Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This evening I went for supper and took in a ROCK Concert with my three older offspring. ..and I wasn't the only 50 year old so nyeh.

Many of you might not know who the Foo Fighters are or that the lead singer Dave Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana. Whatever. Let me say that Grohl is an engaging, hilarious, energetic, populist, showman who had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. He did not utter one sentence without using the F Bomb as either a verb, adjective, or noun.
To be fair, Grohl does have a flair for comedy and it goes with the whole smartass Rock Star persona schtick. We were actually laughing our butts off at him...what wasn't funny were all of the drunks around us competing for some of that attention...Puh-Leeze!

When my kids were younger I would tape Music Videos and one of our favorites was Learning To Fly by the Foo Fighters.
Here it is if you want to see it>
Concerts seem to have changed since I was their age and I tried to explain this to them on the way home. Oh sure certain genres attract distinctly abrasive audiences and a full garage band like the Foo was going to attract a lot of idiots who prolly have no idea what Dave is saying in his lyrics.

The biggest difference was the near abscence of Marijuana permeating the Air.
It was impossible to even get a relatively mild contact buzz.
Back in the early 70s when I was the same age as my kids every second person lit up a joint the second that the house lights went down. The ambient spirit was immediately transformed into a collective experience of awe and introspection. Everyone would mellow out and take it in. Not so this evening.

Now $7 Beer fuels the great unwashed who stand up in front of you and spoil the vibe from the getgo. The entire row in front of us were hammered, staggering, idiots. One actually threw his beer into the audience and was hauled away...only to return after a few songs? WTF? The rest eventually faltered and one by one succumbed to their over indulging and staggered off at various intervals never to be seen again. YAY!

The sad truth is that far too many people cannot 'hold their liquor'. I have also been to numerous Sporting Events where drunken twats have sullied the experience too. These beligerent idiots seem to thrive at all of the negative attention. Is it just me? Am I getting old? Please legalize Marijuana.

I'll tell you what..there needs to be a special section for out of control assholes who can annoy each other and let the rest of us enjoy the show or game.
The other ridiculous thing is that our war on drunk driving is a complete joke. Where are the Police forcing these hammered fools to take breathalyzers after a Football Game or Concert where they know that hundreds of people are totally pissed? Nope. Off they go. What hypocrisy.
Is the Liquor Lobby that powerful? We pretend that most of our citizens are responsible enough to manage their drinking but I would say that up to 20% of them are out of control. How about some consistency and practical standard enforcement. Perhaps tedious people who cannot handle their liquor need to be banned from public events altogether. Why should the rest of us suffer?

Yes the concert was UBER-LOUD and they did play awesome versions of my faves Learn to Fly, The Best Of You, and of course Everlong. We did have a great time despite the sideshow.


  1. I hold my liquor ... by the ears.

    Did you flick your Bic?

  2. do you think the ones sozzled in booze enjoyed the gig more or less than you. . .

    just wonderin' (dunno why, but I am)

    I've heard of the FF but never heard them - will now go off and do some research


  3. Anonymous6:53 a.m.

    People exist who haven't heard of the Foos? WHAAAT?

    I ruddy love them, but I am too poor a child to 'take in rock concerts'. The Colour and the Shape is one of the best albums ever made.

    Do you think that the audience were being filmed for an episode of One Tree Hill?

    Also, have you ever noticed that Dave Grohl is called Dave?

  4. Give me a DEEP PURPLE concert anytime even with the 25-18 yr least they get the gist of what music REAL music is all about!

  5. "Smoke on the water, Fire in the sky!"

  6. Will you be attending the Dan Hill concert?

    In that wedding dress you won over at Betty's?

  7. MJ,
    Everybody holds up the LED on their Cell Phones appropriate. Before the show and after the warm-up bands my kids were busy talking to their friends scattered throughout the Arena. This generation cannot survive without their gadgetry & gizmos.

    I heart the view,
    YES! Most of the twats in front of me will not remember anything because they were so bombed. One guy passed out..
    not an easy thing to do while being assaulted by 95 decibals of grunge-pop pounding on your head!

    HA these idiots looked like the out of control teens from your post about One Tree Hill...but it wasn't just the 'kids'. The most embarrassing jerks were two guys in front of us who were my age. They were doing the old air guitar Ar-Bee-Dar routine and holding the mandatory'horn' hands up in the air.
    One of them kept trying to get our section going and my glaring did little to discourage him..partially because he couldn't focus on me..I guessed that they were out-of-towners..hopefully from some rustic, obscure, inbreeding-enclave where they will have mercifully returned to a well deserved life of obscurity..GAWD!

    Atleast at a Purple Concert (Gautami would be right in there) all of the silverheads would be more interested in making the event more of a shared experience...
    and I could get a decent contact buzz!

    No puh-leeze!
    I wouldn't go see Downhill Dan if he was the last Entertainer on the planet..
    I wanna hold him,
    'til the oxygen sub-siiiiiides!

  8. Poor old Kurt. Would he be fronting something like the Foo Fighters now if you know what hadn't happened?

    Mr Grohl is at the top of my list of drummers who made it as singers/frontmen(-women). Phil Collins is at the bottom. Who's in between...?

  9. Can you still smell patchouli oil at rock concerts? It's so long since I've been to one. Maybe it's not needed if there's no dope around.

    I saw Dave drumming with the fantastic Queens of the Stone Age on the telly a couple of years ago. I like his drumming. Then again, I'd rather have the Foo Fighters than red Hot Chili Peppers any day.

  10. I LOVE David Grohl!!!!! I love that band as well. I'm sure they're great in concert. I've seen their live sets here and there.

    As for the white sharks. The beautiful blue waters of the Sea of Cortes was too FREAKING cold to even swim in it. So I guess I didn't have to worry about being shark bait. I think I got my big toe in about 1/2 way before I packed it up and went to the pool.

  11. FOOO figthers...together lets fight the aliens. My fav band for so long...till i became a numb paper I just dont feel anything listening to any music. hmmmm do you realize everytime we comment to ur posts...its actually like a trip to the shrink...maybe u shuld start charging for ppl to read and comment.

    so ur saying back in the 70's it was Marijuana warming eh? but they all survived dont they? Unlike today, the drunkards...crash boom bang. maybe its time to destroy all the hop, malt and barley plantations. and drive yeast to extinction. :p jst a thought. btw...i dont ride out on weekends...just dont want to turn into a real ghost...if u kno what i mean.

  12. Learn to fly is the song that made me fall in love with the Foo Fighters!

    I'm working my through all my blogroll to let you know that, due to the useless of both blogger and my server, the url no longer works.
    For some reason the only address that's working is

  13. How nice that you went to a rock concert with your kids!

    I pretty much avoid concerts unless they're at small venues. It just hurts me too much to dish out about $80 per ticket when I remember a time not so long ago when those same tickets sold for about $25 a piece. Also, they're just too loud and I end up waking with a headache the following morning.

    I think I'm getting old.

  14. $7 beer? I remember $7 concerts. OK, never mind -- I'm not THAT old. I went to a concert of latter-day shrubs in an old Kitsilano church hall on Sunday. The strongest thing there was... er... $5 beer.

  15. $7 beer sounds a bit steep.

    The inability to hold alcohol or know one's limits is depressing and on display in every British city every Friday and Saturday night.

  16. Just....exactly. Everything. Yeah.

    Nothing is more obnoxious than a drunk at a concert. Potheads trippin' in the corners, acidheads freaking quietly in the bathrooms, yes I can deal with that because they arent in my shit. the yelling, peeing, fumbling,raucous, barfing, beer-breathed masses i can do without!!!!!!!

  17. You're just getting old...really old.

    If you recall, you have the same complaints about people when you go to movies or other public places.

    I seem to remember a rather loud-mouthed schnook of a guy 20-25 years ago who over-indulged just a little bit too, and was loud and obnoxious.

    Or was that just last week?

  18. "I'll tell you what..there needs to be a special section for out of control assholes who can annoy each other and let the rest of us enjoy the show or game."

    Best idea I've heard in one Hell of a long time!!

  19. Snake is right......maybe the Foo's are alright, but give me a DEEP PURPLE concert, complete with thick "air" to toke on, sound you feel in your bones, and FIRE IN THE SKY!

  20. Gotta love the Foo Fighters. I agree with the whole alcohol thing, concerts often tend to be ruined for me by an individual or a group who are just too wasted to know they're being twats. I went to see The Who with a friend a few years ago, there was ONE GUY with a really loud voice who just wrecked the whole thing for everybody within earshot, which was lots of us. Oh well, it was still a fantastic concert.

  21. no moshing? thank goodness. don't get caught in one. unless you love pain.

  22. Couple years ago I was at a 3 Days Grace concert and some douche threw up on my jacket.

    I'll be honest. Even if that happens on Friday at the EDM concert, I'll still leave with a smile on my face.

  23. Now people hold "cellcerts" ugh...

    And to answer your question: yes, the liquor lobby IS that powerful.

  24. That gig sounds just like one of my old science lessons

  25. You'd think the $7 tag would keep 'em sober...

  26. ooh i'm jealous! i haven't been to a concert in so long!!!


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