia.Permanently.Forever.
    Oh, wait a minute...Greece doesn't have a squeaky clean image either...hmm...maybe just scrap the lot?

  12. A couple of Tibetan monks in the martial arts events as the John Carlos and Tommy Smith of the new millennium ... sweet. It will be all fair play in 2012, of course.

  13. I hate Olympics now.

    btw come take part in my blog quiz ;-)


  14. And I'm STILL obsessed with watching the Olympics. Go figure. Just you wait, Vancouver's next!

  15. Where did you hide my witty retorts Gbloogler???

  16. so did china shell out big bucks in order to be "chosen" as the host nation? i mean... with their pr history thats the only thing that makes sense to me!

  17. hey...where is that witty retorts. u kno we all write comments here only for gonna speak to my lawyers soon buddy.

  18. did you read about how there's going to be a global shortage of everything because the Chinese authorities are closing the factories down for the duration (so the factories can't pump effluent into the water system) and diverting all the water from the regions to the centre - so the ordinary folks die of thirst and their crops wither - to pump out the effluent filled water systems of the areas that the tourists are going to hang out in


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